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Nintendo Wii
My son loves his Wii and I did too at first but now with the Wii U out there are little to no new games being released for the Wii. I know that the new Skylander's due out in October (2014) will be available for the Wii but games like The Lego Movie are only available for Wii U...

210 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
I love it for the Brain games. Fun. It gives me a daily challenge and I think it keeps me stay sharp at the same time. Also there are tons of games to choose from. I even tried out Guitar Hero and realized it is more advanced than I thought. You need certain accessories or...

78 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
I've used my iPod Touch constantly for 3 yrs now and absolutely love it!!! I can tell you that if it ever breaks I will be going straight out to replace it...:D With all of the Apps available it's so much fun.

66 reviews
im on facebook usually all day long, love playing the games on it.

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Sony Playstation 3
So far I've never been disappointed in any of Sony's consoles . Own all 3, didn't get the 4th one yet. Pretty good graphics and a lot of their games have been fun. Over all good product. What do you think, have you tried it?

26 reviews
Xbox 360
I love the 360 it has all the games we enjoy, and they are all levels you can go on line and watch Net Flex's or YouTube etc I don't need all the fancy gadgets if you find some thing and it works for you then go with it and I enjoy our 360, as for the price well it is about...

26 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
I have this game and have to say it's pretty fun and it's also pretty funny as well. It's a fun game for everyone and anyone can play it with whoever you feel like playing with. I've played pretty much most of the Mario carts and have to say that this one is a good quality...

19 reviews
ipad mini
Yuppers its the best!!! I feel I have 2 computers now....I use it for reading too...travelling with it is a bonus...also couponing!!!

4 reviews
Nintendo 3DS XL
This is an very interesting and fun device. My daughter has one and mostly spending her free time on it. It is also good because there are also games like brain age or big brain academy.

4 reviews
Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Half Print
this is a cheap ice cream maker, just need to freeze it overnight and this ice cream can be made in less than 30 minutes.... and you can even eat from the bowl itself.

1 review
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Sony Computer Entertainment
My favorite thing about the PS4 controller is the "Built-in Mono Speaker" and "SHARE" button. The thing I least like about it's that I have to be charging it all the time because of the "Light Bar", I love the colors but compared to the PS3 controller it lasted longer without...

1 review
Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE
Totally love my phone, still after 2 years. Had some problems with battery drain, but always found a solution to fix it. Battery won't last long if using a lot of Internet or gaming.

4 reviews
mipower charging tube
There is nothing worse than being out and having your cellphone suddenly die. The power tube provides you with a quick portable way to recharge your phone no matter where you are. light and portable fits into purse or pocket and makes sure that you have the charge you need to...

1 review
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
PS4 is the best gaming system out right now, my whole family is enjoying every bit of it!!! Family night just got better We watch with Movies and TV show on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. My gaming library has even gotten bigger with my PlayStation Plus subscription, every...

1 review
Sony Playstation 4
I have been a fan of both the playstation series and the xbox series. Both are great but the playstation 4 was a bit cheaper and had the games I want. The only downside is the time it takes to update the system which takes awhile. Its a great product and the graphics are...

1 review
Mario & Luigi Wii U Deluxe 32GB Console (Bundle)
Why is this such a great price? Simple! It is priced at $299.99 the same price of the standard "Wii U Deluxe" console and you get extras. This is a great bundle, no doubt! Includes: - Black Wii U Console - Wii U GamePad - New Super Mario Bros. U - New Super Luigi U - Wii U AC...

1 review
Power Bank Samsung Galaxy SIII
This little device acts like a protective case for my Samsung Galaxy S3, but when my battery dies on my phone (which is often) you turn on the case, and it gives you another FULL battery life to keep you going until you can get home to charge your phone! Had to have it, bought...

1 review
Budweiser Red Light
I bought this product for my boyfriend who is a huge hockey fan and, he loves it! It is great because you can set it to make the goal noise when your favourite team gets a goal. You can set it to more than one team if you want! It connects to the wi-fi so it automatically goes...

1 review
Macbook Air
I purchased a Macbook for my birthday just to have a good laptop to do work on. At first i was really confused and had no clue how to use it and now I LOVE IT, can't live without Personally thinking back tho i probably could have gotten a cheaper non apple laptop that did the...

1 review
Prime Cables Xtreme HDTV Multipurpose Cleaning Kit
Recently, I had the good fortune to have won an awesome prize pack which had been sponsored by Prime Cables. After using all the products, I had fallen in absolute LOVE with their HDTV Multipurpose Deluxe Cleaning Kit. I was so impressed with the product that I had contacted...

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