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Dairy Queen DQ Cakes
I do recommend these cakes. As far as icecream birthday cakes go these are really great tasting but do not buy them any more because i find they are just way too expensive.

1080 reviews
Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Frozen Dessert
I do not like this brand of ice cream at all. It does not even have the right consistency and it doesn't melt which disgusts me. I would not recommend to anyone.

316 reviews
Breyer's Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert
This definitely comes through with the chocolate lovely taste and it is creamy enough but I have tasted better. It is good though, just not the taste that I look for.

148 reviews
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream
I am a big fan of all of these types of ice-cream. They are so flavourful and decadent. I can only eat a little bit at a time but it is a huge treat when I do.

154 reviews
Nestle Drumsticks
I had these as a kid and I still love them. My favourite is definitely the butterscotch one although I do like the others. If you're looking for a nice treat, buy these.

107 reviews
Skinny Cow Ice Cream
I love these Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. Both the ice cream and the cookie parts taste great.. I like the way the ice cream looks in the sandwiches , nice design. I also like that the sandwiches are round instead of a rectangle or square.They are the the right size for me...

117 reviews
Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel
I love this combination dreamy, a few calories, a major treat . I can only buy when on sale. There doesn't seem to be many in the box. Addictive +++. Thanks

75 reviews
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
This is one of our favourite brands due to it creamy smooth consistency and variety of bold, delicious flavours. The size is perfect for fitting into tight places in the freezer and for sharing.

85 reviews
Magnum Gourmet Ice Cream Bars
These are definitely not for me. It appears that every variety includes caramel...I'm not a fan. They are terribly overpriced. All in all if you want to pay an outrageous amount for a caramel ice cream bar, these are for you.

84 reviews
Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops
These are a summertime staple for me to have in the freezer and probably is for most everyone. They come in so handy for the kids when I don't make my own.I even enjoy one every now and then.

61 reviews
McDonald's McFlurry
McFlurries are so good! Not as good as a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, but definitely close! I love the oreo one the most, but the limited edition ones and smarties etc. are good too. I love that they're thick and loaded with chunks of goodies! Yum.

51 reviews
Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
The ice cream sandwich is by far my favourite frozen treat! But these bad boys are just heaven- it's a perfect size {adult} treat. The chocolate wafer cookie is rich and chewy, then you have, what, an inch thick of creamy vanilla ice cream in the middle....woah delicious I find...

45 reviews
Breyer's Double Churn Vanilla Frozen Dessert
One of our favourite ice creams to purchase from the store. It has a great vanilla taste. I would buy it more often but it tends to be on the expensive side so only pick up when it is on sale.

62 reviews
Popsicle Firecracker
Ohhhhh beings back memories. Who didn't have these in the freezer growing yp. I loved them on a hot summer day! Now we keep them in our freezer for our daughter. The tradition continues!

44 reviews
Chapman's Sundae
For me not one of there better products. The strawberry shortcake I found lacked in taste. The sauce weak in taste and amount, the cake too mushy , I didn't enjoy, Hand made much better. Thanks

60 reviews
Breyer's Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Frozen Dessert
Breyers Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream; I don't see many stores carrying this flavour...I now know why....tastes awful. If you want ice cream and banana try a different flavour maybe, or add banana slices to vanilla ice cream and make a sundae, because this combination...

72 reviews
Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
Chapman's is my go to brand when we have a hankering for ice cream for dessert in our house. There are many reasons I prefer Chapman's over other brands but my initial decision to purchase Chapman's was because it was the only ice cream option that was peanut free, this is huge...

59 reviews
DQ Blizzard Cakes
Put the pound cake to the side and pass over the blizzard cake, These are to die for . So delicious . A blizzard in a cake form . What elce would you want....They come in a wide variety if flavors,

44 reviews
Creamsicle Supersicle Cream Ice Bars
Pas besoin de vous dire que ces popsicles sont absolument délicieux. Ils sont rachaissant tout en était sucrer. Ce sont l'idéal pour l'été lors des températures chaude sur le bord de la piscine.

30 reviews
PC Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle Ice Cream
It is not Christmas without buying this ice cream plain and simple! It is just ok for quality and the price is a bit on the steep side but it's a must buy during the holidays. One or two servings is enough for me per season though.

33 reviews

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