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Always Infinity Pads
I don't know how much I could rave about Always Infinity Pads, they are by far the best pads out there. I could move in any direction and would not leak. Love it! They also feel very dry almost like not wearing any pads, it's the next best thing to tampons when it comes to not...

744 reviews
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons
Tampax Radiant is my tampon of choice. Easy application and no leaks. That is what is important in a tampon. While the price is a little steeper than competing products, the neat packaging allowing for mess free disposal

367 reviews
Always Radiant Infinity Pads
I purchased these pads by accident, but once I started using them, I loved them! They are nice and soft, didn't feel like they bulked up throughout the day and they held up well. I will continues to buy these great pads!

286 reviews
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads
I use these when I was pregnant and I found they work awesome also I didn't have no reaction and I have sensitive skin. I also find to they would leave you smelling after.

230 reviews
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners
I have the new Always radiant pantiliners, they didn't stay on the panty for very long & came off most of the time, had to keep reapplying a new one. Would not use these again.

260 reviews
U by Kotex Click Tampon
I find these are generally always on sale, or just cheaper than most other brands so that is generally a plus when it comes to tampons because I can't be spending all my money on the dreaded period! I love how they are so compact and easy to store in purses, bags, pockets and...

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The DivaCup
i love the idea of the diva cup and i know it works very well for most girls, but for me going out during the day with a diva cup can be quite uncomfortable and as i am quite small down there, their smallest size still is a fight to get in properly, but great idea and i know my...

124 reviews
Poise Liners
Poise is my favourite brand of panty liner. Their prices are very reasonable for the amount you get. They also do not make me sweat which is nice and they work well for absorbing any kind of fluids during and between periods. You can wear these ones every day just in case. Thin...

117 reviews
O.B. Tampons
Find they are over price cause don't seem like much but they are awesoem. Kinda weird first where you have use your finger but don't mind it now. I find these are perfect for very light days and in case you don't bleed much they comes out easy too. Perfect for them light days...

155 reviews
Tampax Pearl Regular
These are the kind I would use all the time, they often have sales and coupons too which makes it even more worth the money! Great product and easy to use.

113 reviews
Poise Hourglass Pads
I recommended to some of my Female friends to try Poise Hourglass Pads,they are great for when having a heavy period or if you have a leak when coughing or sneezing and sometimes Laughing Poise will stop you from embarrassment and accidents that accidently happens some times.The...

84 reviews
Always Flexi-Style Liners
These liners are awesome because of versatility. They fit very well any type of panties and does not leak through. They are easy to wear and you don't feel anything, it is very thin. They are affordable as well.

82 reviews
Playtex Sport Tampons
Love the fact that you get 2 different kinds in a box and they are unsceneted. Good protection and easy to use. Just can't get them in my home town any more

85 reviews
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings
Who tought foam could help a woman having heavyflow!!! Seriously its my first and lasy buy of flex foam! I'm so deceived i spotted( it's a very small word) my bed ALL THE NIGHT i used them did not happen to me in ages with the other brand. I'm done those are not suitable for...

73 reviews
Canesten ComforTAB
Works incredibly fast. I love that you don't have to have a prescription for this and you can go to the pharmacy and pick it up. Extremely effective, I highly recommend this!

52 reviews
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash
Love this stuff. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you it's the point of being a girl and keeping your parts healthy. This stuff is amazing especially for those with ph problems

57 reviews
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings
Ce sont mes serviettes favorites. Je n'ai pas à craindre les fuites ni les débordements sur ma culotte. Les serviettes sont absorbantes et tiennent bien en place.

50 reviews
Tampax Pearl Compak
These are my go to tampons, they never let me down so I don't worry about leaks. They're a great size to toss in any purse or clutch... never have to worry about reaching for your lip gloss and having tampons sticking out everywhere!

38 reviews
Dove Deodorant In Baby Powder
I love dove products. Always used them since I was born. I find the deordant goes on nice, but the smell don't seem to last as long as the rest. I keep using the product tho lol

22 reviews
U by Kotex Pad
U by Kotex pads are just awesome, they can be so discreet almost like a tampon. the price just amazing. and the amount its hold it just awesome. love how long they are for extra protection.

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