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Tresor in Love Perfume by Lancome
Tresor in Love, is different from all the other Lancome scents I've tried. I feel like this scent is very appropriate for someone in their 20's. It's very flirty, feminine, and does not have the musky notes that tend to be in our mother's perfumes.

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Good Charlotte, Young and Hopeless
Athough this isn't Good Charlotte's best album, it brings me back to my youth. I use to literally follow this band across the country. They made me feel like I wasn't alone. I would absolutely recommend this cd to every teenager who's lost and looking to find somewhere to...

2 reviews
Diesel Loverdose Eau De Parfum
Everybody keep telling me how much I smell good. When I leave a room my smell stays in the air and people are enjoying it.

4 reviews
Fantasy By Britney Spears
Years ago a friend of mine frequently wore this perfume & every time she did, I gushed about how amazing it smelled. Eventually, I just had to buy it for myself! Though I wish it lasted a little longer through the day, this is 1 of the best scents I've ever smelled or worn.

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Burberry Brit Sheer
This one of the nicest perfume that I have purchased. I like its flirty, sheer scent that lasts me throughout the day without any second applications. The smell also gets enhanced even when you are sweating. I'll only but this though when its on sale. I usually get around 30-40...

3 reviews

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