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Knorr Homestyle Stock Bouillon (Beef)

This stock is perfect for my pantry and now that we are headed into the winter months, I grab a couple when they are on sale now to have on hand. I love using this with roast beef drippings for gravy or dipping sauce for beef dip sandwiches with roast left overs. It comes in low...

Tetley Ayurvedic Balance teas

Got two sample bags of the calming tea from this new Tetley line. It's fine...but I wouldn't repurchase. I didn't feel more calm after drinking this than say any other herbal tea. Additionally the taste sounds promising, but it is very bland. I prefer something a little more...

French's Spicy Mustard

Received a free bottle at The Ottawa Women's Show. While I do not use ketchup, both of my boys do, and had been asking for this versus Heinz due to Canadian production issues. This came at the right time, as ketchup was on my grocery list, and the ketchup lovers in my home...

Coke Life

I received a free bottle of Coke Life on my Coupgon app, which I redeemed at Giant Tiger. I am a Pepsi fanatic, but do really enjoy Coke. Unfortunately, the after-taste stopped me from even being able to finish the bottle. I keep hoping for a sugar and calorie reduced soda...

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I love snacks, and food. I especially love chips, cookies, candy, chicken, noodles, and pizza, etc. You should really be more specific here, that's okay though, this way we'll get to see all the different snacks that people enjoy.

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