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Ferrero Rocher
This chocolate has definitely stolen my heart at first bite! I will never forget the first! It had taken me to cloud nine for hours and I wanted more afterwards! I love the taste and love the way it melts the flavor in your mouth! I love Ferrero Rocher!

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Cadbury Mini Eggs
I could eat these ALL YEAR ROUND!! seriously something as delicious and small as these eggs should be illegal because I eat way too many of them lol. LOVE THEM. They are my guilty pleasure anytime I'm in the checkout aisle.

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Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Blueberry Almond with Açai Flavour
I generally don't like chocolate with fruits mixed in. I prefer either pure chocolate or chocolate with nuts. However, this was actually pretty good. The ratio of fruits and nuts was just right. There wasn't too much of the fruit and there was sufficient mix of almond. The ratio...

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Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour
I love the Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour. Although I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, this bar is delicious. It is sweet and tart. It's perfect to fill that chocolate craving! I recommend.

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Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Mango Coconut Crunch
I love Brookside Chocolate, but this flavour is just not my cup of tea. It was too tangy for my liking and the coconut flavour was too strong in my opinion.

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Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles
For chocolates you can buy at regular grocery stores, this is great. Awesome for gifting as well during Christmas time or I guess any occasion. Tastes great and I usually finish the whole bag.

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Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate
I came across these awhile ago and I actually rolled my eyes at this new "skinny" product. But I needed chocolate and I was intrigued so I bought a pack. The taste was great and they actually hit the spot. Perfect portion size. Went back for more.

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Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours
I love these chocolates. I can eat a whole bag of these in one day. I love the chocolate coating on the outside and the soft blueberry flavor on the inside.

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
This is a true classic! I buy these in bulk and chill them in the fridge, they taste amazing!! I like the bars better than the mini ones that they have come out with.

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Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar
This Hershey's Milk chocolate bar with Almonds is absolutely delicious. Its super creamy and completely satisfying as a chocolate lover. The almonds give it that little extra crunch.

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Ce chocolat est le meilleurs en fondu,avecses petit morceau d'amande ses trop bon!Accompagner de fruit,ses un délice ?e?e juste en morceau comme sa a manger seul très bon aussi!

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate
Dairy Milk is my go to Chocolate bar. I was weaned on it and to this day buy it first and foremost. My grandparents used to bring it over in bulk fro England every trip. Its rich, milky and fills the craving to a T. AS far as I am concerned NO other chocolate bar can compete!

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Cadbury Cream Eggs
OMG I used to LOVE these things. Is it just me or did they get smaller and smaller each year? LOL I said no to recommending them just because although I like the milk chocolate outside, the inside I used to love, to me is now just chemicals and refined sugar and PALM OIL which...

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Terry's Chocolate Orange
So this is your average Christmas chocolate. I find the taste quite nice but I can't have too many pieces or I start to feel sick. I would eat it if someone gave it to me and then give the rest to the boyfriend, but I would not buy it for myself.

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After Eight Chocolate
These are absolutely amazing. The thick creamy mint middle is so good in combination with this semisweet creamy chocolate coating. They taste so delicate. I think the thinness of it makes the flavours stick out. If they were thicker, they would be too overwhelming with...

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Kit Kat Chocolate Bar
Really love Kit Kats as a guilty pleasure treat. Love the crunch of the wafer inside, mixed with the smooth milk chocolate coating. I don't typically make a habit of buying chocolate bars, but I always look forward to Halloween, when the little mini version of these come out.

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Nestle Turtles Chocolates
I love Turtles chocolates. The combination of pecans, caramel and chocolate creates a heavenly chewy texture. These make really great stocking stuffers at Christmas.

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Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar
Best chocolate that you can get in stores. I always buy this and it just melts in your mouth. so smooth and very tasty. Any sweet tooth will love this!

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Brookside Dark Chocolate Tablet Bars
I received a sample a couple months ago, and I personally don't like dark chocolate but after a first bite of Brookside dark chocolate bars, I changed my mind, I really enjoyed it. It is not too sweet and not too bitter. I would buy more if they go on sale.

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Kinder Surprise
I use to love Kinder Surprises as a kid and I still do. My son loves them as well, mainly for the toys but lately the toys are all one piece toys. I liked the toys before when you actually got to assemble them. I wish I could just buy the chocolate itself, it's so creamy and...

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