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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
Oh this is my favourite. I can't drink regular coffee due to my stomach not agreeing with it..but the French Vanilla Cappuccino was delicious I always order that, as it doesn't bother my stomach and I enjoy the drink!

200 reviews
Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea
An essential to my everyday or night! and well priced I may add too!

91 reviews
Keurig Special Edition Brewer
We recently bought a Keurig Special Edition Brewer and we're hooked!! Love the different brands of coffee K-cups we can buy and we can make a cup of coffee in an instant. We find that the K-cups are expensive but I guess you pay for the convenience.

90 reviews
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System
Can say much bad about the system itself. However the coffee choice is limited, in retrospect, should have gone for Keurig.

95 reviews
International Delight Iced Coffee
Not good, way too strong.. could be MUCH better :(

61 reviews
Coffee Mate Creamer
I love coffe mate creamer. It always makes my coffee right creamy.

63 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
Tim Horton's coffee is my absolute fave!!!!

73 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
i personally dont drink coffee but family and friends that do always ask for it so it is in my house at all times

56 reviews
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System
I love love love this product. WHen we purchased it - my husband always said "we will use it for a week and it will collect dust" - and it's been well over a year now!! we love it. the price is great and we can usually get pretty reasonably priced k-cups. I totally recommend...

44 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
Great taste, refreshing but bad if you are lactose intolerant.

43 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappucino
Love em!!!! Sometimes ya gotta switch it up! So i got between these and their coffee :D

36 reviews
Tassimo T20 Brewing System
The Tassimo system was the first of the minute brewers that came out. It's been overshadowed by the other similar systems that followed, since they have a greater selection. I really like my Tassimo. I drink espresso coffees (Cappuccinos, lattes) but not regular coffee, so...

45 reviews
Starbucks Frappuccino
I have this every morning, it's definitely my fave cold drink.

37 reviews
Tim Hortons K-cups for Kuerig
I reccently tried the Tim Hortons K-Cup coffee and was impressed with how it tasted just like the coffee from Tim Hortons establishments. Now I can have a cup of Timmys coffee without having to go out to get it!!!

19 reviews
Lavazza Drip Coffee
simply the best drip coffee I have ever tasted! I personally like the Gran Aroma ( black and Orange packaging). Its a great smell that hits you everytime I open the bag, Its smooth with no acidic aftertaste. My only complaint about this coffee is that is it pre ground and a...

15 reviews
Tassimo Twinings Chai Tea Latte
I really enjoy this product. The great things about it are the taste. It is smooth and creamy, and a very light flavor. It smells phenomenal as well. The price is not great! It averages for $11.49 a pack here for 8 drinks. I buy this when it is on sale and I usually have a...

18 reviews
McDonalds Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe
I tried this drink last year after seeing commercials for it and I am now hooked! It's like a little slice of heaven on a nice summer day! It reminds me of a nice ice creamy drink with a bit of a kick to it.

16 reviews
International Coffee Iced Coffee
The taste of I.D. iced coffee is awesome! Love the mocha and vanilla! Has the taste of coffee house iced coffee without the expensive price. Great for on the go- quick and easy :)

12 reviews
Baileys Coffee Creamer
Love it wish it came in larger bottles tastes great nice flavour for a long day working

13 reviews
Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino
All I can say is yum! Best Iced Cappuccino's around!

6 reviews

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