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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
Love french vanilla soo delicious but doesnt taste like the one in the store

313 reviews
International Delight Iced Coffee
I really wanted to like his product....... however I didn't. The after taste was somewhat milky, and had a sourness to it. It was too sirop-y for my liking, and the flavours just tasted artificial. Couldn't even finish a whole carton.

152 reviews
Keurig Special Edition Brewer
I like the Keurig machine for making regular coffees. However, despite following the cleaning instructions I find that whenever I brew tea (hot water) I always get little black dots in my water (from the coffee). I would only recommend this machine for brewing coffee.

146 reviews
Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer
I'm not a fan of these creamers, they are full of fat and leave this film in your mouth. Also leave a creamy film in your coffee. Not good at all. Very fatty and taste like a thick cream with sugar.

149 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
Love timmys best coffee and snacks and great price. Affordable

147 reviews
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System
I love the convenience of the Tassimo. I work from home and use my brewer frequently. There is lots of variety to choose from including great lattes and cappucinos.

126 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
I do like Folger coffee, I drink it every other day & it's the only brand my family has used for many many years!

109 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappucino
Iced Cappuccino's are amazing. Creamy, sweet, milky, with a hint of expresso. Perfect for the summer... or whenever you feel for it!

98 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
Really like this drink during the summer! It may be a bit bitter for some, but if you put in 2 sugars, it will taste just like an ice capp! A great refresher.

88 reviews
Starbucks Bottled Coffee Frappuccino® Coffee Drink
I thought this drink was delicious. It was a little sweet which I liked but I found the price of it to be a little ridiculous. If it was cheaper I would purchase it alot more.

80 reviews
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System
I love my Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System 1 cup at a time. My husband loves folgers coffee and I love van Houte coffee. Before I made 1 pot coffee and every other day we could have our favorite, no more and I'm so happy. The Keurig K40 Elite Brewing system is easy to clean and...

67 reviews
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee
The only coffee I buy now is from McDonald's. I am a bit sad that they sell it a little bit too high compared to their beggining (I'm talking about the coffee we buy in grocery stores, etc).

48 reviews
Baileys Coffee Creamer
I do enjoy the flavor of this coffee creamer. Don't need much because it is sweet. But, I much prefer putting real Baileys in my coffee. This creamer is a bit of a tease haha. I mostly use coffee creamer as a treat when I am camping or during the holidays. I don't use...

58 reviews
Tim Hortin's Dark Roast Coffee
Better than Mcdonald's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

51 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino
This is super super delicious drink and it's pretty cheap for the amount you get compared to other stores, I always get mine with a shot of caramel and it is heaven :)

38 reviews
Tassimo T20 Brewing System
I recently got a Tassimo and I love it,its quick and easy and convenient if you only want a cup rather than a pot and there is so many flavors and kinds of coffee and teas you can buy for it

60 reviews
Nestle Aero Chocolate Bar
The aero bar is a very bubbly, light and airy chocolate. Once you try this you will just want more.

31 reviews
Starbucks Caramel Frappucino
I am writing this on my son's behalf. He is in love with this drink. Every week I treat him to a decaf version of one of these. I know there's a lot of fat and calories, but he is only 12 and it is just a novelty. I love to have the first scoop of the caramel sauce on top. He...

43 reviews
Maxwell House Coffee Original
This is basically good for a caffeine fix and that's about it. Not a fan of the taste. Price is usually good, as it is on sale a lot.

52 reviews
McDonald's Iced Coffee
I usually love all iced coffees as I'm a coffee lover. The iced coffee from McDonald's is good but it has a lot of sugar. Sometimes I'll tell them not to add the sugar and then it's too bitter.

37 reviews

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