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Ferrero Rocher
This product is too hyped. Not only is it overpriced, but it doesn't even taste good like everyone claims it does.

456 reviews
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate
These are a great light snack. Its a shame i'm always hungry and can eat three packs as a snack.

272 reviews
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles
100/100 Lindt is the chocolate of all gods

215 reviews
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Oh how I love MiniEggs. They have an intoxicating aroma and a very satisfying combination of crunchy and chocolate which is irresistible.

166 reviews
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade
Love this chocs!!! Melts in your mouth. Kids love it

90 reviews
Toblerones are so good. The only thing i don't like is that the nougat is very hard.

77 reviews
Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar
Yummy! Chocolate and almonds go good together!

65 reviews
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Everything about these shows how Reese's has perfected the delicious combination of chocolate & peanut butter. I wouldn't change a thing.

51 reviews
Cadbury Cream Eggs
So sweet and yummy, they should almost be banned. Love these. As soon as the Easter things come out in stores I look for these. Definitely one of my favorites!

86 reviews
Nestle NOIR Mousse Delicate Milk Chocolate
mmmmm the bubbles!!! so good, so sweet, aalways on hand

56 reviews
Terry's Chocolate Orange
Terry's Chocolate Oranges are the first treat we by at Christmas. They come in Milk and Dark chocolate and are a good size so there's lots to share. The chocolate is good quality and not waxy. Good for plain eating, and they're wonderful to use in baking as well.

51 reviews
Aero Mint Chocolate Bar
I am obsessed with anything minty and chocolatey. This chocolate bar is very good, it has the right amount of mint and milk chocolate and it melts in your mouth :) I want one now !

25 reviews
Nestle NOIR Mousse Delicate Dark Chocolate
I just tried this product last month for the first time. Love it! It actually melts in your mouth. You will not be disappointed.

34 reviews
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel & Peanut Butter
These are amazing. Lots of other combos

26 reviews
Merci European Chocolates
The chocolates taste really good and it's a great gift for everyone who loves chocolate.

20 reviews
Dove Dusk Chocolate
Seriously amazing. Creamy and so perfectly chocolaely. Chocolate heaven.

25 reviews
Hershey's Skor Toffee Bar
Tastes delicious, i love it. But very hard which i don't mind that much

15 reviews
Nestle Coffee Crisp
Very yummy. My favorite chocolate bar.

10 reviews
Nestle Aero Strawberry Bubble Bar
The aero strawberry bar one word "GROSS" ! I will never buy again!

13 reviews
Hershey's Kisses
Yuck. I think only ids must like these. So dry and crumbly and almost tasteless. Especially the regular ones. Cheap cheap cheap. I think it's just chocolate flavoured product.

36 reviews

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