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Nintendo Wii
My Wii was an impulse buy...but one I'm sooooo glad I made. I love that I can watch Netflix on it, and You-Tube as well (for old episodes of Big Brother during the winter months) I only have a couple games, but am obsessed with Just Dance. I'm working out, but doesn't feel...

291 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
i loved my ds until my brother broke it and ever sense have been looking to get a new one, they are the best gaming system around

85 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
Great but now all my music is on my phone so it is no longer needed.

78 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
I love my ps3. I originally bought one for my children and now have 3. They are great for watching movies and playing games or listening to music.

41 reviews
Xbox 360
In the beginning it was great, but then the red eye came, when the warranty was over.

35 reviews
iPhone 6
I love my recent upgrade to Iphone 6. I am glad I got it. Light weight, sleek looking and easy to use. Such a user frendly operating system. Great camera and some amazing features. :) I would recommend getting a good casing to protect it.

17 reviews
OtterBox Cases
Our phones would never survive without these high quality cases. They are made of tough material that remain undamaged after the day to day bumps and drops that unfortunately happen during our hectic days. We've used them for iPods and iPhones and would not go use our...

9 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
Super fun to play with. The controls respond well to movements. Fun to unlock new vehicles and try them out.

25 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I need a new phone already and its only been 2 yrs. It glitches, theres always a new update, it throws me out of apps and drops my calls... of course fido says its the phone not them so idk.. I wouldnt buy another apple phone tho... moving on!

24 reviews
iPad mini
Its a great product but not for me. It's too small, which is weird because I have an iPhone 6 which is like a mini of a mini iPad (which I love) but I just gave mine to my child and got a full size iPad instead.

12 reviews
Mac Apple TV
I absolutely love my Apple Tv!! It is so handy to have, I have my Netflix connected on there and I also love using it to watch Youtube videos on my tv. It's also handy when you have guests over and you want to show them pictures from your phone, you can just connect your iphone...

10 reviews
Xbox One
I love this game console so much! It works really well, it's super fast and great quality. I am very happy with it!!

4 reviews
Kobo Arc 7 ereader
My husband bought this for me as a gift and I have had it for a year now. Its great for my needs...reading, fb, emails, etc...don't know what I would do without it now!

2 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Ive had my galaxy tab for a bit now. Very user friendly and a delight to use. I like using mine as a reader as I can adjust the font.

6 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
my friend have PS4 and i fall in love with it! it have really cool graphic, and vibe in controller. Id love to own one!

7 reviews
macbook pro
I can't go one day without my MacBook Pro. They last absolutely forever and I never have issues with it. I had a Toshiba before this and seriously the casing was so cheap, and I got viruses like crazy. You get what u pay for. So worth the extra money.

1 review
Assassin's Creed
Absolutely loved this game ! My boyfriend got it as a gift for his birthday with a PS3 he couldn't get into it I tried and fell in love! It has a lot of historical events and story line is awesome. I recommend to all.

1 review
Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse
I got the wireless mouse as a gift. It works very well, and the batteries that came with them have lasted quite a while, a definite plus. On/off switch is quite accessible too. It's nice not to have to deal with wires, & I can sit as far away from my computer as I like, it's got...

2 reviews
Tomb Raider - Game
Between my daughter and I we own all the Tomb Raider games. They are our favorites to play. Action, skill and the ability to stay awake for long periods of time because you just KNOW you can make that next level.

1 review
Sony DVD Player
I couldn't believe I found a Sony DVD player for under$35! It went in the grandboys room, so they can watch their turtle movies or favorite cartoon movie.

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