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Nintendo Wii
This is a great gaming device for young kids and families. The other gaming devices seem to be geared towards adults but there are tons of games for my younger kids and it gets them up and moving while playing, not sitting on the couch.

342 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
I really enjoyed playing games on this product! So much fun

107 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
love apple products they work great and lots of fun things to do on them

84 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
I love our PS3 - great for playing games, watching DVDs and bluray movies and netflix. Any Lego game is a favorite in our house for both kids and adults.

48 reviews
iPhone 6
it is almost the same as the previous one, iphone 5s it just have a bigger screen and it is thinner. this a great smart phone, very classy.

24 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I love the design of this phone (and most apple products) but this just breaks way too easily. I dropped it from 5-10cm from the ground and got a crack on the screen. In the past, I've dropped multiple phones from higher distances and they were perfectly fine. For an incredibly...

34 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
I love this game so much, every time we play it.... it is a rowdy loud good time!

31 reviews
Xbox 360
have had this gaming system since 2007. no complaints. still works just as good as when i purchased it.

36 reviews
OtterBox Cases
Everyone in the family owns an OtterBox Case. I have to say, they are not the nicest things use, they have lots of better looking options out there but unfortunately, the other options do not protect your phones/tablets. The OtterBox is the only case I have seen be able to save...

12 reviews
Mac Apple TV
I use it all the time. From Netflix to Youtube to CraveTv. I also stream my Macbook and iPhone to AppleTV.

15 reviews
iPad mini
it is very easy to use. the size is just perfect, not too small not too big. perfect for kids to play and learn from educational yet fun apps. and it is classy.

17 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
I love my Playstations they are so multi-use and are wonderful quality. My only disappointment is that it does not use USBs, hopefully they will come out with a

12 reviews
Candy Crush Saga
This game is really addicting and can for sure pass the time and you dont need internet to play

7 reviews
Xbox One
Kids love the bf loves it I love it amazingly done boys

7 reviews
Apple EarPods
These are good earphones to use if I can't find my good pair. They work pretty well but I only use them if I have no choice because they do tend to fall out of my ears and that can be pretty annoying.

7 reviews
Mario Party 8
Mario party 8 comme tous les autres de la collection sont un excellent jeu familiale avec plein de divertissements qui mettre toute la famille au défi . Simple et convivial plate-forme et graphique agréable petit ou grand y trouverons leur compte . Toutefois à l'achat le...

5 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
My laptop crashed and I was stuck with a decision. Get a laptop, or branch out and try something new. I chose the Tab 3, the 10.1in version. So far, I have had it for two years. It works exactly the same as the day I got it, and is surprisingly durable (as in it stands up to my...

8 reviews
Kinyo Bluetooth Speakers
i already have these speakers they are amazing i got them at an electronic store on black friday for 10$ so im pretty happy because it is loud and has amazing bass!!!! Not broken so it has staying power worth every last penny!

1 review
Sunbeam Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
This is such a great idea. I go through batteries like water. I saw this at Wal-Mart and bought it. I've had it a while. I like to use them for my digital camera and tv remote.

2 reviews
Dynex TV
The first flat screen I bought about 6 years ago was Dynex TV. I bought it for the price. It ended up being a great tv. Still works great. Highly recommend them for someone looking for a tv for a lower price.

2 reviews

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