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Dairy Queen DQ Cakes
LOVE THIS CAKE! I have been getting these cakes on my birthday for along time and I love them. My birthday is in the winter and it just doesn't matter ice cream cake is always the best choice. I love the fudge and cookie crumble layer and no other place seems to compare.

532 reviews
Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream
I like the great choice of flavors. Texture is creamy and smooth. I serve this to not only my family but guests and friends.

272 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Dark Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream
I love dark chocolate especially when it's put on a sugar cone

109 reviews
Skinny Cow Ice Cream
Delicious low calorie option for those watching their weight! Creamy, sweet, indulgent. Tastes just like regular full fat ice cream (or even better). Only down side would be the high price.

84 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream
I love all of the Double Churn ice cream flavours The quality is very high and it is often on sale for a great price.

67 reviews
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
I bought the PC Gold Ribbon flavour. It's chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon. Almost like the Baskin Robbins version. It's a good size container like the ice cream chain, almost a litre. The price was good because it was on sale(a bonus). I enjoyed it...

57 reviews
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream
This ice cream is delicious! So creamy and there's Rolo pieces all through the ice cream.

56 reviews
Chapman's Ice Cream Cones (Caramel)
Tastes very similar to Drumsticks, but at a much better price.

32 reviews
Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
Chapman's products are delicious and good on the wallet too!! I bought this on sale and i decided to serve it when company came over. Boy, did it look fancy on a plate with some plain pound cake. My friends thought it was really pretty and tasted very yummy!! Will buy it...

31 reviews
Magnum Ice Cream Bars
I was very hesitant in trying these Magnum Ice Cream bars, as you don't get very many in a box and the price for just a few is slightly higher than what I would want to pay. Forgetting about price, these Magnum Ice Cream bars are every bit delicious and great tasting as the...

31 reviews
Chapman's Sundae
Really didn't like this one. I tried the strawberry about a year ago and at that time it was not so bad, but the latest one I tried had different pieces of the 'shortcake' in it. Really didn't like it at all.

26 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Vanilla Ice Cream
When it comes to ice cream I like to have something real that actually melts as it should. Somehow I can put a tub of this in my sink and run hot water on it and it takes forever to melt! I found the flavour to not be authentic and the product to leave an undesired coating in my...

33 reviews
Nestle Drumsticks
Love these. Great snack all year round. :)

13 reviews
DQ Blizzard Cakes
Yes these cakes are a little pricey, but I think they are worth it! YUM! I love the blizzard flavor of your choice in the middle. So tasty and unique!

20 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Chocolate Cheesecake Ice Cream
I was so excited to try this product for the first time. My two favorite things all together in one dish. Chocolate and cheese cake, where can a girl go wrong with that combination. The flavor was great, texture was smooth, melt in your mouth goodness. It has a great balance and...

54 reviews
Klondike's Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
Great taste, smooth ice cream and nice flavor.

10 reviews
Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake
I've been loving these since I was a kid. Love the crunchy strawberry and vanilla flavors on the outside and the smooth creamy goodness inside. Its only 230 calories which is pretty good for dessert!

6 reviews
Häagen-Dazs Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream
Just the best ice cream to heal a broken heart! A-MA-ZING! It's just a bit expensive =/

20 reviews
Wendy's Frosty
Mmmm Get a burger, and some fries THIS is the cherry on top after that meal. Or just for a sweet snack. Its like the soft serve but better.

5 reviews
Chapman's Super Cone
I bought these because they were on sale & was super impressed with how creamy & delicious the ice cream was! Also the chunk of chocolate that the stick at the bottom of the cone was really good, i sometimes find that kinda cheap & yucky in these types of things. They have...

5 reviews

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