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Just as perfumes enhance our personal style statement, home fragrances can set the tone in your living space.  The wide range of product types allow for personal expression in the way you scent your air, whether incense, decorative reed diffusers, discreet plug-ins, or romantic scented candles.

Top rated brands on ChickAdvisor include Febreze, Glade, Slatkin & Co (available at Bath & Body Works), and Yankee Candle.

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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky
These smell nice but I hate them because they have something in it that always makes my throat sore. It makes me wonder if they are safe to use.

1179 reviews
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener in Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain
works great . wonderful aroma fills the whole house!!to much money tho i wish they could lower the cost

198 reviews
Febreze  Bedding Refresher Sleep Serenity
I like the smell but it doesn't last. All your paying for is an air freshener.

160 reviews
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla
nice scent lasts long time but they do get warm from running all the time

174 reviews
Febreze Air Effects Spring & Renewal Air Freshener
I like using this around my house specially with animals because there is always some sort of smell around. I specifically use it around the dog kennel which makes it smell pleasant. It smells great and is long lasting.

127 reviews
Glade Wax Melts
I find that this warmer is very cheap!!! The temperature heats up to a hot to the touch temp and it doesn't last that long either. I will stick with Scentsy thanks!

70 reviews
Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher
This stuff smells really good and works very well on refreshing whatever you choose to spray with it, I always keep a bottle around the house

76 reviews
Scentsy Wickless Candles
THe Scentsy Wickless Candles are awesome!! I love them and during the colder month I use them every day!

59 reviews
Glade Candle 2 in 1
A little expensive but they have the best smelling candles! Leave your house smelling amazing!

43 reviews
Glade Spray Air Freshener in Lavender and Vanilla
Love that I can always find the spray at a low cost. One of my fav smells--- takes Away smells and lasted a long time

45 reviews
Glade Expressions in Cotton & Italian Mandarin
This is one of my fav smells from Glade, works well anywhere in the home!

45 reviews
Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray
I just bought one of these last week because our house is up for sale and there is always people coming thru. It is a good concept but I do think it smells kind of like bug spray.

48 reviews
Febreze Air Effects in Thai Dragon Fruit
Maybe it is just me, but I find that all febreze product that have a fruity scent smell like rotten fruit. I cant stand it.

36 reviews
Febreze Air Effects Apple Spice & Delight
smells like fall - i love it. warm and cozy like a blanket of yum

37 reviews
Febreze Set and Refresh Scented Oil Air Fresheners
Waste of money and time even on sale. They don't last and can barely smell them

66 reviews
Glade Sense and Spray
I love these, I have 3 of them. I especially love the fall scents when they are available. The scent last a long time.

69 reviews
Glade Wax Melts Warmer and Wax Melts
These warmers an be dangerous if you leave them on for a while they get extremely hot and the wax can burn you. They scents don't last long and aren't that good. Ended up switching to Scentsy

27 reviews
Air Wick Scented Oils
I love the product! Works so well! Easy to use and replace. Air Wick has a lot of amazing scents to choose from. Will fill your house with great aroma in no time!

18 reviews
Little Trees Air Freshners
Little Trees Air Fresheners: Have been buying these for years for my cars. Lot's of different scents to chose from and very cheap. Find they last a long time to!

11 reviews
Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle in Salted Caramel
I like these candles when they are on sale! So many scents to chose from!

15 reviews

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