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Nintendo Wii
So many hours of fun with our Wii! We have had ours for probably ten years now and love it just as much as the day we bought it. Its a really great system!

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Nintendo DS Lite
My daughter has one, actually has had one for 4 years. It is the hot pink one.it is so fun and easy to use. We have played Zelda, Mario and donkey Kong along with some other games. My favourite is probably Mario. It is school because you can take it anywhere, it's definitely a...

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Apple iPod Touch
I got this before I had my phone, it does everything an iPhone will except you need wifi if you plan on using it elsewhere. It takes great pics and you can get apps that allow you to make phone calls anyways. The AppStore is filled with cool apps to have and best of all you can...

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iPhone 6
I love iPhones, but I've learned to always just buy the ones ending in S. The first generation of iPhone 6 is alright and fancy but as soon as I started using mine, the battery power is not as good and the camera quality is just okay.

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Sony Playstation 3
Même après la sortie de la nouvelle ps4, j'aime encore ma ps3, je l'ai depuis des années déjà et on l'utilise pas ma tous les jours. Pour jouer, pour écouter des dvd (Blu-ray) et aussi pour avoir accès à Netflix plus rapidement. On peut jouer en ligne gratuitement et il...

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iPad mini
This product is great but alot of items have to be purchased for on it as well as protective cases which is another 70 or so for the proper case. I believe this should be automaticlly part of package

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Candy Crush Saga
I love this game. It is the first game I played from facebook and then downloaded onto my phone. It is entertaining and challenging. I love have competitions with my Family as to who can reach a higher level.

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Apple EarPods
Apple is supposed to make such great products but these ear pods don't last in our home. They stop working right after Apples warranty is up every single time. Now we have started to buy replacement ones from Staples since for a few dollars more they insure them and will...

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Mac Apple TV
Definitely glad I bought this it's such a easy way to watch Netflix ;) This is basically a smart tv without the tv it's well worth The only problem I had with it was that it kept getting disconnected from the wifi but you can easily fix the by plugging in a Ethernet wire

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OtterBox Cases
Every phone I get the first I do is get an outterbox on it. So I know my phone is protected. The only thing Is they dint have cute girlie designs. Something animal print, or anything really.

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PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment
J'ai cette console depuis le jour un de sa sortie et je ne la regrette pas j'ai toutes les consoles Sony depuis ps1 et j'adore la ps4 très forte coter graphiques,jouabilitee et même bibliothèque énorme de jeux un must

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Xbox 360
O.K I like it for the fact that you can play Netflix and You Tube on it. I detest all of the games though. I do not understand how to play them and I do not find the graphics as great as some of the games on the Wii/

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Mario Kart Wii
One of the best Mario Wii games.....Loves the difference tracks that you can play...... Split screen is harder to play but still fun. Worth buying....

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Apple iPhone 5
I love iPhones but I've had some issues with my iPhone 5. It worked perfectly for 2 years but then I started having issues. First of all my battery started dying and I went into the store and the man helping me said it didn't quite fit into the recall section but said if I paid...

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Nintendo 3DS XL
A notable improvement from my original 3DS. The bigger screen makes gameplay more fun, really. The new contributions from Nintendo to their Mii Plaza games have been great. Pro tip: buy a 32gig card to replace the one already included in the system so you don't run out of space.

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Farm Heroes Saga
This is such a fun game! It is a lot like Candy Crush but stands on its own. It is challenging and difficult and you want to hit or throw your phone sometimes but in the end a great game.

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LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT AND SOUND!! WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/gpdE5S0l2gQ BUY ME HERE: http://amzn.to/2iLwWd2 ** ON SALE RIGHT NOW** I think it might have been love at first site! These headsets looks so amazing, and high-end! I would have expected them to cost so much...

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Tech Armor HD Crystal Clear Screen Protector
Purchased this for my iPhone 7. HD Crystal Clear 3 pack. This was offered at a fantastic price on amazon! Its a very flexible protector that offers scratch protection. Its super easy to use and comes with lots of tools to make the installation process smooth. They even offers...

1 review
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
La console la plus puissante du monde Avec son processeur graphique à la puissance doublée par rapport à la PS4 standard, vos jeux sont encore plus beaux et s'enrichissent de détails d'un réalisme fabuleux.Jouez aux jeux les plus récents avec une netteté époustouflante...

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KingYou In-ear Earpods Fashion Design In-ear Flat Earphone with Mic/call Controls and Volume Control Ks02 (Gray/Brown)
I was looking for a new pair of head phones to use while I exercise and I immediately loved how the cord of these buds was flat and very flexible leaving me to believe that it will be less likely to break due to repetitive bending. These buds fit my ears perfectly and were...

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