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Dairy Queen DQ Cakes
These are pretty good but unfortunately they only come in vanilla as the main ice cream component. I like chocolate and rarely eat vanilla so I would like to see a cake of all chocolate.

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Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Frozen Dessert
For "frozen dessert" that doesn't have all the quality ingredients regular ice cream does, this is a good alternative. Although the price could be cheaper to regular ice cream, I love Breyer's.

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Breyer's Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert
I like this Dark Chocolate Ice Cream I like have it on hand for those hot summer's days it tastes great it's a great dessert that I like having in my fridge

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Nestle Rolo Ice Cream
I personally did not enjoy this ice cream at all. Found the chocolate to be more like plastic with not a nice after taste. Always expensive even when on sale

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Nestle Drumsticks
These are fun to eat. The nuts with the ice cream and sugar cone are a match made in heaven. They have become smaller sadly and they are pricey. We buy them when they are on sale.

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Skinny Cow Ice Cream
These things are so yummy and so very addictive you can just pass buy it you have to buy it. Chocolate cookie and ice cream awwww so good. Hot day it cools you down.

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Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel
Tastes amazing!!! Caramel is my favourite flavour. This is honestly a good treat to have once in a while. I only purchase the Chapmans Ice Cream cones when they are on sale since these are initially a bit pricey. I love the crunch and the caramel centre. Any ice cream lover will...

74 reviews
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
Presidents choice ice cream shop flavours are creamy, delightful pints of ice cream with a variety of yummy choices of and in the flavouring. The carton size makes for a perfect one person snack or break out the spoons and share. Excellent prices.

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Magnum Gourmet Ice Cream Bars
these taste absolutely amazing! good size for an ice cream bar. they are defintitely expensive though unfortunutely. i do with they made a non dairy version, but thats cause i rarely have dairy. the caramel addition to these is delicious! cant go wrong with chocolate and caramel.

79 reviews
Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops
I always ate Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops as a child or even the other sizes that were available. They were delicious and sweet and perfect on a hot summer day. Some of my favorite summer memories with friends involve Mr. Freeze Pops in some way or another. Now we keep these on hand...

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Breyer's Double Churn Vanilla Frozen Dessert
One of our favourite ice creams to purchase from the store. It has a great vanilla taste. I would buy it more often but it tends to be on the expensive side so only pick up when it is on sale.

62 reviews
McDonald's McFlurry
This stuff is a childhood favourite. It always tastes good. I recommend the Oreo flavour. It's the best one. Nothing beats this after a hard day of schoolwork.

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Chapman's Sundae
I just recently tried this and I didn't really like it which says a lot because ice cream is my favorite thing to eat. I didn't like the ice cream it didn't really have a vanilla taste to it and the pieces of cake on top weren't the best either. I like these sundaes just not...

57 reviews
Wendy's Frosty
This never gets old. That chocolate taste just melts into your mouth with its semi-milkshake consistency. You have to dip your fries into it. It tastes amazing.

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Breyer's Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Frozen Dessert
Breyers Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream; I don't see many stores carrying this flavour...I now know why....tastes awful. If you want ice cream and banana try a different flavour maybe, or add banana slices to vanilla ice cream and make a sundae, because this combination...

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Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
This is actually ice cream and not iced flavoured dessert! Great value for money! I love the fact that there are many flavours and with a child in the house with a peanut allergy he never feels like he is missing out on dessert! We all love it!

58 reviews
Popsicle Firecracker
Ce sont probablement les meilleurs popsicle que j'ai jamais mangé! Il sont super bon,rafraichissant(parfait pour l'été qui s'envient) et ,c'est drôle à dire,mais ils sont beaux! Vous attendez quoi pour vous en achetez?;)

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DQ Blizzard Cakes
The DQ blizzard cakes are delicious. I love the variety of flavour options. They are a little pricey but I think they are totally worth it for a special occasion. I do prefer the original DQ cakes over the blizzard cakes.

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PC Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle Ice Cream
It is not Christmas without buying this ice cream plain and simple! It is just ok for quality and the price is a bit on the steep side but it's a must buy during the holidays. One or two servings is enough for me per season though.

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Creamsicle Supersicle Cream Ice Bars
I just bought a box of these the other day, I was walking by the frozen foods and they caught my eye, instant weakness for them! I loved the orange creamsicles when I was a kid and love them just as much today. The blueberry and raspberry are fantastic too! They are very...

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