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Lysol Shower Foam Cleaner

I really like to buy and use natural cleaners insteaad of chemical cleaners, but I seem to switch back and forth. I like to try new products or just different products so I can really find one I prefer. This spray shower foam by Lysol won't be on my shopping list again though...

Culinary Parchment Paper

I always have this in my cupboard, maybe not this particular parchment paper brand, however; I prefer this one, Culinary Parchment Paper. The quality is very good. I really love how this paper keeps my loafs of bread fresh for as long as it is in my freezer. I only have the...

Spicy World Pure Food Grade Citric Acid

Found this on Amazon for a steal! We purchased it for making bathbombs for my sons school project. Truly great product! We use a small coffee grinder to break up the clumps. Will purchase again.

Elastoplast Fabric Plasters

Hello awesome! These bandages are fantastic! The box comes in a variety of sizes, they stick well and stay on plus they are fabric. I find they breathe easier then plastic bandages. They are also a great price and often on sale! I have found these at Dollarama on several...

Neatfreak 10 pack clothes hangers

Love these!! They are the only hangers we use because the price is just too good to pass up. They are sturdy and come in several different colors if you like to switch it up :)

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