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Always Infinity Pads
Hello comfort! These are so much better than the no name brand. Two thumbs up for this product. If we have to deal with that time of the month there should at least be some comfort haha.

763 reviews
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons
C'est dans ceux que j'achète le plus en général, applicateur en plastique parfait pour bien insérer. Je n'ai jamais eu de problème de fuite avec ces tampons.

391 reviews
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths
Best idea ever ! When you want to be extra clean Perfect for travel /camping travel packs or discreet containers for bathrooms Does not irritate skin Try it

315 reviews
Always Radiant Infinity Pads
OMG! The material they are using to make this is amazing!!! I usually don't like to spend a lot on pads but I will pay whatever the going rate is for these! I love the foam texture/feel of the pad and the keep me cool and dry!

297 reviews
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads
Unfortunately I'm at that age where a sneeze isn't just a sneeze and a cough isn't just a cough. These save the day and leaving me feeling dry and fresh.

236 reviews
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners
I have been using liners for just a few years now and have always changed the brand of liners I have used. For that past few months I have been using exclusively this particular brand as I am able to receive coupons and discounts online or from other methods. I have fairly...

266 reviews
U by Kotex Click Tampon
This is my go to tampon I find it has the best insertion and feels secure. I also find the applicator to be one of the best I have tried it is smooth not bulky and I would feel confident enough to wear any outfit with this tampon

236 reviews
The DivaCup
Tout le monde m'en parle en bien, donc je l'ai acheté pour l'essayer et ça éte vraiment désagréable. Pour l'insérer aucun problème, mais impossible de faire tourner à l'intérieur et l'embout me fait terriblement mal. Je n'ose pas le couper comme il suggère, puisque...

144 reviews
O.B. Tampons
Je porte rarement des tampons et lorsque j'ai reçue un coupon pour une boite gratuite de OB, je me suis dit pourquoi ne pas les essayer. OB, ne prend pas de place, ca c'est certain..

177 reviews
Poise Liners
I'm really glad that I tried these liners. They are thin and soft - and really work. There is no smell after a light leak, which really helps make it easier to be out in public. I recommend these liners to ladies with LBL. I first got a sample of this product free from the...

118 reviews
Tampax Pearl Regular
Tampax is the only brand of tampons i will ever use. i have never had any issues with them and will continue to use and wear them for as long as i have to. i do find the price high as these are essentials for every female and wish they were cheaper. apart from the price they are...

124 reviews
Playtex Sport Tampons
Ce sont les tampons que j'utilise le plus, ils vont super bien et sont très pratique pour les journées plus mouvementées. J'aime les formats Régulier et Super dans la même boîte, pour les jours où ça coule plus.

100 reviews
Poise Hourglass Pads
I am happy to have tried these pads. While they are much thicker than the liners, they do help create even more confidence. The pads are very soft and comfortable to wear seated in a car or desk for hours. After any leaks, the pad absorbs it so there is no feeling of wetness and...

85 reviews
Always Flexi-Style Liners
The price is great. They work great too. They fit and move with you. No like some liners that don't move with you. They also go with any kind of underwear also

83 reviews
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash
Vagisil Ph Balance , Ce produit j'utilise a tous les 2 jours et il me fait sentir bien dans ma peau ,comme j'ai un ph déjà anormale ,il m'aide beaucoup il,est rafraîchissant ,doux et hypoallergène .Je conseille a tous les femmes et jeune fille qui commence les règles de...

69 reviews
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings
So glad I found these! Don't have to worry about leaks when you are wearing these. Best product out on the market. Will definitely recommend these to all my friends.

79 reviews
Canesten ComforTAB
I used to get yeast infections a lot as a teen due to being on high doses of antibiotics all the time due to an illness. The only brand that seemed to help was canesten. I liked the comfortab because it was a solid pill and not some egg looking thing full of cream that just...

57 reviews
Tampax Pearl Compak
Tampax pearl is my go to tampon. Never lets me down. Feels very comfortable and hold very well. Grip on applicator is good as well. Love the coloured packages as well.

50 reviews
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings
Bonjour. Always Ultra-mince régulier ne vous abandonnera pas en court de route, que ce soit a la maison tranquille ou a l'extérieur dans un rythme effréné. Je les aimes , pour leurs grandes qualité, leurs confort qui fait en sorte qu'on oublie qu'on les portes. Question...

58 reviews
Dove deoderant
This is definitely a great product that works! It is long lasting and holds up to any activity! Love all the scents it comes in! Or if you prefer, there is also a scent free option as well.

25 reviews

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