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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins
These are so tasty! It's hard to believe that they aren't candy!

127 reviews
Glaceau Vitamin Water
I fing it tast great it's refreshing and healthier then drinking a lot of other things out there

45 reviews
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C E, Sugar Free, Drops, Pomegranate Berry
We have started using a lot of products that contain a sugar substitute, ie Splenda. With Diabetes in the family it's really important to watch the sugar in our foods and Pomegranate Berry tastes really great.

14 reviews
One A Day Women's Multivitamin
I like these vitamins because they aren't hard on my stomach if I haven't had a full meal

22 reviews
Jamison chewable vitamin d
Great Taste on this chewable vitamin. Great price when they are also on sale. However I found that overtime they do become soft

1 review
Nature's Bounty Acidophilus
Certainly works and it's nice to use a natural product instead of a medicine. I keep mine in the fridge, as recommended. It's not the most pleasant smelling bottle, but the pills don't taste too bad, as they're in capsule form.

2 reviews
Jamieson prenatal vitamins
I used this vitamin for my pregnancy and found it was the only one that didn't make me sick. I can't say I felt good throughout my pregnancy but I knew I was getting the vitamins I needed.

2 reviews
Jameson provitamin e oil
Anyone with a scar should try this product. Not only is it priced well, but it also works amazingly! Unlike some products, which water the vitamin E down and add purfums, this is a thick, non-scented product. It is very thick, but it spreads nicely over your scar. It does...

1 review
Nestle Materna Prenatal Vitamins
I took these during both of my pregnancies and I would definitely recommend them. The pills are a bit large but still easy to swallow, and they were at a competitive price.

6 reviews
Nature's Bounty Your Life Adult Multivitamin Gummies
I was terrible about remembering to take my vitamins before these, as it's pretty easy to remember to eat two gummies a day. These have a bit of a chalkiness, but most gummy vitamins do, and otherwise taste like candy. I like that these have a good blend of vitamins and are a...

1 review
Nature's Bounty Biotin
I take Biotin for my nails, which are normally pretty decent, but every now and then get a little bit delicate and peel. Biotin helps strengthen nails, hair and can even improve skin. I find that when I am taking biotin, my nails are less prone to peeling and breaking and grow...

1 review
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix
It is expensive, it is good and I used it to mix with water and ice and drink it as a Vitamin C supplement too sugary though

24 reviews
Mega Food Baby & Me multivitamin
These multivitamins are prenatal and postnatal for women. I've taken them postnatal while nursing my daughter and have found they really help with energy level, and feeling positive. They are made with whole foods, so there are no chemicals in them. Because of this, they are...

1 review
Vita-Vim for Women Multivitamin from Jamieson
I used to take other brands of multi vitamins but then I switched to these and haven't looked back. They give me more energy during the day then previous ones and overall I feel healthier and very rarely get sick . The tablets are easy to swallow and are not very big.

2 reviews
karma wellness water
So much better than sports drinks less calories and sugar!Tried for the first time during my Zumba class . Felt great not tired or thirsty at all.

1 review
Nature's Bounty Cinnamon Capsules
Cinnamon capsules are just that- capsules filled with cinnamon- but they're an easy way to get more cinnamon into your diet. While there are a lot of different reasons to take cinnamon, my main reason is that it works to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes and lows...

1 review
Jamieson Multi Gummies
I like the taste of these Gummies- cherry, orange, berry. There's nothing I am allergic to in these. They soft and chewy like regular gummies with a good vitamin and mineral mix. Tasty flavours . No salt, gluten, lactose, aspartame, artificial colours or flavors. Worth a...

1 review
Swiss Natural Cranberry Extract
If you are prone to or suffering from UTI's I highly suggest these. I take them on a daily basis. They are small caplets, not huge capsuls like most of the competitors. I always reccommend these to friends and family.

1 review
Adult Essentials Gummies
I bought the Omega-3 version with DHA and EPA. It's good for brain, eyes, and the nervous system functions. It contains fish oil, free of dairy, gluten, and nuts. I read the ingredients and I'm not allergic to anything in this product. The gummies are fish shaped. They are...

15 reviews
Life Brand Vitamin D Gummies
Like many Canadians I am Vitamin D deficient (as determined by my doctor) and tried a number of different tablets but was so happy to discover these at Shopper's Drug Mart. They are a more expensive option but I hate taking pills so these are a great way to make sure I get the...

1 review

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