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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
I use the magic eraser on almost anything. All you need is a little water and it gets rid of any marks or stains on walls, counters and the floor. Also smells good

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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
These are great for a quick cleanup! I like to keep a container in both my kitchen and bathroom at all times. They are great to quickly wipe down the counter or sink. While I don't use them for my full weekly clean I like to have them nearby for a quick wipe down in between.

888 reviews
Vim Cream Lemon Cleanser
This is really effective. I mainly use it in the bathroom for the tub & toilet. Use gloves when you are using it.

373 reviews
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths
These cleansing cloths are great for outdoor adventures. The cloths are nicely scented and moist enough without being uncomfortably dripping wet. I would advise to toss used cloths in a waste bin to reduce the chance of plumbing issues because they are thick, however they are...

274 reviews
Bounty Paper Towels
Great paper towel use only o e to clean up messes. Great quality

163 reviews
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
When I moved it my new home I used this product to clean my bath tubs and shower it's an amazing tile dirt, and sum came right off just like new!!

130 reviews
Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover
This is great to carry in a suitcase when travelling. If you have a stain on your clothes you can treat it and when you have a chance to wash it , it should come out. It is very convenient I recommend it.

138 reviews
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters
These wipes clean very well and make your house smells clean and refreshed.

103 reviews
Gain Flings
J'avais bien hâte d'essayer le gain flings car j'adore le savon à linge gain liquide et je les adore tout autant

83 reviews
Resolve Spray and Wash
I use this all the time when I do laundry. It helps me remove strains from my clothes. It works really well.

107 reviews
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
Easy to use and effective no need to scrub when using this product

97 reviews
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs
Cascade Platinium Pacs are worth every penny. My dishes is always cleaned and shinny. My glasses are always clean with no streaks ... best quality, best product for the dishwasher.

79 reviews
Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
Even though this product is all natural, it doesn't skimp on it's cleaning power! The smell is great, it cleans without leaving a residue and it's all natural.

94 reviews
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in Lavender Vanilla & Comfort
I really do love Mr Clean products. They always get the job done. Why the lavender?! Ugh, I hate the smell.

67 reviews
Cascade All in One Action Packs
very efficient in cleaning. removes grease and cleans pan to perfection. ultimate cleaner for dishwashers.

68 reviews
Gain Apple Mango Tango
This laundry detergent left an overwhelming scent and caused me to break out in a rash, I would advise people with sensitivities to be careful when using this.

56 reviews
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder
I love this product. I use a scoop in ever load of clothes that we wash. It keeps our clothes stain free and clean.

66 reviews
Smells great and has a nice thickness. It cleans and polishes the wood furniture very well, I use it for my hardwood floors and it leaves a nice shine!

37 reviews
Glade Wax Melts Warmer
I love my glade warmer, I have had it for two years now and I use it all the time,mine is a nice powder blue and you can buy such a huge selection of wax melts for it,my favorite is the apple cinnamon, the best part is that it doesn't take up much space on my counter

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Snuggle Scent Boosters
Bought these and used with my towels .. I found that they worked very well .. my towels smelled cleaner longer .. and I just love the smell of them .. for heavily soiled clothes I would use two.

57 reviews

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