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Just as perfumes enhance our personal style statement, home fragrances can set the tone in your living space.  The wide range of product types allow for personal expression in the way you scent your air, whether incense, decorative reed diffusers, discreet plug-ins, or romantic scented candles.

Top rated brands on ChickAdvisor include Febreze, Glade, Slatkin & Co (available at Bath & Body Works), and Yankee Candle.

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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky
The Febreze CAR Vent Clip works well to eliminate odours. Although I did find it a little overwhelming in the beginning, It did seem to do what they advertise to keep the air in your vehicle smelling fresh .

1490 reviews
Febreze  Bedding Refresher Sleep Serenity
Un produit et une compagnie que j'adore utiliser ce produit sur pour mon lit.Dormir avec une odeur de lavande qu'elle bonheur.Je recommande ce produit mais encore plus Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher Warm Milk & Honey qui est selon moi le top.C'est chère alors je l'utilise...

208 reviews
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener in Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain
Fabreeze is Fabulous, the scent is clean and refreshing, the price is affordable, especially for it's quality... AND there are so many different plug-ins/candles/etc.. I'm quite happy with this Febreze noticables air freshener, the dual scents are distinguishable &...

206 reviews
Febreze Air Effects Spring & Renewal Air Freshener
I love using garlic to cook but the after odor in the house can sometimes be a bit much. I spray the house with Febreze before I go to bed and in the morning no lingering odors.

184 reviews
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla
I just purchased this last week as I was looking for something new to try in my attached garage. It always has a slight door in there not sure if it's musty or from my hubby's work clothes but I plugged this in out there and almost immediately I could smell it. It been about a...

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Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle
J'aime beaucoup les bougies de BBW,elles sentent vraiment bonnes et sont super jolies.Un peu coûteuse par contre,mais elle dure longtemps donc ce n'est pas vraiment un problème.

113 reviews
Glade Wax Melts
I liked the concept of being able to use a wax melt in oil burner. Sooooo quick and easy to use, just pop in the top and light tea light candle. All done! In a few minutes the room smelled lovely

117 reviews
Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher
I don't mind this product. the smell is nice and it does tend to help makes rooms smell fresh. I usually buy when on sale. if you spray too much it may dampen items so be careful

100 reviews
Scentsy Wickless Candles
Je suis représentante scentsy et J`ADORE vraiment beauocup les produits. Ils ne sont pas cher contenus de leurs performance. Les odeurs sont superbes et la panoplies d`odeur est donc très intéressantes selon nos humeurs et temp de l`année. Super facile à utiliser avec les...

84 reviews
Glade Candle 2 in 1
I really loved the smell of this candle. Luckily it was on special at Walmart and I bought 3. They last long and the colours are really nice. I will buy more for the holidays. Good to put on the fireplace.

72 reviews
Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray
I really love this product. The reason w hy i did not give it a perfect review is because of the fact that I do not like the amount that it sprays at once. This is a really good product and a little spritz of it makes a big difference.

80 reviews
Glade Spray Air Freshener in Lavender and Vanilla
I enjoy using this spray in my bedroom. Spraying it in the bedroom about a half hour before helps us fall asleep and stay asleep until morning The scent is ultimately relaxing

64 reviews
Glade Wax Melts Warmer and Wax Melts
J'en ai mis un dans ma chambre et j'adore la douce odeur que le produit procure. Très agréable et le prix est quand même bien pour la qualité du produit.

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Little Trees Air Fresheners
OMG these little trees have been around forever, and yes, they are classic already. I remember them in my parents Malibu Station Wagon when I was like 7 years old. My parents used to smoke in the vehicle in the 70's and early 80's. Heck, they even smoked in the hospitals in the...

32 reviews
Glade Expressions in Cotton & Italian Mandarin
J'Utilise ce produit comme sens bon pour la salle de bain ou pour n'importe qu'elle pièce de la maison et je l'adore. L'Odeur dure longtemps dans la maison et elle n'est pas trop forte. Je trouve que le produit est un peu plus dispendieux que les autres produits de la même...

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Febreze Set and Refresh Scented Oil Air Fresheners
I really liked the smell of the Febreze and Refresh Scented Oil Air Fresheners. The downside is they don't last and the smell isn't that strong. I put it in the bathroom, but it doesn't do much. I tried putting it in the side in the edge of my car and it works great. I don't...

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Air Wick Scented Oils
I cannot live without the in my boys bedrooms, lol, yes boys can be kinda stinky but you gotta love em :) I love walking in the room and smelling the fresh fragrance and I like that you can adjust the strength so it is not overpowering. unless you need it to be. LOL great for...

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Febreze Air Effects in Thai Dragon Fruit
Febreze Air Effects in Thai Dragon Fruit is very unusual. I like the fragrance because it is not too "girly" and with six boys it's nice to have a more neutral scent. I found it long lasting and very easy to spray. Helped cover pet and stinky boys shoes odours!

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Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake
The smell is awesome. When you enter the house at smells like baking. Even with the cap off it smells great. Wonderful fall smell. When recommend to purchase.

29 reviews
Febreze Air Effects Apple Spice & Delight
cheap but also does not last too long. I don't suggest using in a bathroom or it will smell like flavoured poop. they are nice to freshen up a room quickly. i try to use candles

42 reviews

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