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elmer extra strength glue  stick

thus glue was such a waste of money ! I tried to glue a normal white piece of paper from a printer onto construction paper and by the time I glue one conner of the page to the other the glue had already dried up and I couldn't glue it to the construction paper ( less than a...

Crayola Classic Markers

perfect markers for children because they are washable ( no not stain the skin) and also they are durable . Love the variety of colour selection and you can usually get them on sale . Perfect for school or for a gift

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

I don't have any kids but I use these all the time. I've found that they're the same or better as many, much more expensive, face wipes. They remove all make-up, dirty, oil, are durable and gentle on the skin.

Booby Trapper

Best investment ever! I love this cover... It is so big, you can wrap it comfortably around your baby, and be completely covered. It is also lightweight which is great in the summertime. I love the double bands! So nice to see baby, as well as keep baby comfortable and not...

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The reason I don't recommend the jumperoo is because after I bought one, my chiropractor said that they are bad for babies hips and spine. Otherwise, the product itself was great.

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