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Multibionta Probiotic Vitamins
Multibionta Probiotic Vitamins is one of the vitamins that I purchase on a regular basis, because it has all the essential vitamins my body needs. I take it as a added bonus just in case I do not eat properly.

42 reviews
Glaceau Vitamin Water
I love Vitamin water! The white kind ( i'm pretty sure it's lemonade) is my favorite. Not too sweet and quenches my thirst whenever needed!

35 reviews
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. My favorite flavours are the Tangerine and the Super Orange. I love it year round, but really feel the extra kick it gives me in the winter.

21 reviews
Silica Gel
I have been using silica gel for awhile on and off..I find my skin in better condition but not doing to much for hair.

2 reviews
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C E, Sugar Free, Drops, Pomegranate Berry
I have to say that I was surprised at that these tasted really good. Wasn't expecting that because they are sugar free. If you feel a sore throat coming on I would recommend you buy some of these right away.

9 reviews
Woman's One a Day Vitamins
These are a great alternative to taking many different pills. Just wish they were a little smaller in size

16 reviews
Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin
I decided to try out these vitamins after receiving a high value coupon for them. I am always bad when it comes to taking multi-vitamins on a daily basis so I figured that chewables may be perfect for me. They have a nice fruity flavor and are a bit on the chewy side but are fun...

2 reviews
Adult Essentials Gummies
I know that it's important to get all your vitamins in but in my opinion i hate how a lot of the vitamins are either a pill or a hard candy. It's hard to chew and the hard candy has a very strong tast. When I tried the adult gummies i was very satisfied because it was soft and...

13 reviews
 Spring Valley Omega 3 Fish oil 1200mg
I take and give my husband fish oil daily! It is very good for your body. I am always trying for ways to be healthy, plus doctors recommend this to their patients! Thumbs up!

2 reviews
Emergen-C 1000 mg Vitamin C Travel Box
I have never bought this product but have been lucky enough to try sample, and yes I would recommend this product. They are packed with vitamin C, taste great and very fast and easy to use.

4 reviews
Kirkland Prenatal Pills
The Kirkland Prenatal Pills are great. They cost very little compared to other brands. Plus they don't have that taste some of them out there cost. Now if they could just figure out how to make them smaller.

1 review
natures bounty prenatal vitamins
Went looking for an easy to swallow prenatal as for my first pregnancy all I could find was the "horse pill" types. After purchasing a ton online for astronomical prices found this at my local big box store. They are gel caps that are easy to swallow. Not horse pill size. They...

1 review
Jamieson natural sources womens vita- vim
Does not make you're stomach do the flip flop, Easy to use flip top lid. Most bottles come with coupon in side. Covers every thing .

1 review
Kirkland Cod Liver Oil
This product is supposed to be very good for people it is a natural source of Vitamins A and D, it helps maintain eyesight, skin, night vision and Immune System Functions. I've been taking these my whole life. I usually take these so I don't get a cold in the winter seasons. The...

1 review
I really enjoy the taste of these mints. I am not sure that they live up to some of the product claims such as stress relief and increased energy from the different varieties but they do freshen and tastes bright!

10 reviews
centrum for women
These vitamins give you everything you need

4 reviews
Vitamints Sample
I was very excited when I noticed a Facebook promotion offering a sample of Vitamints. As soon as I received them in the mail I just had to try them. I was so impressed with these! They taste great, leave your breath feeling minty fresh, and they have the added bonus of being...

2 reviews
Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrition Dietary Supplement
This is the best hair supplement (ALL natural ) if you want fuller, longer, shinny hair. Been using this product for forever now and its just crazy what it will do to you. Changed my life ! Used to be affordable back in the day when not many people knew about it, and now that...

1 review
Marvel Heroes Gummies Multivitamin
I bought these vitamins for my 5 year old daughter. I got the princess ones. She is a picky eater and does not like to take medicine or pills even if theyre chewable. So I got the gummies multivitamin and she loves it. She takes 2 as soon as she wakes up. They come in 3...

2 reviews
AOR Advanced B-Complex
My ND recommended that I take 3 AOR advanced B's every day and I usually only manage 2, but that seems to work for me. My mood is improved, I am calmer and just feel more in control. Highly recommended.

1 review

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