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Baby's skin is very sensitive, so when a little extra moisturization is called for, reach for a lotion specifically formulated for this tender new skin.  Baby lotions should go easy on fragrances, dyes, and extra additives - no need to mask Baby's natural heady scent!  Read the label carefully and take note of expiry dates, especially if you buy a product that is preservative-free.

For new moms and moms-to-be, plain ol' body lotion doesn't always satisfy our maternity or postpartum needs.  Reach for targeted stretch mark creams and soothing products designed specifically for your special time.

Popular brands on ChickAdvisor include Aveeno and The Body Shop for Baby's skin, Palmer's and Mama Mio for Mom.

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Johnson's Baby Lotion
Ma préféréé, vraiment l`odeur de cette lotion est tellement agréable. bébé sent bon et longtemps. Tre`s doux donc ne sent pas trop. Lotion un peu liquide mais facile a étendre sur la peau et ne laisse pas la peau grasse ou huileuse. Toute la famille l`utilise et je le...

156 reviews
Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Cream
My babies never had eczema but I used this for them because of its rich cream. They did have dry skin from time to time and this really helped. 3 or 4 applications and babies skin was back to normal. I love aveeno for myself so i figured it would be the same high quality formula...

115 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion
My kids love the Johnson Bedtime me lotion they literally fall a sleep in minutes after putting it on. The lotion smells really nice with the lavender scent it's relaxing

76 reviews
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion
When used after the baby wash/shampoo this kept my baby's skin soft and moisturized for a couple days until her next bath. It does not have too much of a strong scent but still keeps the baby fresh smell. It did not irritate my baby's skin at all.

77 reviews
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream
I love aveeno products so much most especially their baby soothing relief cream. Because i have a sensitive skin I am so particular about I use. I decided to using this because my friend suggested to me and i have not been disappointed. I recommend this for anyone who wants to...

72 reviews
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
this was always my fave for the babies, the smell is so nice and it feels so nice on the skin once it dries. I even buy this one for myself now and again even though all my babies are older. I think its that unique nice scent and how powdery soft it makes my skin feel.

42 reviews
Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack
Intéressant quand une maman veut découvrir des produits pour bébé. Facile aussi a transporter dans le sac a couche de bébé. Ca serait intéressant que toute les compagnies fassent des format voyage , très intéressant

62 reviews
Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender and Vanilla
This is the best cream I have tried for my little ones, I don't see the calms but I live the smell and is very smooth, and best is not grease. I love to use like a hand cream. So Nice! THE BEST ONE!!!

35 reviews
Live Clean (baby) Moisturizing Lotion
My children suffer from eczema on regular basis and it gets so itchy and uncomfortable for them.. I used to use Baby Aveeno and it seemed to flare up by the next morning and i had to add more cream. I decided to give the Live clean moisturizer on a whim and it worked amazingly...

36 reviews
Johnsons Baby Lotion Bedtime
I use this lotion on all my kids and myself. The smell is so good. It is so gentle on my sensitive skin as well as baby's. I would not say my little one falls asleep any faster with it on but I still love it!

31 reviews
Johnson's lavender baby cream
this stuff gave my babies a rubbery smooth soft feel with no irritation. It smells great and goe with the shampoo. it smells very good and lavender has been know to cause a calming effect even in adults so I am guessing it doe the same for the babies. I love this stuff. i only...

2 reviews
Equate Baby Sunscreen Lotion 60 SPF
My sister bought out almost the whole shelf at her Walmart with all the 50% OFF mark down sunscreens. She gave me and my Mom a whole bunch. This particular one, it is 237ml bottle, so LOTS and it is for baby so its gotta be gentle right? Well I found is super nice and gentle...

1 review
Garner ombrelle hypoallergenic lotion 50 spf
Je l`ai achetté pour la première fois cet été et j`ai beaucoup aimé. Facile a étendre quoi que un peu liquide. Ne laisse pas de traces blanches sur la peau . Hydrate la peau en meme temps. Odeur de crème pas prononcé et c`est parfait

2 reviews
Live clean eczema cream
I've used is cream for mild to moderate eczema And preventively. It did NOT work on very severe eczema (needed hydrocortisone). Smells amazing and moisturizes well

4 reviews
Burts bees baby bee skin nourishing lotion original
I like this product! it does what it needs to do but I most likely won't buy again because of its high price. It comes in a average size bottle and i understand it is natural but I am a frugal person.

3 reviews
Live clean (baby) eczema cream
Ma fille fait de l'eczéma. La crème prescrite par son médecin ne faisait pas effet donc j'ai décidé d'essayer cette crème. Vu son prix, je ne perdais rien à essayer. Je lui en mets une fois par jour et c'est suffisant. Évidemment, j'hydrate sa peau plusieurs fois par...

3 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion - 15 oz
Absolutely love Love love this product. I've used it for all 3 of my children. I have been using it along with the bedtime shampoo and body wash and my daughter sleeps through the night no problem. Best part is after a long day on my feet I use it and it relaxes me.

33 reviews
Honest Company Organic Breathe Easy Rub
Je ne le connais pas celui la , mais j`aime lire les commentaires positifs des autres . Je suis très curieuse de connaitre encore plus la compagnie honest compagny. merci

5 reviews
Baby Aveeno Eczema Care
All moms, older and newer alike, can agree on one thing. Dry skin happens. We also know that we are living in a world where a concern brought to a doctor might feel rushed through, or even brushed off. If red patches, dry patches, or general itchiness seem to plague your little...

1 review
Eco Chic Movement Peppermint Foot Cream
This product is from their adult line and made by a local naturopath and chemist. While not currently on their page (keep in mind everything is hand made locally, so the page gets edited with their stock all the time), this Peppermint Foot Cream really wowed me. Thick, lovely...

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