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Its a good tv. Easy to set up and the picture is amazing. The only issue i have against it , is that it says 4K but it isn't true 4K. Its actually only considered ultra HD. Still an amazing picture, just a very misleading box

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Zahra Alterations/Betty Brite Cleaners
This woman is a crook and a horrible seamstress! I brought a gown there last Summer for a simple hem. When I picked up dress 3 days later 1 day before wedding she pointed to the hem and said "nice nice". It was a SURGE!!!!! The bottom of this beautiful gown was an exposed SURGE!...

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Gus and Me by Keith Richards
This is a great children's book written by Keith Richards and illustrated by his daughter Theodora. It's the story of how Keith's grandfather Gus who introduced Keith to his first guitar as a kid. Now, Keith is a grandfather, himself now. The illustrations drawn by his...

1 review
Great place to get things at a reasonable price. they have almost everything you would find at your grocery store. it's the kids favourite store lol.

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Ben Moss Jewellers - Regina, SK
Very attentive service (most of the time!), my husband has bought me a few rings from here. I love the look of opals - and they are hit and miss on their selection of manufactured opals - but he has gotten a couple very beautiful ones here. Also have a blue sapphire ring, which...

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