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Oral-B Satin Floss
Pour mes dents serrées, j'adore cette soie dentaire! Elle glisse bien, malgré la faible espace entre mes dents et son goût de menthe rappel celui d'une gomme! Sensation de fraîcheur assurée!!

93 reviews
GUM Eez-Thru Flossers
These floss sticks are easy to use, you can get to the back teeth without strangling your fingers with floss. You get lots in the bag and they are inexpensive. I am not a fan of the waste though, I guess you could recycle the plastic... I bought these because I was looking for...

76 reviews
Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint
Not for me. I need the more fibrous cotton style floss that I can feel grabbing the plaque off between my teeth. With this satin ribbon I feel like it's literally gliding over all the plaque and not cleaning it at all. It is super fine and can get in the most cramped places...

36 reviews
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss
This is my favourite dental floss! It glides effortlessly between my teeth. I've had braces and find it challenging to get floss between my tightly spaced teeth. I enjoy that the wax doesn't flake off unlike other dental floss I've tried. It's a great product!

13 reviews
Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser with Six Interchangeable Nozzles
If, like me, you're curious about water flossers and want to try one, I'd definitely recommend this. At half the cost of a more expensive system, I found it was exactly what I was looking for and apart from a few extremely minor things that could be improved, did a perfect...

1 review
Butler GUM Soft Picks
Perfect for those who have crown and any periodontal problems. it is very gently on the gum and does what it promises, remove debris and massages the gum!

8 reviews
Sleep Aid Mouth Guard by Knockout Bargains
This sleep aid mouth guard really helps with teeth grinding in your sleep. It's great that it's molded for the perfect fit. I love that it has a case to keep it in when not in use. It also helps if you suffer from snoring (I do not). It can prevent broken teeth, TMJ, bruxism...

1 review
OralB Unflavoured Dental Floss
When it comes to dental floss I can't say that I have ever been disappointed. All the waxed ones seem to work really well for cleaning in-between your teeth.They can be purchased for a couple of dollars at any pharmacy or dollar store.I do like the unflavored ones the best...

2 reviews
Listerine Total Care Dental Floss
I've had my eye on this floss for a while and I'm super happy that I got it. Little ridges ensure that you get everything out! Not too thin. Just the perfect floss, love it

3 reviews
Oral-B Essential Floss 54 yds
This works well for me and it is the waxed one and actually this is the only one that I use so I really don't have to look around for any other types.

2 reviews
Johnson and Johnson reach mint waxed floss
For those of you who have tightly spaced teeth, this product is not for you. Not only did I not like the waxy texture but I had to use force to get floss in between my molars and the floss was stuck. Getting this floss out was like pulling my teeth out. Never again will I use...

14 reviews
Listerine fresh burst waxed floss
This was a little pricey but I got it because it was on sale and it ended up working very well. The floss itself isn't too thick and was easy to floss with. The flavour is also good without being too strong.

1 review
Gum tongue cleaner
This is really cheap and serves its purpose I try to get every member of the household to use these.

1 review
Sunstar GUM expanding floss
This is my favorite floss to date. It's easy to stretch between teeth and it expands as you use it. A little hard to find and pricy for a roll of 40 m, but worth it. Some places have good sales for it, just not in my area.

1 review
Oral b essential dental floss
i floss every night after dinner, should've done that for lunch too....the oral b dental floss is affordable and at a good price, easy to shop for. it does the cleaning very well. i love it

2 reviews
Dental Water Pic
I'm a fanatic when it comes to my teeth so I purchased a water pic and I love it,it cleans between your teeth with a blast of water, you can control how forceful you want the stream of water to be,its a really great product, they do range in price so buy the one that's...

1 review
Dental pick
Everyone should own a dental pick, I've has mine for a long time it takes replacement heads and is great to get rid of food particles that get stuck between your teeth

1 review
Oral-B Superfloss
My orthodontist gave a pack for me to clean my teeth when I had braces and let me tell you, it got rid of everything. My teeth never felt so clean after flossing with this product.

3 reviews
Listerine PocketMist Cool Mint
I love love love these! I've been using these since high school when I would use it everyday after lunch and stuff like that. These are great to just keep in your purse and are quite strong so you only need one squirt and it lasts quite a while. These are priced well at Walmart...

25 reviews
Plackers dental flossers
I love using these Pluckers flosses, they are convenient as I hate having to wrap floss around my fingers over and over to get all my teeth! I prefer the mint flavoured ones.

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