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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
Tim Horton's anything is #1 on my list and their french vanilla cappuccino is the best on the market it has the best flavour out of all the french villas that I have tried and am a faithful user of Timmies french vanilla always have a can or two in my house for times that life...

221 reviews
Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea
A regular tea- not special or overly high end. Tastes fine- I like it plain. Not the best but certainly not the worst.

112 reviews
Keurig Special Edition Brewer
This is my third Keurig brewer and I love it as much as, if not more than, my previous ones. I love that it's so quick at making a nice hot beverage, and I love the variety of K-cups available to use in it.

109 reviews
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System
What I love about this machine is I can intensify the strength of the coffee without having to use another disc. It is so much fun to make lattes with it and the flavours and types of coffees that you can buy for it make it such a worthwhile purchase!

103 reviews
International Delight Iced Coffee
Managed to get this for $1.99. Absolutely amazing!! So far I've only tried two flavours - Mocha and Caramel. Can't wait to try all of the other flavours. Definitely a keeper!

78 reviews
Coffee Mate Creamer
this brand makes me happy! the variety of flavors that they offer, the affordability, and the fact they come out with seasonal flavors? love!

73 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
love it! something it tastes better at home

83 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
Best part of waking up is....Folgers in your cup! Their jingle actually rings true! I love Folgers as my low-end brand coffee. I find the taste to be smooth and clean. It is great when I have guests over and make large quantities of coffee.

62 reviews
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System
I definitely cannot live without my keurig. You can get tons of different coffees teas ice tea hot chocolate for it. Very convient and quick for those days your in a rush. Doesn't take up huge counter space either.

49 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
I am a sucker for iced coffee. I'll drink it even In the dead of winter! Tim Hortons Iced Coffee is good, I wouldn't say great but it definitely hits the spot. I like it with both cream and milk (for a healthier alternative).

52 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappucino
These are so good on a hot summer day. I like mine with Chocolate Milk instead of cream! Makes me think I am being more healthy. haha. I hate when I drink it too fast though and its all just icey at the bottom :(

42 reviews
Starbucks Frappuccino
I get this as a cheap alternative to oth cold drinks here. They will blend it with ice for free and that makes it even better. It's a but strong just on its own. Over ice is better too.

47 reviews
Tassimo T20 Brewing System
I love having this machine. The pods are a bit expensive, but I know myself and know that this saves me money. Frankly I'm lazy and don't like brewing or otherwise, so if it weren't for this I would just be buying my coffee in the morning. It works quickly, tastes good, and is...

50 reviews
Tim Hortons K-cups for Kuerig
Tim Hortons that tastes better at home. These pucks have a less 'chemically' taste than other brands; I can drink it black. Price is good compared to other coffee brands. WIN :)

24 reviews
Baileys Coffee Creamer
It is what it is ;) if I want pure um, chemical in my coffee I will go for this -tastes SO good, but makes me feel bad LOL, like other treats, it does hit the spot! Wakes me up on the way to work :)

22 reviews
Lavazza Drip Coffee
this is the 3rd kind of Lavazza i have tried, and it blows away the rest! rich and flavorful, i would say it gives Tim Horton's a run for their money... costs alot more, but if you want excellent quality coffee, this is your brand....i would def recommend.

18 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino
Yum, tastes like summer :) it is what it is though LOL -not super high quality stuff this, but such a nice treat!

14 reviews
International Coffee Iced Coffee
I really enjoy the Vanilla - simple but a good treat

15 reviews
McDonald's Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe
I was excited when this drink came out because I love vanilla and chai. Unfortunately this drink just tastes like straight up blended sugar. ICK. Too sweet for me and definitely not worth the calories!

20 reviews
Tassimo Twinings Chai Tea Latte
I really enjoy this product. The great things about it are the taste. It is smooth and creamy, and a very light flavor. It smells phenomenal as well. The price is not great! It averages for $11.49 a pack here for 8 drinks. I buy this when it is on sale and I usually have a...

18 reviews

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