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Restaurant La Belle Province

OK OK so if your a true Quebecer or Montrealer, you for sure once in your life time ate here, whether you were sober or not. The steamed hot dogs are amazing, the poutine is full of cheese and even if you just buy the fries there and dump vinegar on them (like i do), its so...

Candi Bar

The service is probably the best thing that can be seen here at the Bar/Nightclub. Their drinks are Slush with diabetes inside of it. it is either super bitter or super sweet and too cold. It is a shame that they dont serve food here. Plus hey its 12-15$ a drink which is really...

free and clear key lime

Flavored water in liters are my way to go to make sure that I am well hydrated for the night and day in case i cant have regular water or if i forget my infused water at home, so yummy

Christie Swiss Cheese Crackers

So i work late night shifts in a hospital and most of the time, i need something to shove into my mouth to eat and go. I tried these crackers and they were disgusting, it had a awful smell and tasted really bad, would never purchase again

Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait

3 of my favourite things together mmm. Love this it's just the right amount of everything together. Oh the fudge and peanuts and ice cream just so heavenly :)... I love dq. If you did not try one yet ( and not allergic to peanuts) you gotta try one mmm :)

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