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"The Mall" is this mystical place where every teenage dream comes true:  meeting friends at The Mall, seeing a movie with a new boyfriend at The Mall, shopping for prom dresses at The Mall... One-stop shopping is only one of the many reasons we're drawn to these indoor and outdoor modern-day bazaars like moths to the flame.

As much as we love the reliability of finding our favourite brands on the ubiquitous mall directory boards, other shopping aficionados live for the hunt of the next great boutique.  Independent hat makers, curated dress boutiques, and only-found-here lingerie locales are the treasures that tempt these supporters of the local economy.  Expense, justified.

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Bath & Body Works
Great store! love the sales and staff!

145 reviews
I love this store. It can get really pricey but it is definitely worth it, love all their products. Only problem I ever have is when you are looking for help a lot of them will be like let me check that for you then wont be anywhere to be found and you are stuck standing there...

124 reviews
It's messy but it's one of my top three stores that I always go to when I need to buy something!!! High end stuff without the high end price tag 100%

137 reviews
Great place to get the best bang for your buck! It appeals greatly to students & singles as they sell products in small quantities. I personally like it as I can buy a little bit of this & that compared to costco that I buy things in bulk that at times get wasted coz we got too...

108 reviews
H&M;used to be great when they carried actual 14-18's, I'm lucky if I can even find a 12 now. The sizing is terrible, the material is garbage and the prices aren't that great for the quality. I can't remember the last time I purchased something that fit well from here. Their new...

77 reviews
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
great looking store of the scent before going in is too much for me

55 reviews
Old Navy Stores
So worth it buying baby clothes from there!! Unreal cheap and great quality!!

29 reviews
Forever 21
Forever 21 can be good sometimes but you have to watch what you buy, There clothes are made very cheap. Sales staff are good. store is clean.

27 reviews
Ikea Canada
Love purchasing organizers for closets or displays or bookcases here. Number 1 store that helps me sort out all my clutter only down fall I wish they had high end furniture as well as cheap.

18 reviews
Victoria's Secret Stores
i always go here to shop for my sexy underwear. they have huge selections of undies and they can be really cheap when they are on sale. they also sell a huge variety of perfume and lotions, which really smells so good. my only problem is that sometimes the staffs do not...

16 reviews
I have only had good experiences with Groupon. You can get a number of great deals on a wide variety of things. The selection is much better in bigger cities where there is more things to do, but the variety in smaller cities is still sufficient. I love that they offer deals on...

14 reviews
Claire's Accessories
The jewellery from Claire is not of good quality and breaks easily. My sister bought eating and which broke while trying! This was not the first time it had happened.

47 reviews
The Children's Place
Plus jeune j'habillais mon garçon là pour le côté rapport qualité prix toutefois ça revient toujours à du pareil au même donc je suis venue à me tanner d'acheter à ce magasin car j'avais l'impression que mon garçon avait les mêmes morceaux de linge . Plus de...

16 reviews
I love SoftMoc! My closet is filled with SoftMoc moccassins :)

5 reviews
Banana Republic
I'm a big fan of BR for work clothes, you know they're always going to have a sale so if you're coveting a certain item just wait for that 40% off. Or the friends and family 5 items for 50% off is a good time to stock up

4 reviews
Yankee Candle Shop
Love Yankee Candle shops.. The candles are expensive, but well worth it. They have hundreds of scents to choose from, I go in there & I'm like a kid in a candy store.

4 reviews
Disney Store Canada
I love this store and everything in it. However it is really expensive just for a small teddy bear or a shirt. I love to go in there to escape from the crazyness of the mall but besides that its okay. So if you like Disney and just want to take a mini escape and enjoy disney...

7 reviews
Deserres Craft Store West Edmonton Mall
J'ai toujours eu un bon service dans ce magasin toutefois le choix n'Est pas très varié et les prix sont dispendieux mais il y a de très belle chose si tu as les moyens plusieurs articles d'artisanat , peinture, bijoux papier à lettre etc.

3 reviews
imax 3 d galerie de la capitale québec
Ce complexe de cinéma 3 d fait partie du centre d'achat les galeries de la capitale de québec et offre un divertissement et une qualité sur 3 d exceptionnelle , la plupart du temps il y a 2 films et ou plus d'offert et dans des goûts plus différents les uns que les autres...

1 review
SKECHERS galerie st-bruno
J'adore cette boutique pour la beauté , la simplicité , le service à la clientèle , les bons conseils et surtout pour l'offre de chaussures et bottes pour toute la famille avec de belles couleurs et modèles variés convenant pour le quotidien comme pour l'exercice . La...

1 review

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