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Excel Mints Spearmint

I love these mints, I actually keep some in my purse at all times, because they are so handy to have after eating lunch or if you need to freshen your breath. I love the Spearmint flavour as well as the Wintergreen.

J.A. Henckels Knife Set with Block

These are hands down some of the best kitchen knives out there. After getting a set of these I was so happy and grateful. It makes cutting up vegetables, fruits and meat so much easier and causes you to not hurt yourself. They stay sharp for a long time and you barely ever have...

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza

I love Little Caesar's pizza, I don;t know how they make it so delicious, but what ever they are doing they need to keep on doing it! It's so cheesy and the perfect thickness of crust not too thick and not too thin.

Warheads Candy

These candies are for people who are brave... they are super duper sour. The flavours are great but the sourness is almost too much to handle. Even just thinking about them makes me pucker my lips!

Olive Garden Restaurant

I love Olive Garden, I do find that some of the prices there are pretty pricey but I really like the lunch deal. Where you get soup, salad and breadsticks for a really good price. Me and my mom like to go there to eat or me and my significant other. It;s just a great atmosphere...

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