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Ferrero Rocher
I can always rely on someone giving this to me for Christmas. I can also rely on eating half of it in one sitting.

256 reviews
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles
one of my favorites! melts in your mouth ! very creamy and comes in many different flavours. milk is my favorite. price isnt too bad depending on when you get them.

171 reviews
Cadbury Mini Eggs
LOve em!! So addictive!! Delicious, small bites of joy! As soon as they hit the stores in Jan./Feb. I can't resist them and have to buy them. Then when they go on sale after Easter, I really stock up.

89 reviews
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade
My favorite chocolate bar. I usually like chocolate with nuts or caramel. I usually don't like just plain milk chocolate but I love this bar. Creamy, smooth pure chocolate. And even better it's fair trade.

69 reviews
one of my absolute favorite chocolate bars to buy. love the taste and how you can break sections off so that you can limit yourself (if you have the will power) to eat just 1 piece. i love them so much i eat the whole thing at a time. :)

55 reviews
Nestle NOIR Mousse Delicate Milk Chocolate
Rich and delicious. Love this product. It is nice and smooth.

55 reviews
Cadbury Cream Eggs
I started buying these when they first came on the market and am still buying them for my kids and grandkids. It wouldn't be Easter without Cadbury Cream Eggs, or so my kids tell me. They are still the same as they were years ago and its a good thing you can't buy them all...

59 reviews
Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar
Yummmmmmm! So what makes this bar different from all other available options - the hershey's mik chocolate seems to embrace the almond pieces so nicely, that even if you choose to wait before you chew, you still get the chocolaty taste on your almonds.

29 reviews
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
When I need a good fix of great chocolate and peanut butter, this is only what I buy

26 reviews
Nestle NOIR Mousse Delicate Dark Chocolate
I just tried this product last month for the first time. Love it! It actually melts in your mouth. You will not be disappointed.

34 reviews
Terry's Chocolate Orange
These are great, always at Christmas my kids had to have one in their stockings. They didn't want the normal, oranges, like most kids, it had to be Terry's Chocolate Orange. You know telling that to Santa was pretty hard, he always wanted to do the mandarin orange thing. But...

36 reviews
Dove Dusk Chocolate
really good chocolate. Just the right size taste great I love

22 reviews
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel & Peanut Butter
Go for it. Your mouth with love you. I wouldn't suggest you attempt to multitask while eating this snack because the flavour will demand your full attention. Just sit back and enjoy.

21 reviews
Merci European Chocolates
Another great chocolate that I was lucky enough to get free samples of. They are great tasting and very smooth.

15 reviews
Hershey's Skor Toffee Bar
Not to hard to chew but you still get the real toffee taste.

3 reviews
Hershey's Kisses
To be quite honest, Hershey has changed the recipe from when I was a kid. I find the ones now are a different flavor all together. I wasn't a massive fan of them before and now i'm not really into them at all. However; I do give them as teacher gifts. I fill em up in a mason jar...

24 reviews
Nestle Aero Strawberry Bubble Bar
I absolutely LOVE the strawberry aero bar!! its worth every penny, taste just like strawberry ice cream to me!

2 reviews
I bought these at our local dollarama. They are chocolate covered cookies with coconut in the top. They are absolutely delicious. I would recommend them for all chocolate and coconut lovers

1 review
M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies
I love Peanut M&M;'s. The first one I ate, I knew I was hooked. The peanuts are fresh, the chocolate is so good and the candy coating keeps your hands free of chocolate and tastes scrumptious. This is wonderful throughout the year and especially for holidays and special...

3 reviews
Kraft Peanut Butter With Chocolate
OMGosh this is the best tasting chocolate blend I have ever had. It is so creamy and not too sweet. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches and now I have a new sandwich combo. I thought that this would be awfully sweet but it is just the right amount of peanut buttery taste...

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