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Febreze Fabric Refresher

I use febreze to freshen up fabric furniture that is difficult to wash. The fresh linen scent is the most pleasant one, although it's the one with the least 'staying power'. I think it does a better job if used sparingly and frequently than one large application.

mr clean magic erasure

My son loves blueberry smoothies well the bag of frozen berries exploded everywhere. He did not get all of the mess cleaned up so I had blueberry stains everywhere. The magic eraser thankfully got rid of all of the marks and stains. Thank you Mr. Clean

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

I really enjoyed using these wipes. Very effective in cleaning up messes around the house.and has a nice scent which is not overpowering. Very handy to have and use.

Downy Un Stopables in Fresh

I love downy products. They are safe and reliable. I bought this product because t was on sale and friends have been bugging me to try them because I use scent boosters in my laundry. I am glad I tried them. They are not overpowering and the smell lasts a long time.

Life Brand Facial Tissues

love these tissues from shopppers, theyre just as good as the leading brand tissues and theyre much cheaper i would buy these and do buy them all the time as shoppers is conveniently close to my house

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