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Battleship Board Game

This was one of my favorites games growing up. It made me think and concentrate which calmed me and my brothers down when we were hyper!

Trouble Board Game

This is a fun game to play. I like how it has a different way to roll the dice. It actually makes it easier for kids so dice isn't just rolling all over the place.

Huggies Baby Diapers, Snug & Dry, Size 4, Big Box

Huggies brand diapers are the only brand that either of my children could use without leaking. My 1 year old is currently using them, he can go all night with no leaks.


I remember having a Slinky when I was young I would start at the top of the stairs and roll it down over and over again

3 Pack Rubber Duckies

My Grandson had these 3 Pack Rubber Duckies he loved them I would give him his bath and he would stay in the tub for like an 1 hour playing with these he would wash them place them in a tall plastic cup dump them back out in the tub he did this over and over again he enjoyed...

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