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Dairy Queen DQ Cakes
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" We LOVE DQ ice cream cakes and always pick them up for birthdays and other special occasions. Although a little on the pricey side, it's definitely worth it for the taste and smiles all around. We've tried all the blizzard...

691 reviews
Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream
my family loves breyers ice cream, we have tried all flavours but our favourite flavour is vanilla ,it perfect for parties

285 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Dark Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream
This stuff is incredible, the flavour is rich and chocolately, it doens't taste fake or cheap, it's delicious!!!

124 reviews
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream
Definitely one of my favorites!!!!

95 reviews
Skinny Cow Ice Cream
I have tried "low-fat" ice cream before and swore I would never do it again. It was almost gummy in texture and the flavor was terrible. Skinny Cow is great! If anything the ice cream tastes like an 'iced milk' as opposed to a very creamy, rich ice cream but still very good.

99 reviews
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
I am definitely a name brand kind of girl, although I saw this ice cream on sale and decided to give it a try. I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed it. It had a nice smooth texture and a very delightful flavour. It did not last long in my house.

69 reviews
Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel
I don’t eat much ice-cream but my son loves champan's ice cream , I always stock it up for him when it goes on sale.

54 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream
This is the WORST banana flavour that man has ever made.

70 reviews
Nestle Drumsticks
Ice cream,caramel & peanuts.. Love it.

39 reviews
Magnum Ice Cream Bars
Ces barres sont tellement bonnes! Riches, onctueuses et délicieuses en bouche! Un vrai régal. Mais cher.

50 reviews
Breyers Double Churn Vanilla Ice Cream
This tastes amazing - like real vanilla. I love that it's not overpriced too

47 reviews
Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
I found this ice cream to be cheap tasting. Very soft no matter how long it was in the freezer. I wouldn't buy this again. You get what you pay for.

43 reviews
DQ Blizzard Cakes
Always get these for birthdays! They're so delicious!!!

31 reviews
Chapman's Sundae
What a great family friendly option for an ice cream treat. We all love different flavors. The only suggestion would be more toppings.

35 reviews
Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops
Mr. Freeze reste la marque par excellence. Aucune marque n'égale ce goût!

18 reviews
Klondike's Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
This is the only ice creme sandwich treat that is as good as the original one I grew up with. This is because of the delicious chocolate biscuit. It is just the right texture.

20 reviews
PC Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle Ice Cream
We all love this ice cream and not just at Christmas time.

16 reviews
Wendy's Frosty
absolutely love this, it tastes so good, i go to wendys sometimes and just get this.

20 reviews
Chapman's Super Cone
Bought this on sale and they tasted okay, nothing super special.

13 reviews
Popsicle Firecracker
I love these and the kids do too! it reminds me of being younger running up to the ice cream truck to get one. These are great but expensive.

13 reviews

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