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Always Infinity Pads
Product works well! Very effective.

578 reviews
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons
very discreet and easy to use, it does not leak through, great product

268 reviews
Always Radiant Infinity Pads
Best product on the market, my whole family loves these.

232 reviews
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads
Other than being a bit on the expensive side, Poise offers the protection and odor control when you really need it!

204 reviews
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners
Excellent barely there protection. I never have to worry about an oops when wearing these. Thank goodness for progress in feminine hygiene!!

228 reviews
Poise Liners
I have a slight bladder problem. Started using Poise liners and am very happy with this product. It keeps me dry and comfortable.

87 reviews
Always Flexi-Style Liners
Love them never have to worry about leaks

70 reviews
Poise Hourglass Pads
My group of girls refuse to purchase any products from Poise after watching their latest commercial which says: "I have Sam, I have Sam in my pants, Sam's not very big.......". Honestly we all feel the Company who makes Poise panty liners has gone above and beyond to humiliate...

72 reviews
U by Kotex Click Tampon
These tampons are just great. And they also have such cute packaging.

84 reviews
The DivaCup
This product is by far the strangest birthday present I've ever given but I couldn't help it! This is the best period product out there and I wouldn't think of using anything else. The first time takes some adjustment, but once you get the hang of it, you'll never look back...

49 reviews
O.B. Tampons
These are the only tampons I use. They're a lot smaller than most others, yet are just as effective. They're also really easy to keep in my purse because not having an applicator makes them shorter and easier to store.

53 reviews
Tampax Pearl Regular
Love the new easy open packages, and the new applicators. Always liked these tampons but Tampax, has just brought them to the next level

54 reviews
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings
My period has become such a burden in my 40's. Its nice to hear others tell their experiences. I get good results with Always also...

39 reviews
Playtex Sport Tampons
I got this product for the first time and i can't complain! It's great, the absorbancy is great. It's easy to use. I do a lot of dancing and sometimes it's uncomfortable kicking up into the air or I don't feel as secure to do so but with this product I can take over the dance...

34 reviews
Poise Ultra Thin Pads
i have used this product before and i like it

7 reviews
U by Kotex Pad
This product is very gimmicky for me. I think the patterns and designs make it more attractive to the eye than just a plain looking pad. The sticky tabs aren`t very effective or wide enough and it barely protects against leakage. I used the heavy flow pads and they aren`t...

26 reviews
Tampax Pearl Compak
Very effective would use again

7 reviews
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings
Great value, great protection!!!

21 reviews
Always Xtra Protection Fresh Dailies Clean Scent
Absorbs very well for girls with lots of discharge; eliminates odour; smells great.

1 review
Huggies Designer Container
I keep my Huggies baby wipes in this container (Use them instead of feminine wipes). This container (Beige) goes with anything and is very discreet in the washroom. You can usually find it on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada for $2.99-6.99 and they come with wipes!

1 review

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