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Crest Pro-Health ProFresh Toothpaste

I started using this Crest toothpaste a few months ago and I really love it. I find my teeth feel very clean and my mouth feels very fresh. I plan on continuing to use this toothpaste and have recommended to some family members.

Rollover dog treat

This dog treat is like a big fat sausage wrapped in cellophane. I buy the lamb and rice one for my dogs. I just cut a piece off at a time; they're like little doughnuts. once you cut off a piece, you keep it in the fridge because it is meat(even though the store keeps it on a...

Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste

Recommended by my dentist to improve my enamel so I have tried this over the last few months. I liked that it did not irritate my mouth as some toothpastes are quite harsh (e.g. Crest). Noticed some reduced sensitivity but I will wait to see what my dentist says about my enamel.

Badger balm for headache

I have this balm stick to help with headaches and I find it helps a little. I also use it on sore muscles and under my nose when I'm stuffed up. I love how versatile this product is. I have eucalyptus mint scent. The scent is always very relaxing.

Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch

Used these a few times, work awesome...have tried other brands but these definitely work best. I would recommend them and will be buying them again next time

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