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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
Gave this to my nephew. He used it and was very thankful that I bought it for him

575 reviews
Advil Liqui-Gels
To be honest i use other brands but this particular advil is works it does not make me sick .

149 reviews
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment
Fever cold runny nose it helps me when i'am sick, it helps me sleep when i prepare for bed time so that i could breath better at night that minty rub does the trick when i'am sick it's heaven.

107 reviews
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula
The price of this product is a little up there, but the quality makes up for it I think! I have been using this formula for a very long time on minor accidents/incidents and I find that it really does the job. It is soothing and really helps heal the wound quickly.

80 reviews
Voltaren Emulgel
Tried this on a whim as we usually use lakota. Glad I did. It works really well in minor aches and pains. It heats up a bit and helps with pain pretty good.

82 reviews
Breathe Right Nasal Strips
it did not do anything i thought it worked but that was in my mind i was snoring so bad it did not meet my needs.

67 reviews
Cold sore worst enemy after tow to three days cold sore starts to reduces and relief ease pain and helps with alleviation soothes cold sore and prevents more to come.

38 reviews
Benadryl Allergy Tablets
As a constant allergy sufferer, having just this morning woken up with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and puffy face, my go-to is definitely Benadryl. The price is a little higher than I would like, but it never fails me in it's effectiveness. And, of course when you want to get on...

28 reviews
This is the only allergy medication that has actually worked for me! I feel like when I take it it works much faster than any other allergy medicine brand. It lasts a long time, which I feel is important! Especially like that you can get different formulas for drowsy or...

22 reviews
Fishermans Friend Lozenges
Fishermans Friends are the best cough drop or lozenges on the market. As well as be very affordable and the most effective. I work in a very cold environment and also with the public so if I get a coughing spell it is really embarrassing. Fishermans Friends really help keep my...

22 reviews
Advil Nighttime
I love this stuff. wish it was like 70% cheaper but i do love it. i suffer from kidney, back and knee issues that i was born with that cause me terrible pain and i refuse to get hooked on pills. ever so often i say screw it and take 1 of these and they work great. take away my...

22 reviews
Cold Fx Capsules
I was really skeptical of Cold FX when a friend told me about it, but I figured why not give it a try? I don't get sick often, but when I do, I get it bad! Usually 2 weeks of being miserable and not wanting to do anything but lay around & be left alone. Unfortunately, I can't...

25 reviews
Buckleys Cough and Congestion
Sometimes I think the bad taste is still a marketing ploy, but either way this product actually does work! I take this anytime I feel congested or have a cough and this clears it up almost right away! No need to keep on tasting this nasty stuff because it clears up so quickly...

18 reviews
Polysporin - Original Ointment
I left Nair hair removal cream too long on my legs and the product burned a few layers of my skin. I used Polysporin to speed up the healing and help prevent scarring. This stuff did the trick... in healing my chemical burns and soothed the rawness. My legs don't have any scars...

7 reviews
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy
I used to get really bad migraines. If it was really bad this wouldn't even come close to touching it and would sometimes make me feel nauseous, but if I just had a mild one coming on I would use this as directed (doing the full hairline halo plus trouble spots) and it would...

6 reviews
Jamieson Melatonin 10mg Timed Release Dual Action
I had a lot of issues getting back into a (somewhat ) normal sleeping routine once my daughter started sleeping through the night. After nearly two years of only sleeping in two hour bouts, my body would still want to wake up frequently. Melatonin is a great product, because it...

6 reviews
Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels
i received two samples of advil liquid gels. i found the extra strength delivered pain relief from a mind blowing sinus headache quicker than the regular strength. ... both had the staying power to get me through my day ...i was so greatful to have this product in the house at...

4 reviews
My doctor recommended this to me as you can use it every day if you have to. Other laxatives can be really harsh to your system causing bloating and gas pains whereas RestoraLax does not.

7 reviews
I may be one of the few, but Aleve really doesnt do the trick for me. I would much rather rather an other brand of headache/pain relief than this one! I find that my headache is still throbbing after even an hour into taking Aleve, and sometimes it just slightly lessens it but...

24 reviews
Halls Triple Soothing Action Cough Tablets
Halls Cough Drops works great on sore throats, it opens my air ways and makes it easier to breath!! (especially the Extra Strong-Triple Soothing Action) Personally, my favorite is the Honey kind, Mmmm!! I Would Definitely Recommend Halls To Anyone Who Is Sick or Just Has A...

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