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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins
So tell me...who doesn't like a gummy so if I can take my vitamins this way great!

266 reviews
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix
I got this as a free sample and really enjoyed it. Good taste and yes VC!

91 reviews
Glaceau Vitamin Water
its a good drink but some of the flavors are overly strong and sweet. not what I look for in a flavored water. but I love the grape one and drink it quite a bit and glad it has some added vitamins

79 reviews
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry
I like the fact that it sugarless, great price point, love the flavor!

33 reviews
One A Day Women's Multivitamin
They are fine as vitamins go, but since they are not flavoured they taste bad.

41 reviews
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins
A los niños le encanta y a los adultos. Soy culpable de que cada vez que le voy a dar su vitamina a mis hijos yo también como de ellas.

11 reviews
Jamieson Omega-3 Select
I did not like the after effect on my stomach and the taste it gave

10 reviews
Nestle Materna Prenatal Vitamins
I have two beautiful little girls. I used these vitamins for both pregnancies. They are very affordable and as far as I can tell worked great for both. I recommend for anyone pregnant or looking to get pregnant.

17 reviews
Jamieson cranberry
These are great to take on a daily bases. They also are good to take if you feel like you're about to bladder infection. It's easy to swallow and it doesn't taste bad.

1 review
eboost orange flavour
i got this as a sample and the little package contains 150 percent of your daily vitamin c i felt it too i had so much energy after 5 minutes and it taste slight decent, vitamin c isnt the only vitamin and or mineral contained there is alot more ! for people who work out or just...

1 review
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count
Winters can be quite dull so you really need a Vitamin D supplement great for everyone! I trust the Jamieson brand.

2 reviews
Jamieson Magnesium Pills
Lots of us do not get enough magnesium in our diets; a very vital mineral needed for optimal health. It has many health benefits and I always have it on hand

1 review
Jamieson Wild Salmon Fish Oils Omega 3 Complex 1,000mg Bonus 200 Count
My face now looks brighter and younger than before after only few days I took it.

1 review
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D
I have a compromised immune system, and my Doctor advised me to take vitD supplements. I tried the liquid form, but it tastes absolutely terrible! These chewables are my favorite. They actually taste good, and don't have that chalky medicine taste that a lot of supplements have...

9 reviews
Centrum Advantage
I take this supplement because it contains zinc which I feel is important; it also is beneficial for healthy bones as I am at the stage where mine are not as strong as they should be.

1 review
Lifebrand Vitamin D
Definitely one of the essential vitamins, and probably needed more in the winter as we don't get a lot of sunshine.

1 review
Life Brand Ferrous Fumarate Iron
A#1 in my books. This for me is one of the most important supplements needed for one's health.

2 reviews
Bell Master Herbalist 60 caps
These are very beneficial for heart health; BUT a good idea to check with your doctor first as they may not be safe or right for everyone.

1 review
Wampole Mutivitamin Liquid
This Mutivitamin is great, it's in liquid form for ages 1-13 years old. I give one tablespoonful to my daughter every morning to help maintain the development of bones, cartilage, teeth & gums, tissue formation and helps absorb and use of calcium and phosphorus. Worth every...

1 review
Disney’s Frozen multi-vitamin gummies
My kids love all the Disney Gummy vitamins. Of course Frozen is their favourite. They remind me every day that they need them.

5 reviews

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