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"The Mall" is this mystical place where every teenage dream comes true:  meeting friends at The Mall, seeing a movie with a new boyfriend at The Mall, shopping for prom dresses at The Mall... One-stop shopping is only one of the many reasons we're drawn to these indoor and outdoor modern-day bazaars like moths to the flame.

As much as we love the reliability of finding our favourite brands on the ubiquitous mall directory boards, other shopping aficionados live for the hunt of the next great boutique.  Independent hat makers, curated dress boutiques, and only-found-here lingerie locales are the treasures that tempt these supporters of the local economy.  Expense, justified.

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Bath & Body Works
This is one of my favourite stores. It always smells heavenly and the staff are always friendly and helpful. I usually wait until christmas when they have a ton of deals.

215 reviews
I just love Winners. My mom works here and I am always going in to visit her but I never leave empty handed. They have so many wonderful deals for next to nothing.

209 reviews
This is the store I frequent the most. I love beauty insider points and all of the perks. They have so many deals and I can usually find everything I need.

186 reviews
I love shopping at our local Dollarama, I buy most of my cleaning products, party supplies, craft, stationary,and seasonal items, the store is extreamley easy to navigate , it's always clean,the staff is also very helpful, I love to get more for my buck.

173 reviews
H&M;is a great place to find trendy or practical items that are going to last you a long time. I usually wait until they have deals going on but the price is pretty low to begin with.

114 reviews
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
I love walking into lush because it always smells so heavenly. These products make great gifts and are a very reasonable price. They are made in store with all natural ingredients.

89 reviews
Forever 21
Forever 21 is a great place to find on trend items for a very low price. I love all of their athletic wear and they have the biggest selection I have ever seen.

65 reviews
Ikea Canada
ikea c'est completement malade!!!! ca permet de crée des beau decors a prix tres abordables...d'ailleurs y'on plein de kossin toute plus genial les un que les autres et etonnament, quand mon chum rentrer la, y'é pire qu'un enfant ahahahah a l'écouter on acheterais tout!!!!...

44 reviews
Old Navy Stores
I love this store. They always have deals going on and I normally buy all my basics there. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. They have a huge selection.

50 reviews
Victoria's Secret Stores
I love this store for intimates as well as clothing. They have deals all the time and it is really affordable. The staff is really friendly and always looking to help.

42 reviews
Joe Fresh
I love going into Superstore and finding deals from this brand. They have a wide selection of clothing and it is a great price. The quality is amazing and it really does last.

20 reviews
I have purchased a couple groupons and I have discovered why they are selling their product/service at a discount. Most that I have redeemed I have had to fight to get an appointment. Other times the services were either in super awkward locations or just overall terrible...

24 reviews
Roots Store
I love the Roots..i usually go to buy for myself end up buying for my hubby and baby..its great clothing store. And love thier online shopping experience too...easy and fast delivery.

12 reviews
The Children's Place
Great clothes at this shop! I find the sizes tend to run small so I buy a size up for my son. The new stuff is cute but quite pricey so I tend to only shop the sales and clearance stuff. Online they have great sales/clearance (especially at the end of a season) and a good chunk...

26 reviews
This is a great store to find basics as well as trending items. The prices are excellent and I always pop in when I am at the mall. They also have deals all the time.

13 reviews
Walmart store
I love this store. They always have so many sales and the quality is there. You can find some unique things and its a one stop shop. I always leave with more than anticipated.

11 reviews
Michaels crafts
This is a favorite store for anything crafty. They always have online deals and great prices. They carry unique things that are hard to find anywhere else.

10 reviews
This is a favorite shoe store of mine. I usually go around christmas when they have deals because they are a little expensive but the quality is there.

13 reviews
Claire's Accessories
This store sells cheap jewelry that won't last you long at all. It is made cheap and looks cheap. The prices are sometimes good but worth it to spend a little more somewhere else.

60 reviews
Yankee Candle Shop
This is a favorite store of mine. I usually buy a lot of things around christmas when they have a ton of deals. The prices are great and the quality is even better.

10 reviews

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