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Women (and men) have been using creams and salves to soften skin and soothe irritation since the beginning of time.  It's far beyond a beauty product - this is a medicine cabinet staple.  From rehydrating sun-stressed skin to stretch mark prevention on growing pregnant tummies, keep a value-sized bottle of your favourite lotion handy at all times!

ChickAdvisors give Thumbs Up to Vaseline's Sheer Infusion, Body Shop Shea Butter, and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotions.  Look for targeted remedies like the popular Bio-Oil for stretch marks and scars, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme for nails, and the surprisingly versatile Vaseline Petroleum Jelly!

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Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion
The cream is amazing. It moisturizes my extremely dry and sensitive skin

473 reviews
Vaseline Sheer Infusion
have been using this product for a few months now. It is great for Winter months in getting more moisture into your skin.

425 reviews
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion
I love the way it makes my skin feel super soft and its smell great.

363 reviews
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
I love vaseline since it has so many uses. I use it on dry skin, dry lips and also at every diaper change on my daughter ( she had her own jar). I find it prevents diaper rashes and helps her when she is a little constipated.

305 reviews
Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Soothing Lotion
I bought this to try on my dry hands. It says its supposed to feel hydration up to 7 days. I definitely did not. After 7 days of use I still found my hands to be as dry as they were before using it. It was a great price, but I found that it just did not work for me. My hands...

242 reviews
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
The Body Shop body butters are absolutely the best. Unlike other body butters, their number one focus is hydration rather than scent. That's not to say the body butters don't smell delicious, because they definitely do. Shea is ideal for those with sensitive noses, it smells...

194 reviews
The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
This is a long time favorite of mine! All the Body Shop body butters are amazing, but the coconut smell is a real winner. It smells like summer to me. It's super rich and hydrating on the skin, leaving you soft & touchable. I love applying this straight from the shower, as I...

180 reviews
Glysomed Hand Cream
This is not one of my favourite creams, but it definitely gets the job done. I have really dry skin and this does a good job at hydrating without having to constantly re-apply. I recommend this product for winter months.

169 reviews
This is a great product. It worked well on getting rid of some minor scars I received from being rough this summer on my body. I do not use it all over my body though so I can not speak to its ability for moisturizing dry areas.

181 reviews
The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
Does it smell like a flower shop? No. Does it smell awful? No! The scent of this hand cream is an earthy, plant-like (not flower) smell and I like it. Moreover, the cream itself is a wonderful moisturizer and a little goes a very long way making it an excellent buy.

125 reviews
Olay Body Quench Body Lotion
I personally do not like this product, for me it was no different then any other "moisture" product and the smell was over powering.

117 reviews
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter
I love this scent and you can't go wrong with body shop butters.

101 reviews
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
A reader suggested that baby nail clippers are small enough to fit in my makeup bag and quite friendly to stop the insanity of nasty cuticle habits and she was right! I simply clip back any skin that I’m tempted to pick and follow up with a swipe of Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream...

89 reviews
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
This hand cream is a dream. It uses natural ingredients, is creamy and smooth. Although it is a bit pricey for a hand cream, it is well worth the price. It really works for dry hands in need of relief!

87 reviews
Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer
This product is extremely convenient, and very practical. It takes literally seconds to spray and leaves you just as moisturized as other "real" creams. Only catch is - it's really expensive. You have to scoop it up when it's on sale.

86 reviews
Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Lotion
I love the scent of this lotion. So fresh and clean smelling. It is a great lightweight lotion for summer. If you have dry skin this probably wouldn't be heavy enough.

84 reviews
The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry
I LOVE the smell of this strawberry body butter. It doesn't feel greasy and leaves my skin feeling like velvet.

80 reviews
Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion
It was okay if I have to use a scent free product.

76 reviews
Nivea Creme
I have a severe dry skin. It will get worst during winter time. It even get to a point that i went to my doctor just for some advice because my skin is really dry. He then gave me a cream for it and advices me to buy Nivea Creme as it is much cheaper and it's really effective. I...

72 reviews
Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
I really liked how this cream made my skin look and feel.

59 reviews

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