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Nintendo Wii
My Wii has been in our family now for 4 or 5 years. We still love playing bowling and all the other sports games. Even with all the new techo coming out..I would never part with it. We watch Netflix on it as well..It's great.

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Nintendo DS Lite
My daughter has one, actually has had one for 4 years. It is the hot pink one.it is so fun and easy to use. We have played Zelda, Mario and donkey Kong along with some other games. My favourite is probably Mario. It is school because you can take it anywhere, it's definitely a...

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Apple iPod Touch
I got this before I had my phone, it does everything an iPhone will except you need wifi if you plan on using it elsewhere. It takes great pics and you can get apps that allow you to make phone calls anyways. The AppStore is filled with cool apps to have and best of all you can...

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iPhone 6
I love iPhones, but I've learned to always just buy the ones ending in S. The first generation of iPhone 6 is alright and fancy but as soon as I started using mine, the battery power is not as good and the camera quality is just okay.

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Sony Playstation 3
My daughter was offered a new PS4 for Christmas and decided to stay with her 3. She loves how there are so many games and the graphics are great. She can play bluerays, cds and discs in it. She has storage online and can play with her many friends across the world. It is easy to...

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Candy Crush Saga
Je trouve le jeu très addictif. J'ai tout le temps le goût de jouer. Certain tableau sont plis difficiles que d'autres. J'aime aussi les autres jeux . Je recommande.

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iPad mini
My brother got my this iPad and I am totally hooked to it. It is the perfect size, has a terrific camera, good video screen and fantastic audio. I can do everything I need on it and more. I can't live without it. Oh and playing games on it is so much fun.

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Apple EarPods
Apple is supposed to make such great products but these ear pods don't last in our home. They stop working right after Apples warranty is up every single time. Now we have started to buy replacement ones from Staples since for a few dollars more they insure them and will...

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Mac Apple TV
Mac Apple TV is confident to have when you have other Apple devices. You can AirPlay from your iPad, iPod or iPhone. I used it during the Olympics and it was great!

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OtterBox Cases
I bought my case three years ago and I haven't looked back. Many people complain that these are expensive for what they are worth but please please don't forget that with an Otterbox you get an Unlimited Warranty for Life!! I have had my out plastic casing replaced once because...

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Xbox 360
O.K I like it for the fact that you can play Netflix and You Tube on it. I detest all of the games though. I do not understand how to play them and I do not find the graphics as great as some of the games on the Wii/

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PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment
Bought this when it first came out on pre-order. It has definitely contributed to a good portion of my entertainment over the last 3 years or so. I love the gameplay and apps and other features also. It's time to try XBox One now though. :P

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Mario Kart Wii
One of the best Mario Wii games.....Loves the difference tracks that you can play...... Split screen is harder to play but still fun. Worth buying....

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Apple iPhone 5
I love iPhones but I've had some issues with my iPhone 5. It worked perfectly for 2 years but then I started having issues. First of all my battery started dying and I went into the store and the man helping me said it didn't quite fit into the recall section but said if I paid...

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Poweradd Pilot 4GS 12000 mAh Portable Phone Charger Power Bank with Lightning Port Quick Charge for iPhone7, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG and More
This power bank from Poweradd isn’t particularly remarkable for any one thing, but it’s a solid, mid-range power bank that does all of the basics you would need with no problems. It has a capacity of 12,000 mAh, which is right down the middle in terms of your average power...

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Telmu Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller Built-in Lithium Battery Phone Holder Included for Windows PC, Android Phones, TV Box
This wireless gamepad from Telmu is a great addition for anyone who plays games on PC or even on their Android smartphone (or tv box). You can plug it in via USB and use it wirelessly with your PC/tv box, or connect it via bluetooth. Either way it’s very simple to set up, and...

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Hunda Micro USB Cable, 2 in 1 Durable Lightning Cable Nylon Braided Sync with One Plug for Android and Apple (Pink, 4ft)
This design is very cool, because in my house we have both Android and Apple products, so having one cable that can easily do both is a big benefit. The most important thing with a lightning cable, though, is speed and this cable charges well at a good speed. I tested this with...

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Active Stylus,1.9mm Rotating Fine Tip Pen for iPad,iPhone,Samsung,Kindle,IOS/Android/Windows Phones & Tablets
A while back I was looking for a stylus with a fine tip to practice my digital drawing with and couldn't find one with anywhere near this fine of a tip. It could be that technology has caught up since then, but either way I was very impressed by this stylus. As an amateur...

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8Gtech Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Outdoor Speaker
This is a pretty good bluetooth speaker and one thing I definitely noticed is that it goes up pretty loud so it would be ideal for outdoor use or by the pool compared to some quieter speakers which are more suited to the bathroom or indoors only. It's IP66 grade waterproof...

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Poweradd 20000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank with Auto Detect Tech for Smartphones and Tablets - Black and Red
As power banks go, 20,000mAh is a pretty massive amount of charge to hold. Most power banks I’ve used hold between 3000 and 10,000, so having one that is almost double the size of similar power banks I’ve used is both useful and impressive. This portable charger from...

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