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soundspa on-the-go
i received this as a gift the other day. my baby had a hard time sleeping and with the sounds of the soundspa she now sleeps like an angel ( well close to one)...the white noise sound, ocean and heart beat are amazing. I use the heartbeat one while she is falling asleep, it...

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Platex Diaper Genie Elite
This is great! I'm on my second baby and everyone always says that you learn you don't need all the fancy things like this by the time you're on your second but whatever, I don't want to double bag up diapers and tie them in a knot and carry them downstairs to my garbage. This...

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Playtex 40002 Diaper Genie II System
Garbage, if you get it as a gift, return it and buy the elite. I'll talk about the elite on it's page but truly without a foot pedal this is completely useless and more hassle than any other option you may have for disposing of diapers. But it hides the smell, so it is...

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
This is great! Light, easy to move around, dissaembles in seconds. Super easy to adjust the height on it, and you can use it like 2 months sooner than regular exersaucers. We love it, our's is on our second baby, had it for 6 years now! It cleans easy, you can throw all the...

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Fisher Price - Newborn to Toddler Bouncer
I bought this nearly 6 years ago for my daughter, she used it faithfully from her first week until at least 4 years old, (and could have used it longer but someone bought her a princess mini sofa.) It was one of three things we bothered to hang on to and have been using it again...

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