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Nintendo Wii
I bought a Nintendo Wii a couple years ago when it finally went on sale. I always loved the fact that there was games you can play on the Wii that consisted more than just sitting and playing a game. I had bought Dance Dance Reveloution for the Wii and OMG I was hooked!!! I...

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Nintendo DS Lite
My daughter has one, actually has had one for 4 years. It is the hot pink one.it is so fun and easy to use. We have played Zelda, Mario and donkey Kong along with some other games. My favourite is probably Mario. It is school because you can take it anywhere, it's definitely a...

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Apple iPod Touch
I got this before I had my phone, it does everything an iPhone will except you need wifi if you plan on using it elsewhere. It takes great pics and you can get apps that allow you to make phone calls anyways. The AppStore is filled with cool apps to have and best of all you can...

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iPhone 6
My iPhone is with me everywhere and I use it for everything. I've had the iPhone 6 for over a year and it's still great. I may not know everything as far as features but it's easy to learn and I use what I need. Siri is just ok but yea.

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Candy Crush Saga
Nice game, great challenges and levels to play ...easy to downlaod and play...downloaded on my phone. Interesting to play. I changed phone and I retrieved all the levels on my new phone...which is amazing .....

51 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
I love the ps3 and the variety of games, awesome! The ps3 has such a great variety of games for every player, where the ps4 games are a lot of strategy and a bit harder

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iPad mini
We have a mini at our house and we all love it. Mostly my toddler uses it for some learning games or traveling. Its a great size for playing games or watching videos. I do find all apple products to be pretty breakable to of course you would need a case on it for protection. I...

51 reviews
Apple EarPods
These headphones are the best ear buds in my opinion. They fit nicely in your ears and have the bass that comes through the top of the ear phones which is nice if you have the right shape ears they're rather expensive, but than again what apple product isnt

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OtterBox Cases
Otterbox has been a must have for every phone I have owned witch after going threw 4 phones in one year I was advised to purchase an otter box and never had another issue it's been dropped down the road at prolly 20 kph been run over stepped on had numerous hoods closed on it...

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Mac Apple TV
apple tv is one of the cheaper apple products, but for the price it's a great product. if you're one of the people who choose not to have a home tv, just internet than this product is for you just plug it into your tv and connect to the internet and go its great for apps such...

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PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment
We bought this a gift for our 2 older boys. We were a little apprehensive at first because it allows them to play online and search the internet. But after having it for almost a year now, I have to say, once you put the proper parental controls on it it really is an amazing...

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Xbox 360
Xbox 360 has been my favorite system since they first came out they have such an awesome selection of games and the controllers are perfect for small hands however after a couple years of constant usage, xbox's ahve the tendancy to start "acting" up and eventually the disc...

50 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
Extremely entertaining game! We purchased the steering wheels to go along with it, a blast. Hours of fun playing mario kart! Love that there are different levels, characters and the strategy involved. So much fun! Well, until you slip on a banana peel. Haha!

39 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
the phone is very expensive, lets face it, you will be buying the brand. However it is a great phone. Great for work and school. The speaker is okay but the camera is awesome!

42 reviews
QacQoc M9C Pro Android 6.0 Tv Box
If you’ve ever used any Android device of any kind, this Android TV box will be very easy to navigate. It works exactly like any other android device, including being able to support streaming apps and games that you can play on your TV. This is probably the first Android TV...

1 review
Nintendo 3DS XL
A notable improvement from my original 3DS. The bigger screen makes gameplay more fun, really. The new contributions from Nintendo to their Mii Plaza games have been great. Pro tip: buy a 32gig card to replace the one already included in the system so you don't run out of space.

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Farm Heroes Saga
This is such a fun game! It is a lot like Candy Crush but stands on its own. It is challenging and difficult and you want to hit or throw your phone sometimes but in the end a great game.

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LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT AND SOUND!! WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/gpdE5S0l2gQ BUY ME HERE: http://amzn.to/2iLwWd2 ** ON SALE RIGHT NOW** I think it might have been love at first site! These headsets looks so amazing, and high-end! I would have expected them to cost so much...

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Tech Armor HD Crystal Clear Screen Protector
Purchased this for my iPhone 7. HD Crystal Clear 3 pack. This was offered at a fantastic price on amazon! Its a very flexible protector that offers scratch protection. Its super easy to use and comes with lots of tools to make the installation process smooth. They even offers...

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Xbox One
I've been loyal to my Xbox 360 for years now but I finally gave in around Christmas time last year and purchased an Xbox one with my husband. We both are avid gamers and our spare time. I love, love, love all the different apps and the free games with gold are way better than...

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