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Bath & Body Works Wallflowers
With their wide range of standard scents, plus the seasonal additions, there are so many great smells to choose from! I find the scent lasts about 6 weeks; give or take. They also have really nice plugs for them! Both seasonal and regular.

4 reviews
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
It's a brilliantly crafted book. The writing is harsh and clear and analytical. I think the first part of the book was my favourite because it really dissects a relationship and how things can go wrong and crumble. The observations are really good. There are a couple of...

11 reviews
iPhone 6
I recently went from a Samsung to an iPhone 6. I never should have switch. The battery life is way less than I expected. I can't even get though the day even with Wi Fi turned and other items off.People keep say Apple was the best apps etc and the best phones. I think not. The...

5 reviews
Fit Flops
Love love love love! Cute, functional and they support my feet! I have the worst luck with shoes and sore feet, but not with these. I do replace them every season because the soles "crush down" but I don't care.

2 reviews
The Good Wife - Season 5
The fifth season of the legal drama begins with Alicia and some of her colleagues secretly plan their exit from Lockhart/Gardner in order to start their own firm. But their plans are pushed into overdrive when their senior partner learns about them and angrily confronts Alicia...

1 review

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