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GUM Eez-Thru Flossers
Wasnt surprised to see these bad boys at the top of the list for oral care. these are the strongest floss picks ive used they work well for digging the [plaque off your teeth as well in case you're like me and you need something for that! super cheap at the drug store or walmart

108 reviews
Oral-B Satin Floss
I used dental floss after i eat always, I have noticed that food gets caught in between my teeth and i was getting headaches soon as i started to floss regularly head aches poof gone! i carry some in my purse, i have it in my bathroom and also in my trailer i never leave home...

106 reviews
Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint
This is one of the best tooth flosses out there! Taste good and the wax it great as it slides right inbetween my teeth. My teeth feel so clean after I floss with this stuff!

52 reviews
Arm and hammer truly radiant toothpaste
it does a good job in cleaning my teeth. a bit of a salty taste. I guess the sodium is a good cleaning agent as well. good value for the money. will definitely buy it again

12 reviews
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss
When it's on sale it can be $3.49 or $3.99 and it's a great deal. It is very smooth as the name would suggest, it doesn't stick or get caught in between my teeth. It also doesn't leave stuff or residue.

22 reviews
Lush Toothy Tabs
I love the Lush Toothy Tabs. They make my teeth clean, mouth feel fresh, and are easy and convenient. I have them on overnight trips and use them camping

6 reviews
Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby
This is the first tooth brush i bought for my son and he turned 6 mnths when i got this for him, the soft bristles are perfect for their sensative gums and little teeth. the brush itself is small and super cute

3 reviews
Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste, 60 Milliliter
Got this product on sale and was it felt nice on my teeth and left them smooth and fresh. It left my mouth with a fresh minty taste and I am now a re user. I recommend this product

4 reviews
Packers right Angle easy flossing
thes e classes are wonderful the angle that they are on makes it extremely easy for you to get to your back molars and it doesn't feel like it's going to break like other flossers it has no weird mint taste to it which is nice because I don't really like mint and I think they...

1 review
Crest Pro-Health for Life
I bought Crest Pro- Health for life for my hubby, he loves it.. It works very well, great taste and cleans your teeth.. I would recommended to everyone over 50, great product........

2 reviews
Desert Essence Toothpaste (Tea Tree Oil & Neem)
I really like this all natural toothpaste not too mention its fluoride free! Its essential too buy a flouride free toothpaste when you are dealing with auto-immune conditions like myself. I like how the toothpaste foams so nicely in your mouth so little goes along way with this...

1 review
Oral-B Pro-Health Compact Clean toothbrush
I got this as a free sample. Honestly, I find it's nice, I had jaw surgery a few years ago and sometimes have trouble opening my mouth wide enough. but after using the toothbrush, it changed my views. The head is small so it's easy to reach in the back of my teeth and gums, the...

2 reviews
Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser, WF-03, White
Here are my pros and cons in case you don't want to read my full review: Pros: -Cleans teeth very well -Perfect amount of time before water runs out -Portable (I guess?) Cons: -Not rechargeable (Need to replace the battery every 2 weeks) The review: Oral hygiene is very...

1 review
Colgate total advanced health sensitive
Cette pâte à dents a un goût bon et elle nettoie bien.C'est une pâte à dents comme une autre mais j'ai les dents assez sensibles et celle-ci ne me fait pas mal!

3 reviews
BeGrit night guard
I ordered this for my boyfriend because his dentist recommended he use one. He grinds his teeth every night and has done so for years and it's caused multiple surface cavities, not to mention it's extremely annoying to listen to. This came in a set of two and each has its own...

1 review
Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens
This product is amazing! The first ime I tried it, it was my dentist that gave me a sample. Since then, I have been purchasing these. I carry them with me all the time. I don't have braces, but my teeth are very tight fitted one next to the other and this really disloges food...

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Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh
trop fort en bouche. Il me laisse la bouche irrité et avec un effet de froid. Oui il est très efficasec`est vrai, mais il est trop fort à mon gout. Peut-etre avec un format voyage je le garderai mais pas en trop gros format

3 reviews
Listerine Total Care Dental Floss
This is a fantastic Dental Floss to start teaching your kids the importance of oral care.Listerine Total Care Dental Floss is probably the best on the market now for Flossing Teeth.It picks up all the small particles of plak and leaves your Teeth feeling super clean.Used in...

6 reviews
3D Crest White polishing treatment "Brilliance Boost"
I use this polish once daily after brushing at night. Within 4 days of using it I noticed my teeth were whiter and more shiny. I began getting compliments from people asking if I'd been "whitening". The great thing about this polish is that unlike whitening strips it is gentle...

1 review
Oral b essential dental floss
This is one of the flosses that I can say, floss is just floss. I actually have used better flosses from the same brand, but this itself is a decent floss. It does the job without hurting my gums or separating like previous flosses have in the past. The only thing I really wish...

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