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Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal
The best cereal. Keeps me full and regular ;) was my best friend during my pregnancy

166 reviews
Special K Red Berries Cereal
I love Special K cereals! I probably buy them most often. They are just super yummy and make me feel like I started my day out right!

128 reviews
Kellogg's Froot Loops
This is 1 cereal I think I'll never grow out of. Loved it as a kid & love it equally as much now, especially because it's one of the most frequently on sale cereals. Although it's certainly not the healthiest breakfast, this is one of my favourite evening snacks because in...

110 reviews
Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch
Delicious! Perfect crunch, and not too sugary but still gives a good morning boost. The milk tastes delicious after the cereal, too! I love to add cheerios to berry crisps and cook with them in granola bars as well. Very good breakfast product and reasonable price.

74 reviews
Kellogg's Cinnamon Corn Pops
my youngest is gluten intolerant so this is amazing. finally a cereal that is kid friendly and gluten friendly. we love it

71 reviews
Kashi GoLean Cereal
I'M so happy to eat an healthy breakfast. The price is a bit expensive but considerate that there are all good ingredients...

59 reviews
Post Honey Bunches of Oats
Great cereal, even my 3 year old loves it!

50 reviews
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
I love these little oatmeal packages. They are quick and easy and always taste good!

42 reviews
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
This is one of those cereals that feels like a treat (& sure, there is a fair amount of sugar), but it really isn't that bad for you compared to a lot of the other sweet cereal alternatives. Some people may argue that regular Corn Flakes are much better for you, but more often...

47 reviews
Special K Low Fat Granola Cereal
Taste great - sweet but not too sweet. I love adding it to my frozen yoghurt or mixing it with other cereals

38 reviews
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal
Usually when I buy Rice Krispies it's because I intend to make Rice Krispie Treats, or add them as a crust in dinner recipes. However, whenever I do buy them for baking purposes, I always end up enjoying the leftover cereal in a bowl & I sometimes forget how good it really is on...

30 reviews
Quaker Harvest Crunch Cereal
Depending on where you buy it, it can be pretty expensive for a small box, but buying from costco or in bulk or on special will make it worth your while! The taste is amazing, I like to have it for breakfast or a late night snack, or sprinkled on top of yogurt. It's a really...

30 reviews
Vector Cereal
I haven't bought this for a while because when I was younger I ate so much of it that eventually I got sick of it. That being said, I absolutely loved it in the beginning, but for me it has to have banana slices on top, otherwise it's kind of bland. However, this is a cereal...

40 reviews
Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal
I just love this cereal. I feel like I'm getting a special treat when I eat this. It is one of my favorite diet foods that I eat even when I'm not dieting . The almond slivers make this cereal for me!!!!

34 reviews
Post Shreddies Cereal
The honey ones are better. but these are still good.

33 reviews
Special K Protein Cereal
Being constantly on a diet for weight loss, the Special K cereals are an integral part of my life. I was lucky to get a coupon for me to try the new flavor protein. I was impressed. This cereal with high protein content helps me calm my hunger and support me until the next meal...

23 reviews
Frosted Mini Wheats Mixed Berry Centres
very yummy but i feel there could be more filling inside.

43 reviews
Chocolate Cheerios
I thought these were pretty good.

46 reviews
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
This cereal has been around for a long time because it hits the spot for breakfast! Tasty and filling.

7 reviews
Honey Nuts Cheerios
Awesome as a snack for the little ones. Good cereal

6 reviews

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