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Nintendo Wii
I must say the wii has become a part of our daily life in this household.. I like that it is an interactive system that actually makes you physical apply yourself with some games. It keeps my daughter active and that makes this mom happy!

357 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
Hello my children love it especially when traveling by car

108 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
hello I have two that my children have given me and I love them and they are easy to use,

85 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
Plays every media file i have thrown at it. We store all of our movies on a thumb drive now and just plug and play. Not to mention my kids can play online for free. Great bang for your buck

50 reviews
iPhone 6
I just love my new i phone 6 but does it ever suck up all my data quickly! My 1 gig of data was used up in 2 days! And on my iphone 4 it lasted the entire month. I will just have to watch how much I use it becuase I love my new phone!

27 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
always choose apple products their easy to deal with until something happens to them then there not the mos best to deal with but either then that i love how big and clear the screens on them are just a tad pricey

35 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
Lots of fun but still not as good as the good old Nintendo 64!

33 reviews
Mac Apple TV
I live our Apple TV box. It is awesome if you have other Apple products. It allows me to view things in my iPhone wirelessly, through the tv.

20 reviews
Xbox 360
my daughter got this for her birthday and its great using it for games and netflix cant go wrong it would be even better if more games were available though

37 reviews
iPad mini
This is a great learning aid for the little ones and not to expensive. Watch for the sales! Great for long car rides!

20 reviews
OtterBox Cases
My daughter has dropped her iphone so many times. It is unbelievable that the phone is not broken. The case finally snapped after a year of repeated drops and we have purchased a new one. This product has saved me from having to replace this phone no less than a dozen times.

13 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
My favourite system by far. Easy to navigate for myself and my kids. Picture on it is amazing.

13 reviews
Candy Crush Saga
What can i say this is an addicting game that you can play anywhere without having to devote a ton of time. Its fun and almost any age can play :)

8 reviews
Xbox One
I must say I love my xbox one. Before I bought it we had a wii but now the wii hardly gets used. I use my xbox one not only for gaming but also surfing the web and watching movies. I love the fact that you are able to buy movies and games directly online. The Kinect is the best!...

8 reviews
Apple EarPods
These are good earphones to use if I can't find my good pair. They work pretty well but I only use them if I have no choice because they do tend to fall out of my ears and that can be pretty annoying.

7 reviews
Mario Party 8
Mario party 8 comme tous les autres de la collection sont un excellent jeu familiale avec plein de divertissements qui mettre toute la famille au défi . Simple et convivial plate-forme et graphique agréable petit ou grand y trouverons leur compte . Toutefois à l'achat le...

5 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
My laptop crashed and I was stuck with a decision. Get a laptop, or branch out and try something new. I chose the Tab 3, the 10.1in version. So far, I have had it for two years. It works exactly the same as the day I got it, and is surprisingly durable (as in it stands up to my...

8 reviews
Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse
I love it. Love the design and the battery power is great. I don't have to constantly recharge it. I would definitely recommend it!

4 reviews
Samsumg galaxy 6
I really like my new phone. It is easy to use very friendly and I have to admit it is a nice toys. It a very nice device that you can do almost anything on it and the camera on it is very good. As fare as I know this is my best phone ever.

1 review
Selfie Stick by Vivaselfie
We shall begin with some information about the product from the company's website: Product Description WHY THE VIVASELFIE STICK IS MORE THAN JUST A COOL GADGET FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE - CONNECTION: The VivaSelfie Allows For Group And Family Pictures, With No One Left Out Just...

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