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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
a little expensive to buy all the time, but you can save this and add to other products like hot chocolate or coffee and it spread a little better. also hard to mix

346 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino
C'est tellement la meilleure boisson d'été de tous les temps. Elle est rafraichissante et elle commence très bien une journée. Elle est un eu cher, mais bon sa vaut la peine

191 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
I need to get my daily coffee here each morning. Most definitely my favourite go to coffee spot. They also have the best breakfast sandwiches ever! So good!

225 reviews
Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer
I enjoy this in my coffee in the morning! I can't do just black coffee so this is a life saver! I love the taste and enjoy it everyday! This is always on my grocery list!!!

186 reviews
International Delight Iced Coffee
I buy this and make my own kind of frappes at home, This is a perfect blend of coffee and sweetness. I normally make a few freeze them and pull them out of the freezer when I am in the mood for one they don't take too long to unthaw.

171 reviews
Keurig Special Edition Brewer
I had to buy another keurig and was wondering which one to get. I got this one for 100 bucks and it was awesome. I got extra pods with it and a coupon too. i can't live without this !

153 reviews
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System
Plusieurs choix de café sont disponible avec cette machine à café ! Parfait pour les matins pressé , rapide à préparer. Pas très écologique par contre.

132 reviews
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee
i love love love McDonalds coffee from the McDonalds restaurant. so after buying this at home coffee it is even better. it is my go-to coffee. I usually use a french press to make it, however have also used a Kuerig brewer. I find french press is much better. I will always buy...

90 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
J`aime, nous achettons souvent cete marque à la maison. pas cher , souvent en spécial. c`est un bon café. La quantité est bien, format du pot facile à utiliser.

124 reviews
Starbucks Bottled Coffee Frappuccino® Coffee Drink
N'étant pas une grande adepte du Starbucks,j'ai été agréablement surprise d'aimer autant ce breuvage.Je l'ai essayer à la vanille et au caramel et j'ai adoré les deux, malgré le caramel qui était vraiment sucré.Je le recommande, il se vend dans les dépanneur il est...

99 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
I love Tim Hortons Coffee, as a treat I enjoy an Iced Coffee every once and a while. It is creamy and sweet, very refreshing on a hot day. In the summer, they usually have a special on a small for only $1. The only thing I find is they put WAY too much ice in the cup, however...

102 reviews
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System
I loved my Keurig, but about after a year, the romance was hitting a stale point. It's a great convenience but the cost of buying the k-cups gets out of hand and the constant cleaning of the reusable cups was becoming more of a chore than a joy. Other than that, my machine has...

77 reviews
McDonald's Iced Coffee
Je n`aime pas du tout, Son gout est très prononcé et pas très agréable en bouche. Je n`aime pas qu`il soit liquide avec glace je préfère la version ``slush``. non , gouté une seule fois et pu jamais

57 reviews
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee
For the price this coffee is decent and much better than their regular blend. It is also better than the more popular SB. The taste is less harsh (acidic) and more full bodied. There is better coffee available but if you have to o for the mass produced stuff this one will do.

67 reviews
Baileys Coffee Creamer
I love to try different coffee creamers all the time so when i seen baileys cream I was all over that. it is soo good usuallt I only have one coffee but I will have two when using this cream, It is not to strong , but it all depends on how much creamer you like

65 reviews
Nestle Aero Chocolate Bar
I grew up eating Nestlé aero bars and still today it is my most favorite. I don't care much for the others flavors. This bar is milk chocolately melt in your mouth airy bubbles and not sweet. I wish I was eating one right now. YUM❕

44 reviews
Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Coffee
This coffe has such a great taste and aroma, it is one of the 2 coffee brands I will buy. I often find it on sale and when I do you bet I stock up. It is so smooth and does not have any harsh or bitter properties to it. I wish I could drink it all day without having an anxiety...

63 reviews
Starbucks Caramel Frappucino
Une gaterie. un peu trop sucré amis tellement bon en bouche. Très rare que j`en achette , mais ca reste une gaterie comme un dessert. Très agréable , le format est bon le prix un peu élevé, mais ca reste spécial

53 reviews
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
I love Folgers coffee I've been drinking it for years now. I love the flavor and its very reasonably priced. You can't go wrong with the classic roast

40 reviews
McCafe Coffee
Who ever thought a fast food chain restaurant could brew such good coffee? I want to know where they roast the beans and where do their beans come from? The price is awesome, and it is a real all around good tasting coffee. Not bitter, not acidic, not flat, not too dark. It...

40 reviews

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