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Nintendo Wii
Although I have wii fit & a bunch of other games, I never play them! I use my wii exclusively for Net Flix. Every console brand have slightly different setting for Netflix. The search settings are limited & I find the wii controller kind of annoying & unstable when it's used...

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Nintendo DS Lite
Brought one for my son and me so we can play at the same time. love playing different games especially when traveling. need a new one.

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Apple iPod Touch
Wonderful for the kids. They love listening to music on it and playing the many free aps that they can choose from. They are a little on the high end for price, especially when I had to purchase 3 at the same time lol.

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I found facebook, an enormously useful place to reconnect with family and friends. I like the games and the groups. Games are not always working properly,and with having to have friends play so you can get ahead in the games is a pain. I enjoyed the fact you can find long lost...

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Sony Playstation 3
Love this. My husband and I play on our PS3 all the time. See no need to switch to a PS4 as they are not backwards compatible and you have to pay for the year, not to mention buy all new games. Great graphics.

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Xbox 360
We've had an Xbox in our home since the original came out in 2001. We have had probably a total of 4 this includes our two 360's we have right now. Our family loves the multitude of games for every age, the ease of access to all our favorite things such as Netflix, and youtube...

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iPad mini
I bought my daughter an Ipad mini when she was 3 years old and she loved it. There are so many apps that are educational; based for her age group. She finds it very easy to navigate and because she has little hands the size is perfect for her.

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Mario Kart Wii
I have this game and have to say it's pretty fun and it's also pretty funny as well. It's a fun game for everyone and anyone can play it with whoever you feel like playing with. I've played pretty much most of the Mario carts and have to say that this one is a good quality...

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Just Dance 2015
Great game and a great workout specially on the Wii U system! Lots of fun!!

1 review
Bose SoundTrue Headphones - Blue
These SoundTrue headphones are literally the best. I was lucky enough to buy a pair with my gift card. For the price that they are, they are so worth it, I don't regret buying at all.

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Apple iPhone 5
I've had my iphone 5 for two years now and its still in pretty good condition. The only issue where I had to go fix it was when Apple noticed their was a flaw with the lock/unlock button. They fixed it for free which was great on my part. Out of all the iphone genenerations, the...

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Wusic Best Power Bank Chrager
This is a great power bank charger. The Wusic charger is perfect for those times when you may not be near an electrical outlet and need to charge your phone. It's lightweight, and not too large. It's visually appealing and it works great. Just charge it up and throw it in your...

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Apple iPad mini
I've had my Ipad Mini for about a year now, and I carry this thing around with me everywhere. I use it for music, games, or just to keep track of everything in my life. The only thing that im not so keen on is the battery life. Depending on usuage, it lasts me from a couple...

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Mophie Juice Pack Quick Powerstation Mini
I'm always on the go and I fear letting my phone battery die on me when I need it so I went and purchased this. The Mophie is a sleek on the go external charger that quickly and easily charges your phone. I have never had an issue with this device and it has always saved me when...

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iPhone 6
Excellent phone! I love iPhones, they are simple to use and have the best quality camera. It comes in 3 colours Slate Grey, Silver & Gold and has 3 sizes of memory 32GB, 64GB & 128GB. It is thin, light and very durable. #ChickAdvisorChristmasContest

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Nintendo 3DS XL
This is an very interesting and fun device. My daughter has one and mostly spending her free time on it. It is also good because there are also games like brain age or big brain academy.

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14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit
The Solar Robot Kit teaches kids about mechanics and energy conservation while keeping their minds entertained for hours. The plastic pieces are compatible to building well over 14 moving designs. The small solar panel connects to the engine via two simple cables, that can be...

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WestBend Stir Crazy Corn Popper
i eat a lot of popcorn. for years i ate microwave popcorn because it was easy, and then suddenly the 'natural' variety had a lot of salt and fake butter flavour. add to that the information about the bags themselves and I started looking for alternatives. Someone gave me a...

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Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Half Print
this is a cheap ice cream maker, just need to freeze it overnight and this ice cream can be made in less than 30 minutes.... and you can even eat from the bowl itself.

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Sony Computer Entertainment
My favorite thing about the PS4 controller is the "Built-in Mono Speaker" and "SHARE" button. The thing I least like about it's that I have to be charging it all the time because of the "Light Bar", I love the colors but compared to the PS3 controller it lasted longer without...

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