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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
Although these patches are effective and speeding up healing time, there are a lot of things that could be improved upon. They recommend that you not take the patch off until it falls off, but mine was coming off after not even a day. I usually end up using about four or five...

860 reviews
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment
Heaven in a container, an absolute life saver! I love Vicks! We use it when we have stuffy noses and sore throats. A little goes a long way too! This is a must have in our home.

233 reviews
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula
Works great! I have four kids and I absolutely use this on everything. Scrapes, cuts, burns, minor itch,. very effective! kids like it as well as the adults.

172 reviews
Voltaren Emulgel
I've used this product a couple times now. I use it to relieve my lower back pain. It does help me I find but it is harder to relieve pain for bigger problems, things like pain in my sciatic nerve. I do depend on this product when I have sore muscle pain and it is handy to have...

201 reviews
Breathe Right Nasal Strips
These do the job pretty well. I used them for a two nights because I got some samples and did notice a difference! Not sure how much they cost for a full box but I'd buy them.

150 reviews
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup
Buckley's is seriously nasty tasting stuff! They don't lie with their slogan "Tastes Awful, And It Works". I dread getting sick and havung to down this stuff but it truly does the trick!!

93 reviews
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges
Someone gave me the original flavour years ago and I gagged. While shopping I noticed a display with many new flavours. I know stock up on CITRUS. Finally something that works and takes good.

86 reviews
Gatorade isn't my favourite drink, it is clearly artificially coloured and tastes a little salty to me. Obviously, sodium is one of the electrolytes it advertises to have in them but seeing as most of this drink is sugar and artificial flavouring, they don't seem to be trying...

57 reviews
Benadryl Caplets
these work like a charm every time. i suffer from severe hay fever and this is my go to drug for relief, yes it does make you drowsy but I do not like the ones that make your heart race. it works in like 20 minutes and lasts all day for me. I also give this to my daughter...

64 reviews
Robax Platinum
This works when combined with something else, Aleve or Tylenol or more ibuprofen. I find I need a little more pain medication in combination with the muscle relaxant , but when take together it's great , just not as good itself.

61 reviews
I have been getting horrible cold sores since I was a kid to a point that I now need medication for them. I bought Abreva one day that I was out of medication and found that it worked great. My cold sore healed quite quickly and Abreva took that stinging pain away that I...

62 reviews
Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets
I guess value is subjective, but in general these are great. They don't let me get drowsy and help me spend the days cuddling and loving my cats (that I'm normally terribly allergic too). In general a great product that I use regularly

52 reviews
Neocitran has been around for a long time and tha is because it works. When you are really sick this s a good thing to have in the house. It clears the sinuses and warms up your organs.

37 reviews
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy
I love this product, it actually works! When it comes to a lot of "natural" products you don't always get what you pay for. In this case, you do! It helps my headaches, smells great, and allows me to skip pills.

33 reviews
Aleve is the only thing that works on my headaches. I get really bad migraines and this product works miracles. I only need to take 1 tablet and I am pretty much good for the day!

52 reviews
Vicks Vapo Rub Original
I often really layers of vaporub, just because I find the first 3 seconds it's applied is when it's the most pungent.. but I really don't mind. I love the smell of the stuff, and even the original, greasy formula, sinks into my sickly, dry skin really fast too. Kinda pricey...

23 reviews
Pepto Bismol
The liquid pepto bismol is a must for the medicine cabinet. It helps with many gastric issues- heart burn, nausea etc . It tastes okay as well. It is effective and doesn't cost too much.

17 reviews
Vicks Vapour Rub
We always have this around during cold season. It is the only thing that helps my husband sleep at night when he's congested. I have also recently started rubbing it on my temples and neck when I start to get a headache and it seems to help!

26 reviews
Polysporin Ear & Eye Drops
I scratched my eye and manages to get an annoying infection. It was very red and angry looking and starting to drain. I didn't want to go sit in a doctor's office or clinic so I picked this up. It is quite expensive especially for the size of the bottle however it made my eye...

23 reviews
Voltaren Extra Strength 30gr
I need to have this with me at all times. I have carpal tunnel and get really bad pain in my hand and wrist. Just a drop of this stuff and rub it in and I am pain free for a few hours. It is a great pain reliever - even works for my Mom that suffers from arthritis.

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