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Carl jr's chilliwack

Absolutely love the salads and burgers. No other burger compares. Only issues is the fries really hurt my stomic so I always get salad which is amazing. My family loves the food and the fries don't bug them just me. Definitely will keep goin back.

Starbucks Calgary

I have been a big fan of Starbucks for many years now, but recently decided to try to eliminate cow milk from my diet as much as possible, and switched to almond milk in my home. I won't drink soy milk, so I was reluctantly still getting regular milk in my drinks from Starbucks...

Premium plus unsalted crackers

These are the only crackers I like to eat. They are good in soup or chili. They are good with cheese, veggies and or some kind of spread on them. They are also good to eat when you have an upset stomach.

Becel® Original margarine

I like the buttery taste of becel. I like that it spreads easily on my toast and is also good for my heart. I also use it when baking muffins for breakfast.

Smartfood gouda and chive

I picked this up, rather than my usual white cheddar reservoir. I thought it might be tasty - cheese and onion. Instead, I got a terrible, fake sure cream and onion flavour. Won't be buying again!

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