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Nintendo Wii
at the time of the release of this product i had to have it. so a year latter i bought it . i played like crazy back then . but now i dont even play it at all. i want the new wii . i think that it will always be that way . i also think that its just a fad. it popular when a new...

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Nintendo DS Lite
My eldest daughter has long outgrown this however my younger daughter keeps it in the car now for road trips and she loves it. It is still relevent and you can hook up the internet and play with others online. Still advanced technology and a lot of fun to help kids pass time and...

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Apple iPod Touch
I have had my ipod touch for a few years now and still really enjoy using it. I like that it is like a iPhone but without paying for a iPhone on a cell phone contract. It is good for playing games and watching YouTube videos and listening to music. The battery life is okay.

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Sony Playstation 3
My daughter was offered a new PS4 for Christmas and decided to stay with her 3. She loves how there are so many games and the graphics are great. She can play bluerays, cds and discs in it. She has storage online and can play with her many friends across the world. It is easy to...

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iPhone 6
Agreed that its not cheap but I love my iPhone. Works well, does what i want (and more), user friendly and Apple customer service is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate to buy this phone again. Photo quality is lovely, speed is good, and the phone is the perfect size for me.

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Candy Crush Saga
There are many games i have played on my phone but for the past two years and more i am playing candy crush saga and this is the only game i am addicting to ,my children knows if i am on phone i am playing this game i am in level 1104 now and they keep on adding more levels...

40 reviews
Mac Apple TV
WOW! I am in absolute love with this product. I must say it did take me a little bit to get use to using it but I am a little bit of tech noob. Once I had it figured out, I am addicted. Easy set up (even for someone like me) and easy to figure out and use. I love being able to...

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Apple EarPods
I never really thought anything too much about earbuds until I tried on a cheaper one. I instantly missed my old earpods and went out and purchased new ones. The ones that came with my iPhone 5 lasted me about 2.5 years, so they last a good amount of time compared to cheaper...

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OtterBox Cases
I got my first OtterBox for my iPhone 4 a few years ago. I really liked it so now have one for my iPad which has saved my from my toddler so many times I've lost count. I also got an OtterBox for my IPhone 5c but it is not as good as my other ones. There is a gap at the top of...

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iPad mini
Bought this a Walmart about a year ago and it's amazing. I sell Avon and bring it with me to clients houses and place there orders right there. I hook it up to my phone to use data. So small it fits in my purse. They have great accessories for it and the help like is awesome!

35 reviews
Xbox 360
I've been playing xbox for about 14 years or so, from original all the way to Xbox one. The Xbox 360 I would say is where I had my most fun. The memorable games that were released and brought a lot of my current crew together! Halo 2 , halo 3 , call of duty 4. It's sad they've...

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Mario Kart Wii
One of the best Mario Wii games.....Loves the difference tracks that you can play...... Split screen is harder to play but still fun. Worth buying....

37 reviews
PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment
I absolutely love my PlayStation! There are so many games to choose from out there, you can please everybody. From kid games, to games that appeal more to adults, this is the best device for your whole family. One of my favorite things about the PlayStation is that you can play...

23 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I love iPhones but I've had some issues with my iPhone 5. It worked perfectly for 2 years but then I started having issues. First of all my battery started dying and I went into the store and the man helping me said it didn't quite fit into the recall section but said if I paid...

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Nintendo 3DS XL
I live this version it's great because of the screen size and all the games you can play on it And you won't lose this one excuse of the size yes it expensive but worth every penny.

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Mario Party 8
One of my family and my favourite video games! We have all the Mario Party video games (except the very first one) and Mario Party 8 is one of our all time, if not, the all time favourite one. We love that as a family, we can all play together and the mini games are a lot of fun!

10 reviews
Xbox One
Love my Xbox One its great and I use it everyday. Can watch anything on it I can hook up my devices on to it the only thing is my connect acts a little weird but it's still great it still works does what it's supposed to do. I definitely recommend it price paid $300 available at...

11 reviews
Choe Technology iPhone Cable
Owning an iPhone means owning a lot of cords due to their infamous lack of battery power. It is difficult to find a non-Apple cord that is of the same quality, if not better quality, in comparison with the original. Choetech’s USB Cable does not fail to exceed my...

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mpow armor
you should definitely buy this speaker this is the best speaker you can get for the price the sound is loud the battery is incredible they are waterproof and shockproof and i have test it and they are really shockproof and waterproof you can even charge your phone with this...

1 review
august ep650
Wow this pair of headphone is just incredible the battery last really long ( 15 hour or more i dont know). The sound is just wow the bass are really strong and i have to say i really like it the price of this headphone is like 45$ca the price of beats is like 200$ca i have...

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