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Perfume has been used by women and men since time immemorial.  It's the one part of our wardrobe we relish wearing many days in a row, and the search for our next signature scent is careful and deliberate.  Its ability to create a unique fragrance on every person makes it as infinitely variable as it is dangerous to purchase randomly (Boyfriends, take note!).

Favourite fragrances on ChickAdvisor are dominated by designer labels like Vera Wang, Thierry Mugler, and Chanel, but Clinique's Happy Perfume provides stiff competition.

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Clinique Happy Perfume
I'am not sure why the notes all over the place's and it smell sour in bad way I don't like it, I keep thinking it will grow or change every time i spray but it smell's like febreze.

172 reviews
Vera Wang Princess Perfume
Love this perfume. It has the perfect name for it too. It lasts all day long.

115 reviews
Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum
Euphoria is the most musky long lasting it goes really well for me I all ways get ask what i'am wearing. if you compliments and you into darker smell go for this one.

90 reviews
DKNY Be Delicious
Really nice refreshing scent. I would purchase this again

88 reviews
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Just picked this one up recently, I had been using samples of it for years. It's a nice citrus scent, works for men ad women. I bought a small bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart, $59 for 25ml (smaller than the usual bottles but it works for me) and I redeemed it for free with my...

79 reviews
Pink Sugar by Aquolina for Women
this super sweet fragrance reminds me of cotton candy and spring time... when ever i wear it i get stopped from all age groups asking me what im wearing..... the price point is super cheep and even my daughter loves it

59 reviews
Fantasy By Britney Spears
I am not a huge Britney Spears fan but this perfume really smells good. Its not too floral and not too strong either which makes it really nice to wear to work!

65 reviews
Chanel Chance Perfume
Ever since my boyfriend bought me this perfume 5 years ago it is the one I always wear for special occasions. I won many perfumes but there are none that make me feel and smell as great as this one. I wish the price were a bit more lower but it is well worth every penny spent. I...

62 reviews
Thierry Mugler Womanity Perfume
This is my go to perfume. I love it. Whenever I wear it, people stop me and ask what it is. Men and women both comment on it and I think I could almost drink it. Can't get enough of it!

68 reviews
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume
I purchased this fragrance on a whim based on the price of 19.99 at Shoppers. My first impression of the scent was that it was a bit to fruity / young - but once it is on I love it and have gotten a lot of compliments. I think any age could wear this.

55 reviews
Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
love love love stays on all day perfect for everyday use. I always try different scents however this one is a classic for me not to strong not to light this scent is just right Hope it never goes off the market!!

52 reviews
Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume
Beautiful and mysterious fragrance. I always wear this in the fall/winter, as it's more of a spicy dark scent. Apparently it's one of the best selling fragrances worldwide. If you can't afford the bottle, or don't want to commit to the large size, get the rollerball at sephora...

48 reviews
Ralph Lauren Ralph Perfume
I bought this perfume for about 50$ and it smells so nice! The smell also lasts and is not to much either. Will definitely buy it again and I do recommend it!

50 reviews
J'adore by Dior
Love this perfume, i use it everyday the scent is just amazing

35 reviews
Britney Spears Curious Perfume
Bought this perfume back in 2004. Not because of Britney power but because of the packaging which I feel is still relevant and the bottle with the lil puff puff bulb pump. The perfume was mediocre at best and after 6 months or so started turning yellow.

38 reviews
Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume
This perfume was bought for me by a friend and I really enjoy it for special occasions. To me its not an everyday perfume but more of something I like to wear to go out! It has a smell that sticks and lasts for quite a long period of time.

33 reviews
Cool Water Perfume by Davidoff
I've always loved Cool Water - Classic ! Long lasting, light, refreshing scent that last all day long.

33 reviews
Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume
I love this perfume. It's my go to perfume when I cannot decide what to put on. I love the smell and shape of the bottle.

28 reviews
Avon Naturals Body Spray
I am a fan of body sprays when I don't feel like wearing something as heavy as perfume. This product really does the trick. Great smells and they actually stick to the skin to make the smell last!

29 reviews
The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Parfum
I really liked this scent, super sexy and long lasting

10 reviews

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