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Cracking, peeling, chapping, and redness: all these evils are quickly nixed with a soothing swipe of your favourite lip balm.  Best of all, most lip balm lines now blend medicine-cabinet-functionality with beauty-basket-gorgessity.  Many brands are also looking to food-grade and organic ingredients for your peace of mind to go with that sweet 'n sassy pucker.

Top names in lip balm on ChickAdvisor are Burt's Bees, Softlips, and Carmex, with Smith's Rosebud Salve and Kiehl's #1 in hot pursuit. Bonne Bell is there with their flavoured Lip Smackers, bringing us that 7th-grade Dr Pepper nostalgia.

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Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
I love this product. I have the vanilla one and it smells great and hydrates my lips! I will buy this product once I'm all out of the one I currently have. I do highly recommend this lip balm

1711 reviews
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
this is a great product with great colours, and honestly they have some great smells to them in my honest opinion. I love thew way these go on and the way the colours look

720 reviews
eos Organic Sphere Lip Balms
this is a great product with some nice, light scents that are not overwhelming. the shape is very unique, and makes it very easy to apply to your lips, either one at a time, or both at the same time

668 reviews
Blistex Lip Medex
Golden Product. I use it when my lips are in dire need of moisture. Usually the winter.. I end up buying like 4 of these just so I have one with me every where I go. Literally what the name suggests.. its like a jar full of medicine for your lips!

328 reviews
NIVEA Pearly Shine Lip Balm
This product was a miss for me; I have a Nivea lip balm in every single pocket, purse and room but this one just did not seem to be as moisturizing as the other ones...additionally, the pearly sheen was not as great as I imagined, too metallic.

359 reviews
Vichy Ideal Body Replumping Lip Balm
ce produit est fantastique pour les leves. Normalement l'été je viens avec les leves toutes gercer et la c'es wow Il rends les levres doux et soyeuse en meme temps donne un semi lustrer.. Merci :)

255 reviews
NIVEA Essential Lip Balm
I like the Nivea lip balm as its moisturizing and doesn't leave a sticky residue on my lips. It's great to use especially during the dry winter months.

236 reviews
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil
One of my favourite lip balms! It's moisturizing and so cost effective. I've repurchased this product many times. I also really love the flavour. It's not too strong.

203 reviews
Softlips® CUBE Lip Moisturizer - Fresh Mint
I received this as part of a Product Review Club. But, this five star rating is completely my own opinion. Seriously. I thought I would dislike the mint flavour but I was wrong. Mint lip balm is awesome. Moisturizing, zingy and I love that it is clear.

169 reviews
Softlips® CUBE Lip Moisturizer - Berry Bliss
I saw these at the drug store so many times before I finally bought myself one. I'm very glad I did; love it. I keep it in my purse mostly and it feels really good when I put it on. I really need to buy more; next time I'll try another one of theirs.

172 reviews
eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm in Cool Mint
EOS. The only lip balm I own nowadays. To be completely honest I don't use it very often, having about 20-30 of these hidden around the house but like all EOS it is amazing. Some people I know dislike this flavor because they aren't big fans of mint but I would completely...

219 reviews
NIVEA Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4
I cannot rave enough about this product. This is my go-to lip balm, affordable, moisturizing, sleek packaging.. I love everything about it! I recommend keeping one in every pocket and purse!

176 reviews
Softlips® LUXE Lip Moisturizer - Creamy Coconut
I got this product complimentary for testing purposes from Chickadvisor. I think it's such a great product! I'm a big fan of not only the lip balm stick itself, but also the packaging. The formula leaves me lips soft and moisturized, without any sticky tacky feeling, and I love...

147 reviews
NIVEA Hydro Care Lip Balm
i bought this product when i had a really bad sinus cold, thinking to apply on my chapped lips and found that it was actually pretty good, only downfall was because of blowing my nose so much i had to reapply often.

150 reviews
Carmex Original Lip Balm
This is my favorite lip balm from the drugstore. It's so moisturizing and lightweight. I get really bad cracked dry lips and this helps them soo much. Can't go a day without using it.

162 reviews
Softlips® LUXE Lip Moisturizer - Silky Shea
Thank you ChickAdvisor for sending me some SoftLips samples! In addition to a cute SoftLips bag, I received the Softlips LUXE Lip Moisturizer in Silky Shea and I'm telling y'all: I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. Out of all the lip products I've used, this one really does keep your lips...

132 reviews
Bonne Bell Lip Smackers
Ça me rappele tellement mon enfance! Ils ne sont pas les plus hydratant, mais ils sont super cheap avec différents goûts super bons! C'est super pour les enfants!

168 reviews
Softlips® Lip Balm - French Vanilla
I love soft lips balms. They glide on easily and don't leave a sticky residue. I try to purchase them when they are on sale. I find them to be of high quality and long lasting. Definitely recommend this product!

159 reviews
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
This product is really hydrating and it smells good but unfortunately, I don't think I will purchase it again. The colour I bought was #025 (peach parfait) and I find that there is too many glitters in the product. Once the colour is gone, you still have glitters all over your...

144 reviews
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
Love it! I don't wear lipstick ever but this stuff gives my lips a hint of colour while keeping my lips soft, especially in these harsh Canadian winters! Use it all the time!

146 reviews

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