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Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry
So delicious. Just tried these today and I couldn't believe how good they were, considering the fact I don't even usually like dark chocolate! Would definitely buy again!

16 reviews
Pepsi Max
LOVE pepsi max! It's my preferred dark pop. I like this over Diet Pepsi due to the fact that it has a better flavour (in my opinion). I definitely recommend this product to everyone and always keep it stocked in my fridge! :)

5 reviews
Natural Selections Oven Roated Chicken Breast
Love finding chicken breast that is really tasty. :) This one is great and I definitely recommend it.

2 reviews
Vector Cereal
Bought it for the husband and tried it. Had a good flavour and lots of different variety of textures in the cereal. Almond free! :)

44 reviews
Kellogg's Pastry Crisps
I just tried these in the Cookies & Creme flavour. You get 2 bars that together are 100 calories for 25g. They're OK (if you're hungry you won't complain) but not something I would buy again or crave. It's mostly a cookie that's similar to the cookie part of the Oreo except...

3 reviews

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