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"The Mall" is this mystical place where every teenage dream comes true:  meeting friends at The Mall, seeing a movie with a new boyfriend at The Mall, shopping for prom dresses at The Mall... One-stop shopping is only one of the many reasons we're drawn to these indoor and outdoor modern-day bazaars like moths to the flame.

As much as we love the reliability of finding our favourite brands on the ubiquitous mall directory boards, other shopping aficionados live for the hunt of the next great boutique.  Independent hat makers, curated dress boutiques, and only-found-here lingerie locales are the treasures that tempt these supporters of the local economy.  Expense, justified.

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Bath & Body Works
Whenever Bath and Body Works has sales, it is completely worth it, I've bought my hand soap there for years because it smells fantastic, lasts me for a long time and washes off real nice. Their prices alone make it worth it since the quality is worth it, I love their lotion too...

98 reviews
They have very functional makeup, it works really nice, all the makeup I have gotten from there is extremely high quality, but the price almost makes it not worth it. Which is why I love when they have stuff on sale because I cannot pay full price for most of the things they...

91 reviews
best store ever! I love Winners, I think I buy 75% of my everything from here and homesense. good prices, good brands and variety.

76 reviews
I'm so on the fence with H&M;. They are so hit or miss. I feel like 60% of the time I wonder what the heck they are doing when I go in. There's too much going on with the cuts/fabrics/sequins/feathers/pleather/cropped/studded/neon hot mess clothing and accessories, and the store...

58 reviews
I love Dollarama because I can find a lot of things cheaper than at any other store where I live, I can get cheaper brand name dish soap, I can get cheaper art supplies, I can find cute holiday decorations without breaking the bank. I do not buy food there, although they do have...

42 reviews
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
I wouldn't necessarily recommend going into one of their store locations. It isn't due to the customer service or that it is busy, it is due to the fact that every single time I walk past Lush in the mall I get an instant migraine from the smells, I can only go within a ten foot...

36 reviews
Old Navy Stores
I found some great sales for me and nice pair of jeans for my husband, although a little more than I wanted to spend. the lack of selection for women's jeans was disappointing, mostly skinny jeans. Staff at the store I visited were friendly.

13 reviews
Forever 21
Their clothes are so hit and miss with me, they can have some pretty things, but most of the clothes I could never see anyone wearing, not to say they do not have some cool stuff, but it's not always the easiest thing to find.

6 reviews
I love using Groupons! It's helped me try new places and get great deals. I always recommend people look on Groupon before deciding what to do on the weekend.

7 reviews
This store sounds great, wish we had one in the west. I travel to the US a lot and having always been large busted (just lost 100 pounds and still a DD) I fell in love with Lane Bryant. Their bras are great, comfortable, wash great, fit great and don't break the bank.

21 reviews
Bayshore Mall, Ottawa ON
I was looking for a dress for my parents 50th Anniversary party so I thought I'd give Bayshore Mall a try again since they've re-done the whole place. WOW! I loved it. It was so light and airy feeling. There are so many more up to date stores in it that they didn't have before...

1 review
Ulta in Auburn Hills
I too wish we had one in Canada or that they would ship to Canada. Shopped there for 10 years when I was in the US. I so miss them.

2 reviews
Wholesale Handbags Design
I got a great deal and value for items I had purchased before and had no issues with items not in stock and better yet, got my shipment quickly in the time frame mentioned. I found the right place to satisfy my needs. You got to give them a try if you have not ordered from them...

1 review
Pink Pussy Cat Boutique
Business Listing for the Pink Pussy Cat Boutique - Sydney Nova Scotia

1 review
Claire's Accessories
Not a huge fan. Find the products to be targeted at a younger audience than myself.

32 reviews
Marshalls in Ottawa
This store has great deals! It is very similar to Winners and you can find really nice clothes at AMAZING prices. Just the other day I bought Silver Jeans (name brand not the color). They were on special, regular price was $109.00 I paid $12.00!!!!! Yes that's right I said I...

1 review
Thank you biydress! Great dress! I liked very much the same as on the photo quality is excellent! But with the size of almost guessed it,a little big,but I think it is no problem to take you, for me the most important thing was the length of it what you need!!!!! Shipping was...

6 reviews
Great Lakes Crossing - Outlet Store
Outlet stores galore! So many types of shops, great prices & friendly staff. Can't find what you are looking for? Come here!

1 review
Gymboree 40% off entire store
This is for clothes not sure if I can post this. but GYmboree has ALL their kids clothes and accessories on sale for 40% for a week. I am in Canada Ontario, and this was at FAirview Mall. So back to school shopping rocked today!!!

1 review
Bouclair Home
A well organized shop with great quality products. Prices are reasonable and customer service is great. Great selection of goods.

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