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Nintendo Wii
I was very pleased with the wii system, I love the variety of games it has available Anne the ease of use, we were so pleased we purchased a wii u also I am a big fan of nintendo products they are very reasonably priced also.

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Nintendo DS Lite
I purchased this for my daughter and she loves it, I was researching online and I found that there were also games geared toward adults so I now use my daughter's ds system for coming games and brain haha it's great.

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Apple iPod Touch
Everybody in our house has one. they are amazing and never get viruses. wish it was a bit cheaper but worth the money in the long run

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Facebook can definitely suck you into their world. It's a big distraction. Keeping me a bit OCD on it. I have to admit it keeps me in the loop about whatever is going on in the world. I have read a lot about people's deaths or what people's personal comments are...

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Sony Playstation 3
Great for single player, but some games multiplayer is not as good, unless you are playing multiplayer online. It can do lots and not only just gaming so that is great!

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Xbox 360
Love Love Love it. we have 3 in our house and no longer use cable as we are all on netflix.

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iPad mini
I bought my daughter an Ipad mini when she was 3 years old and she loved it. There are so many apps that are educational; based for her age group. She finds it very easy to navigate and because she has little hands the size is perfect for her.

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Mario Kart Wii
I have this game and have to say it's pretty fun and it's also pretty funny as well. It's a fun game for everyone and anyone can play it with whoever you feel like playing with. I've played pretty much most of the Mario carts and have to say that this one is a good quality...

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Nintendo 3DS XL
This is an very interesting and fun device. My daughter has one and mostly spending her free time on it. It is also good because there are also games like brain age or big brain academy.

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14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit
The Solar Robot Kit teaches kids about mechanics and energy conservation while keeping their minds entertained for hours. The plastic pieces are compatible to building well over 14 moving designs. The small solar panel connects to the engine via two simple cables, that can be...

1 review
Apple iPad Mini
Just like the MacBook except easier to transport

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Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Half Print
this is a cheap ice cream maker, just need to freeze it overnight and this ice cream can be made in less than 30 minutes.... and you can even eat from the bowl itself.

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Sony Computer Entertainment
My favorite thing about the PS4 controller is the "Built-in Mono Speaker" and "SHARE" button. The thing I least like about it's that I have to be charging it all the time because of the "Light Bar", I love the colors but compared to the PS3 controller it lasted longer without...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE
Totally love my phone, still after 2 years. Had some problems with battery drain, but always found a solution to fix it. Battery won't last long if using a lot of Internet or gaming.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
I bought this product as I need something to display powerpoints at craft shows. I really enjoy this product, and it serves its purpose very well.

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canon pixma 2920
I got this printer at Walmart for $40, and its great right out of the box and ready to use after the CD software is installed. it is a wireless printer, so the cord to connect to the computer is not included. Just follow the direction on the disk and you should be all set to...

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mipower charging tube
There is nothing worse than being out and having your cellphone suddenly die. The power tube provides you with a quick portable way to recharge your phone no matter where you are. light and portable fits into purse or pocket and makes sure that you have the charge you need to...

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Sony Bravia HDTV
I have owned several Sony televisions and haven't been disappointed by any of them. The one that I currently have in my living room has been through hell and back , and its 5 years old and it is still going strong. My mom has gone through at least 5 others in that period of time...

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Sony Playstation 4
I have been a fan of both the playstation series and the xbox series. Both are great but the playstation 4 was a bit cheaper and had the games I want. The only downside is the time it takes to update the system which takes awhile. Its a great product and the graphics are...

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Braven Outdoor portable speakers
Looking for an outdoor speaker so we can play music outside in our backyard without lugging our portable radio. Friends of our got the famous Beats by Dr Dre and were using in their backyard while we were swimming and honestly I couldnt hear a thing. Didnt even know the music...

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