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COACH Sutton Signature Wristlet

This is obviously a bit expensive, but I received mine as a gift! I love it-- It matches my tan coloured purse, and I basically use it as a wallet. If I need to run into a store quickly, I grab this instead of my entire purse! I have had it for a few years now, so the strap...

How Sarah Got her Wings

I saw this movie on Netflix, and wasn't sure if I would like it- and then couldn't stop watching it!! It shows how even if you THINK you are doing good, the importance is doing it with love. There are some pretty popular actors in it too!

Christmas Ranch

This made for tv Christmas movie is so beautiful. It shows how the love for an animal can increase into the love for mankind, and how doing kind for others, even putting them before yourself, is what Christmas and LIFE is all about! I really recommend this family movie..

Angel of Christmas

I never was one for made for TV Christmas movies (as much as I love Christmas) but this year I am really enjoying them! This movie is nice and light, some humour, and such a great message!!! I cannot give it all away, but it really brings out the magic in Christmas, and how...

Costco Photo Center

I am so pleased with the photo center at Costco! It is only about 10 cents a picture, cheaper than anywhere I know! I printed 200 photos, and it was only 20 bucks! They are pretty quick too-- I was able to send all my pictures through the app on my phone, and they were ready...

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