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Dawn Ultra Concentrated Dish Liquid and Antibacterial Hand Soap
For once a product that lives up to the claims in the commercials. It is long lasting smells great and really zaps the grease and grime.

128 reviews
Q-tips Cotton Swabs
Q-tips are the best brand of this product ! The bargain brands with the plastic stems bend break and do not have sufficient soft cotton on the ends to do any job properly you end up using three times as many so they are no bargain!

6 reviews
Kleenex On the Go
This is pretty useful to have when you need some kleenex. Over all pretty good. What do you think, have you tried it?

2 reviews
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
I use it in my mop in the spray bottle and in the aerosol can! It never fails to give a great germ free clean!

5 reviews
Woolzies Dryer Balls
I love woolzies dryer balls. I use them in place of dryer sheets and they last way longer than a box of dryer sheets. They pull the static and leave clothes refreshed.

2 reviews

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