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GUM Eez-Thru Flossers
I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Everyone should floss, and this is an alright intro (since it's better than nothing), but it is not the same as using thread floss and you won't be doing much for your oral health by using it. Not only does the pick have to be cleaned...

92 reviews
Oral-B Satin Floss
This is my favourite floss so far. It is super strong and doesn't break between my teeth which are super tight. It glides between them nicely without hurting or causing my gums to bleed. My entire family loves it.

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Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint
Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint works well for my tightly packed teeth - most other floss rips and shreds. This glides inbetween without cutting the gums. I really like the mint, just an extra shot of freshness! I always keep a pack of this floss in my makeup kit, because...

47 reviews
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss
Best floss out there. It's more of a "tape" width, and slides in easily. I have very tight teeth and it's one of the only floss that I don't shred. Good minty flavor. I keep one in my office desk at work and use it all the time. I've tried many different floss over the years...

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Colgate total advanced health sensitive
Cette pâte à dents a un goût bon et elle nettoie bien.C'est une pâte à dents comme une autre mais j'ai les dents assez sensibles et celle-ci ne me fait pas mal!

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Aim Dental Floss
About a year ago I finally got around to flossing my teeth regularly and I can't believe how much of a difference it makes. Not only is it great for finding food stuck between your teeth that you couldn't even tell was there, but it's great for dealing with plaque, too. It's...

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Crest Pro-Health for Life
I recently tried Crest Pro-Health for Life 50+ and after seeing and feeling the results I decided it's probably the best toothpaste I've ever bought. My teeth and mouth feel extra clean and the formula is not abrasive. I'm not 50 but I thought it was a good idea to start using...

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Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste, 60 Milliliter
I ordered this on a Amazon.ca and I love being able to make small purchases like this online so I don't need to make a trip to the store just to get toothpaste. This was priced at $1.00 which I thought was extremely good (purchased as a add on item on Amazon.ca). I loved how...

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BeGrit night guard
I ordered this for my boyfriend because his dentist recommended he use one. He grinds his teeth every night and has done so for years and it's caused multiple surface cavities, not to mention it's extremely annoying to listen to. This came in a set of two and each has its own...

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Arm and hammer truly radiant toothpaste
I got this sample tube from sample source and I absolutely love how fresh and clean my mouth and teeth feel. I even drank a herbal tea and can still taste the minty aftertaste. My teeth feel so silky. I have never tried this product before today and I really like it. I am a...

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Lush Toothy Tabs
I have sensitive teeth and normally have to use special tooth paste, but these all natural toothy tabs are better then the special dentist recommended stuff. My teeth feel super clean (cleaner then regular tooth paste) after and it seems to help with my sensitivities to hot and...

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Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh
trop fort en bouche. Il me laisse la bouche irrité et avec un effet de froid. Oui il est très efficasec`est vrai, mais il est trop fort à mon gout. Peut-etre avec un format voyage je le garderai mais pas en trop gros format

3 reviews
crest scope classic mouthwash
I got this on sale for 1 dollar at No Frills In Cornwall. It is so refreshing and I love that burn when I have had it in my mouth for 60 seconds and you can feel the cleanliness of your mouth for hours after using, it even makes some excess skin come off of the insid of my lips...

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Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens
I absolutely love these and have to have them next to my toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, they are in my purse, gym bag, pack pack, wallet too ! They are not just for people with braces. They are like a super mini toothbrush to use instead of floss. They are bendable and the...

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Great Value coloured toothpicks
I use these every time food gets stuck in my teeth. They are pretty durable when it comes to picking teeth. No broken or frayed toothpicks found so far. They are also great for finger foods or arts and crafts, especially since they are coloured.

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crest 3d white vivid white
I always bought the crest 3d white vivid white collection from the tooth paste and mouth wash even found out there is a 3d white tooth brush now. and i love the 3 all.together my mouth feels heslthy and clean and i went a few shades whiter even with being a smoker and a coffee...

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Oral B Glide Multi-protection floss
This floss is for you if you hate to floss. It is silky and smooth, doesn't catch and gets in between those really tight teeth. None of that icky cotton-on-teeth sensation!!

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Fixodent Denture Adhesive Powder
I wear dentures and as many of you other denture wearers know, sometimes they need help staying firmly in your mouth. There's nothing worse than trying to eat, knowing food is getting in between the denture and your gums. Even worse is when food or small items like seeds or...

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Fixodent Plus
Having denture is work. Trying to find something to hold them in place. Not easy. Fixodent Plus helps protect your gums. The best thing it has going for it is it has food seal. Its 5x better with keeping the food out from between your dentures. Another very good thing this...

1 review
Oral b essential dental floss
This floss lasts along time. It is gentle on your gums and easy to go in between your teeth. Does a great job of reaching those places that food can get trapped.

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