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Baby's skin is very sensitive, so when a little extra moisturization is called for, reach for a lotion specifically formulated for this tender new skin.  Baby lotions should go easy on fragrances, dyes, and extra additives - no need to mask Baby's natural heady scent!  Read the label carefully and take note of expiry dates, especially if you buy a product that is preservative-free.

For new moms and moms-to-be, plain ol' body lotion doesn't always satisfy our maternity or postpartum needs.  Reach for targeted stretch mark creams and soothing products designed specifically for your special time.

Popular brands on ChickAdvisor include Aveeno and The Body Shop for Baby's skin, Palmer's and Mama Mio for Mom.

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Johnson's Baby Lotion
A classic baby lotion with a classic and recognizable scent. I think most people buy it because they trust the brand and love the smell. I use this on myself and find that it makes a great moisturizer if you don't have very dry skin and want something that absorbs fast. It's...

133 reviews
Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Cream
Super qualité de produit. On crème bébé a chaque changement et après le bain. Lotion super efficace, les picots diminuent et bébé se sent bien et se gratte moins.

93 reviews
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream
I bought this because my son had some really dry skin in the winter and in 2 days it made his chapped cheeks smoother and much less red. While yes I do recommend this product my only complaint is the amount of parabens in it. So I wont use it every day once the dry skin is...

64 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion
I use this lotion after bath time every night. It smells amazing and makes my childrens skin soo soft. It is also very soothing and calming for my children. I definitely think it helps them sleep.

64 reviews
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion
I find this product only ok. I'm surprised it's used for babies with dry skin. My daughter has dry patches on her legs so I thought this lotion would help. It moisturizes ok, but her skin feels waxy as do my hands after applying it. I actually found the J&J;lotion for extra...

60 reviews
Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack
This a great little gift set. I bought mine so that it would make our trip easy and it was perfect! Enough product to last for the week with lots left over.

55 reviews
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
I use lotion on myself, as well as all 5 of my children. We have many kinds of lotions around the house, but I always find myself searching for the Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. It moisturizes quite well, and leave that fresh baby smell for hours! My youngest daughter just...

30 reviews
Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender and Vanilla
I really enjoy the smell, and the way the lotion makes my baby's skin feel after I apply it to her body. It is a little bit expensive, but in my opinion it is totally worth it.I switched from Johnson's baby lotion and I will never go back.

29 reviews
Cetaphil Replenishing Moisturizer
My son has baby acne and after he uses this product, his skin is getting much better. Strongly recommend this product !

7 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion - 15 oz
I bought it for my baby and fully not satisfied with it. Too much perfume in it and my son's skin gets sticky after using it. Will not buy it again

32 reviews
Duckish lotion stick
I received this product in December s little life box and was pretty excited to see it . Looks like a little mini deodorant but is actually a rub on natural lotion . My scent is tea tree oil but others available. Perfect size for a purse or backpack

1 review
johnstons and johnstons baby lotion
i have been using this product for over thirty years and still love it! they need to bring back babys own bath soap!

1 review
Honest breathe easy rub
I love the breathe easy rub by the Honest Company because it has a relaxing and uplifting scent. The product is pure and free of chemicals and preservatives that other brands mix into their decongestant rubs. I highly recommend this product!

3 reviews
Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment; Eucerin is such a good trusted brand, more pricey but good....and for baby it helps with healing and any other problems you may encounter.

2 reviews
Johnsons Baby Cream
Oh. My. Gosh. This stuff makes your baby's skin SO soft. I admit I use alittle of it too. It's just... So soft. That's all I can really say. It smells good too, but my goodness it is so soft. That is all. HIGHLY recommend.

1 review
Live Clean Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion
I use this lotion on my son, he doesnt have as dry as skin as my daughter does. This lotion sinks in quick, smells great, and doesn't feel "greasy". I have no issue putting this lotion on him, and using it on my hands after, where as I HATED having to put another brand on him...

1 review
Huggies Lotion Cucumber Melon
we received a sample of this and really love it.scents is refreshing and leaves skin soft

2 reviews
medela tender care lanolin
I recommend this product to every new mom out there! It is fantastic and you only need a small amount to heal so it last quite a while! Fabulous for moms and safe for baby what could be better.

3 reviews
ZU babybazu Calming Calendula Cream
This lotion has been the best for my 2 girls...one with extremely dry skin and one with undiagnosed rashes around her mouth. It is chemical free and made with 100% plant-based ingredients!!!! https://zucollection.com/family-care/calming-calendula-cream.html FEATURES &...

1 review
Live Clean (baby) Perfume Free Baby Lotion
This lotion is amazing! My daughters skin is very sensitive and she gets rashes easily so I tried this stuff and her skin cleared up right away. I love that it is 98% made from plants and it smells sooo good! It doesn't leave her skin oily and you only need to use very little...

2 reviews

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