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Nintendo Wii
Bought the Wii about 6 years ago and still use it all of the time. My whole family enjoys the activities and we get to play together as a family. Easy to use and fun to use.

318 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
One of the best handhelds to hit the market since the first gen. It has reverse capabilities which allows for gameboy advance and gameboy advance sp cartridges to be used and it is extremely fun. These devices have something for everyone but sometimes had connection issues.

96 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
Overpriced and overhyped. The ipod touch was great when it first started but since the release of other smartphones and devices it is just an outdated wannabe phone. I've never been super crazy about apple products and this is definitely not an exception.

81 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
Love the ps3 it's so fun there are so many selections of games for it, very easy to use and not too expensive.

45 reviews
iPhone 6
I am very happy with my iPhone 6. That said, I did upgrade from the iPhone 4 which was a lot slower, heavier, had a smaller screen, and so on. Almost any phone would be an upgrade from the iPhone 4. I really am a fan of Apple products and even though their products are priced...

20 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I love the apple I phone! I have just learned a bunch of new things it can do and I added batter doctor and now my battery lasts all day. only bad thing is my kids always try to "borrow" it!

29 reviews
Xbox 360
In the beginning it was great, but then the red eye came, when the warranty was over.

35 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
I love this game. It is so much fun. I first got it with my n64. Now I have it for my wii. Highly recommend it for all ages.

28 reviews
OtterBox Cases
If you want to protect your phone, Otterbox is the way to go. I've replaced several so far and the compnany really sticks by their warranty. Replacement is easy and hassle free.

11 reviews
Mac Apple TV
I love the Mac Apple TV I use it for everything from watching netflix to looking at old photos. I love being able to sit on my couch and basically have a one touch computer infront of me.

13 reviews
iPad mini
This product is great for travelling because of the size. You can take it everywhere and fits in almost every bag!

13 reviews
Xbox One
Xbox one brings not only has everything in one it does have higher graphics. its a newer console so there are some bugs they need to work out . we have had it for 6 moths and already needed to reboot 4 times. There is also the convenience and yearly savings when your a family...

6 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
Love our PS4! The quality on the device is gorgeous and their wireless remotes are my most favorite ever! Can't beat all the exclusive games made for it. I'll be playing some Little Big Planet and The Oder 1886 right after this review!

10 reviews
Mario Party 8
It is an expensive game but most of the good ones or famous games are. My family is addicted to this game. There is a lot you can do and we can easily play it for hours if I wanted to. I never get bored with this game. It has many mini games. It is so much fun. My son plays it...

4 reviews
Sunbeam Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
This is such a great idea. I go through batteries like water. I saw this at Wal-Mart and bought it. I've had it a while. I like to use them for my digital camera and tv remote.

2 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
I love it. you can do anything on it from gaming, surfing the internet, take pictures, take video recording, download from the app store and much more. It's Awesome

7 reviews
Dynex TV
The first flat screen I bought about 6 years ago was Dynex TV. I bought it for the price. It ended up being a great tv. Still works great. Highly recommend them for someone looking for a tv for a lower price.

2 reviews
Tap 2 Android Tablet
I love the tap 2 android tablet ! Its small great for travel and portable use. Easy to use and doesn't break easy.

1 review
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGA243B
I find Panasonic is a goo@ltmtd brand. I've had this cordless phone for a long time now and it is still in excellent condition!! I never have issues, never had to replace the battery or get it serviced.. This phone, by far has outlasted any other phone i have ever owned!!!!

1 review
Nintendo 3DS XL
We purchased Nintendo 3DS XL for our kids and they enjoy playing their favourite games. Quality graphics give them an exciting gaming experience. The larger screen is an added bonus. The console provides excellent sound quality to enrich the game. Comfortable to use and user...

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