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Old Navy Flip Flops

These are some of the only flip flops out there that don't break easily. They are not that expensive and I find them very comfortable. You don't end up with blisters on your feet and they don't have any sharp edges on the straps.


I used to shop at this place all the time for a while now. However, recently their quality has changed and it is not the same like before. Also, their styles are not trendy or even wearable any more.

Virgin Mobile

Good company with very good customer service. It is part of Bell. They offer products on their own to you. If you also speak to any of their customer service or loyalty department, they will help resolve your concerns. Very straight forward and no issues like you can have with...

Ann Taylor

I shop at Ann Taylor for their great prices, quality and style. Their customer service is impressive. All the sales associates go the extra mile to help you out. If an item is not available, they will take the initiative to look for it for you in another location and also bring...

Alternative Health Therapies

The Alternative Health Therapies Book I have enjoyed for years. It is a book Complete Guide to Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. An Introduction to the holistic art of aromatherapy, which combines essential oils with healing massage. A directory explains how each essential...

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