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Nintendo Wii
Love using my wii for netflix! Easy to bring in and out of rooms to watch movies on also.

309 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
I had one of these back in 2007 and absolutely loved it. Primarily I loved that the price was slightly lower. I liked the slim design because this slid right in my purse/pocket. Unfortunately this didn't have the camera or advanced WiFi features that the newer versions have...

93 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
I wouldn't recommend an ipod to anyone just get a cellphone lol battery life sucks and most of the time from my experience just not worth the money

80 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
I'm with playstation since i'm a child, and i couldn't live with another console... It's the best!

42 reviews
Xbox 360
In the beginning it was great, but then the red eye came, when the warranty was over.

35 reviews
iPhone 6
I recently upgraded to Iphone 6. I was happy with it unless a few months ago. My hubby has the same phone but no issues. A few months after I purchased it, I can go on Facebook or Google etc. After a few hours I would look again at Facebook , Pinterest or Google (didn't matter...

18 reviews
OtterBox Cases
If you want to protect your phone, Otterbox is the way to go. I've replaced several so far and the compnany really sticks by their warranty. Replacement is easy and hassle free.

11 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
LOVE my Apple Iphone, never thought I would hop on the bandwaggon, but now I will never get off!

25 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
Super fun to play with. The controls respond well to movements. Fun to unlock new vehicles and try them out.

25 reviews
Mac Apple TV
I love my apple tv, especially when pair with an ipad. I usually use this to show videos from youtubes to my son on the tv.

11 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
Love our PS4! The quality on the device is gorgeous and their wireless remotes are my most favorite ever! Can't beat all the exclusive games made for it. I'll be playing some Little Big Planet and The Oder 1886 right after this review!

10 reviews
iPad mini
Its a great product but not for me. It's too small, which is weird because I have an iPhone 6 which is like a mini of a mini iPad (which I love) but I just gave mine to my child and got a full size iPad instead.

12 reviews
Xbox One
The graphics are incredible and make the playing experience realistic. Xbox keeps improving in quality and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. New games are being added so that you can continue to enjoy your favourite games.

5 reviews
Sunbeam Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
This is such a great idea. I go through batteries like water. I saw this at Wal-Mart and bought it. I've had it a while. I like to use them for my digital camera and tv remote.

2 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
I love it. you can do anything on it from gaming, surfing the internet, take pictures, take video recording, download from the app store and much more. It's Awesome

7 reviews
Natridy Fan
I have a Natridy fan in my room and I can't sleep without it on at night! I always need some kind of noise to be able to sleep and the fan is so soothing, it's the perfect noise for me to be able to get a good nights sleep. It also has 3 different settings low, medium, and high.

1 review
Motorola Moto G
By far the best phone I have ever had! I was about to switch to Apple until I found this phone! Love my Android!

1 review
Jelly Splash
Such an addicting game. I can't stop playing it.

1 review
Mario Party 8
I love playing this game, it's so much fun and it's challenging! It's a great game to play with your friends or your family. You get to play little mini games in it and those are my favorite! I love all of the maps on here too, all around awesome and fun game.

1 review
Kobo Arc 7 ereader
My husband bought this for me as a gift and I have had it for a year now. Its great for my needs...reading, fb, emails, etc...don't know what I would do without it now!

2 reviews

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