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Cadbury Mini Eggs
LOve em!! So addictive!! Delicious, small bites of joy! As soon as they hit the stores in Jan./Feb. I can't resist them and have to buy them. Then when they go on sale after Easter, I really stock up.

89 reviews
Pepsi Next
Try it a couple weeks ago and it taste more like diet Pepsi than regular Pepsi. The good thing is that after drinking a couple of them, I got used to the salty taste and was able to switch to diet Pepsi. Probably won't buy Pepsi Next again and stick to diet.

3 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
I love Tim Hortons coffee! But I can never get it to taste the same as when I get it at the coffe shop. They need better directions on how to make it for different size coffe makers.

54 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
Love Folgers! Fresh and tasty and the price is right. What more could one ask for

43 reviews
Nutella Hazelnut Spread
Love it! I bought it for my kids and I eat it. It tastes great baked in crescent rolls! The only downside you cant stop at just a taste ...

312 reviews

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