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Cracking, peeling, chapping, and redness: all these evils are quickly nixed with a soothing swipe of your favourite lip balm.  Best of all, most lip balm lines now blend medicine-cabinet-functionality with beauty-basket-gorgessity.  Many brands are also looking to food-grade and organic ingredients for your peace of mind to go with that sweet 'n sassy pucker.

Top names in lip balm on ChickAdvisor are Burt's Bees, Softlips, and Carmex, with Smith's Rosebud Salve and Kiehl's #1 in hot pursuit. Bonne Bell is there with their flavoured Lip Smackers, bringing us that 7th-grade Dr Pepper nostalgia.

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Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
I love this lip balm. I tend to use a lot of them because I have dry lips and some lip balms will leave some white residue on my lips, but this one doesn't. Not only does it feels amazing on my lips, but it also really hydrate them. The only thing that could make it better is a...

1959 reviews
NIVEA Essential Lip Balm
Every morning after my morning ritual (brush teeth, shower, etc) about 10 mins before I start applying makeup I always put this lip balm on. I get very very chapped lips, especially in the winter months. Applied once in the morning as a base lasts me all day long....EVEN with...

1161 reviews
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
Im kinda on the fence about this lip balm by Maybelline , It works not bad and kept my lips feel moisturized but the tint of color was hardly any. Maybe it was the color I chose but it wasn't what I expected unfortunately .

764 reviews
eos Organic Sphere Lip Balms
This didn't work for me or anyone in my family. I bought a whole pack for my family and we all reacted badly to it. It made our lips so dry and gave us red painful patches around our lips!

709 reviews
Blistex Lip Medex
I live in a climate with very cold and very dry winters. Their air is so dry my skin is dry all the time - I could apply lotion all day and it would still dry out (ok maybe not). So, I often suffer from dry, cracked lips that can bleed too! As soon as I feel my lips are feeling...

382 reviews
NIVEA Pearly Shine Lip Balm
If you want something with a bit of a pearly shine finish for your lip balm this is the product for you! I love NIVEA products as they always work really well including this product - I just wasn't a huge fan of the pearl shine it left me with so will stick to the NIVEA...

373 reviews
Vichy Ideal Body Replumping Lip Balm
Wow que dire de ce gloss pour les lèvres!! Je le trouve fantastique. Il laisse les levée très douce et soiyeuse. Je l'est acheté chez jeancoutu pour environ 15$ et je suis satisfaite!

257 reviews
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil
This goes on nicely, but I find I have to keep re-applying it nearly every hour. My hope was that it would provide long- lasting moisture from the dryness of winter. A bit disappointing.

213 reviews
Softlips® CUBE Lip Moisturizer - Fresh Mint
I was drawn to this lip balm by the shape of the container. It just looks so sleek and fancy. Thankfully the product is also very nice.The mint is super refreshing and feels wonderful on your lips.

171 reviews
eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm in Cool Mint
I bought this with high hopes that it would help my parched dry lips. But I was quite disappointed to find it only helped for a short time then your lips felt drier then before.

232 reviews
Softlips® CUBE Lip Moisturizer - Berry Bliss
You see everyone these days with those little balls of lip moisturizer these days - not wanting to name products here. I for one am not a huge fan of the packaging as I always find that they are wasted as you cannot use all of it once its half way gone. In addition is not as...

174 reviews
NIVEA Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4
this is my go to lop balm in the summer. We have very Hot dry summers and this balm works perfectly to hwlp keep them hydrated and provides a hint of subblock

182 reviews
Carmex Original Lip Balm
My favourite lip balm ever! I use this at night right before bed and by the time morning hits, my lips are soooo incredibly smooth! I swear by this stuff!

177 reviews
Softlips® LUXE Lip Moisturizer - Creamy Coconut
I got this product complimentary for testing purposes from Chickadvisor. I think it's such a great product! I'm a big fan of not only the lip balm stick itself, but also the packaging. The formula leaves me lips soft and moisturized, without any sticky tacky feeling, and I love...

147 reviews
NIVEA Hydro Care Lip Balm
Nivea Hydro Care is my go-to lip balm, especially for winter. It rolls on smoothly and doesn't feel rough on my lips. It's also clear with a light shimmer so it's not too obnoxious. It usually around $1-2 on sale at most places. I definitely recommend this product.

157 reviews
Softlips® LUXE Lip Moisturizer - Silky Shea
Thank you ChickAdvisor for sending me some SoftLips samples! In addition to a cute SoftLips bag, I received the Softlips LUXE Lip Moisturizer in Silky Shea and I'm telling y'all: I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. Out of all the lip products I've used, this one really does keep your lips...

132 reviews
Bonne Bell Lip Smackers
love lip smackers and always have these lip chaps havent changed since i was young and they have almost every flavor you can possibly imagine. love how they dont leave your lips greasy either

177 reviews
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
I love this lip shimmer. It goes on very smoothly and adds a nice subtle color and shine without feeling sticky. There's a nice tingly sensation when you put it on and it definitely adds moisture to my lips, which is much-needed by any product in the winter!

155 reviews
Softlips® Lip Balm - French Vanilla
Softlips is a good moisturizer to use through the day. It keeps you're lips feeling very soft and moisturized. I love the feel of my lips after I have used softlips through the day.

164 reviews
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
One of my favourites! I really enjoy using the darker colours as it brings a nice pop to the lips (and face), but it is still hydrating and very comfortable and easy to reapply. I have a sensitive lip area and I find lipsticks do not work well for me and dry my lips out. However...

148 reviews

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