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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Honestly one of the most perfect books I've read. It's easy to read and keep reading and you fall in love with the characters instantly. You feel what they're feeling. It's definitely a book that will make you laugh and cry and feel empty when it's over. Beautiful book.

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Rubbermaid Hip Hugging Laundry Basket
For real, this is the best laundry basket I have owned. This is a case where paying a little extra makes all the difference. I have some cheaper versions but they always bend and kink in the side when I'm carrying a heavy load (especially fresh from the washer) and the laundry...

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Mulder's Enchanted Cottage
This is a locally owned business in Simcoe,On. The full address being Mulder's Enchanted Cottage 33 Kent Street South Simcoe, On (226)931-1419 It is a Wiccan shop, it caters to the new and experienced. This store is non-judgmental and also carries...

1 review
Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes
these wipes are great for use in the bathroom and kitchen. However they are not sealed so anyone could lift the lid. I only buy them in bulk.

4 reviews
Finish Powerball
While these dishwasher pods can be expensive they clean well.

30 reviews

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