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Nintendo Wii
I had bought this gaming system many years ago for the physical interactive games such as boxing, zumba, dance games, sports games like bowling, archery, tennis and arcade game. Great fun and entertaining up to four players. A great crowd pleaser.

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Nintendo DS Lite
I still have mine and still use it on a daily basis ! At first I wasn't too sure about the dual screen, but after awhile, you get used to it. What I love about my ds lite, is that mine can support my old Gameboy Advance game cartridges ! So I have extra options for games !

119 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
I got my first iPod touch when I was 13- best gift I've ever gotten. I was able to connect with my friends and even make new ones. After a year of using the iPod touch 4th generation, I upgraded to the fifth. It worked just as good, except BETTER. The camera quality was...

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Sony Playstation 3
I love my Playstation 3, the games on this system are amazing to play and the graphics are awesome. This system plays music, blue rays, stores pictures, has Netflix and a large selection of games.

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iPhone 6
I upgraded my iPhone about 5 months ago from a iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6, an I am really glad I did. The bigger screen size is amazing, it is also so much clearer! It makes watching videos or looking a photos so much crisper. Also the speakers are so much louder and clearer. The...

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Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga seriously has subliminal messages or something. I don't think I've ever been so addicted to a game! It is fun with vibrant colors. The levels just keeps getting harder and harder. I'm pretty competitive so because you can connect to Facebook and and see where...

38 reviews
Mac Apple TV
WOW! I am in absolute love with this product. I must say it did take me a little bit to get use to using it but I am a little bit of tech noob. Once I had it figured out, I am addicted. Easy set up (even for someone like me) and easy to figure out and use. I love being able to...

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Apple EarPods
Unfortunately, my ears just can't handle most in-ear headphones. The ones that have really skinny ends just don't fit in my ear! So I'm glad that apple still makes then good and large at the ends so that I can wear them. I have bought quite a few different types of in ear...

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iPad mini
Bought this a Walmart about a year ago and it's amazing. I sell Avon and bring it with me to clients houses and place there orders right there. I hook it up to my phone to use data. So small it fits in my purse. They have great accessories for it and the help like is awesome!

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OtterBox Cases
I won't be buying a otterbox no more. I had one fot fot ipod and it ruined my home button ans lock button. I bought one for my blackberry and when I went to charge it the cord wouldn't stay in because of the otterbox. But the otterbox do help with dropping the phone it won't...

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Xbox 360
I've been playing xbox for about 14 years or so, from original all the way to Xbox one. The Xbox 360 I would say is where I had my most fun. The memorable games that were released and brought a lot of my current crew together! Halo 2 , halo 3 , call of duty 4. It's sad they've...

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Mario Kart Wii
One of the best Mario Wii games.....Loves the difference tracks that you can play...... Split screen is harder to play but still fun. Worth buying....

37 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
I absolutely love my PlayStation! There are so many games to choose from out there, you can please everybody. From kid games, to games that appeal more to adults, this is the best device for your whole family. One of my favorite things about the PlayStation is that you can play...

23 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I love iPhones but I've had some issues with my iPhone 5. It worked perfectly for 2 years but then I started having issues. First of all my battery started dying and I went into the store and the man helping me said it didn't quite fit into the recall section but said if I paid...

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Mario Party 8
One of my family and my favourite video games! We have all the Mario Party video games (except the very first one) and Mario Party 8 is one of our all time, if not, the all time favourite one. We love that as a family, we can all play together and the mini games are a lot of fun!

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Nintendo 3DS XL
I love the DS systems and while i like the size and feel of this one, i cant say Im a fan of the 3D component. I usually turn it off and play the games.

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Xbox One
Love my Xbox One its great and I use it everyday. Can watch anything on it I can hook up my devices on to it the only thing is my connect acts a little weird but it's still great it still works does what it's supposed to do. I definitely recommend it price paid $300 available at...

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Candy Crush Soda Saga
This game is so-so for me. While yes, it CAN be addicting, it also gets kind of boring if you don't connect to fb to play against your friends. I would like it better if we could play against or with our friends on GameCenter (and/or Google Play).

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HAVIT HV-F2063 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad,Ultra-portable and Light Weight
I have an older Sony Vaio (6+ years old) which I had a clunky home made wood dowel/block base for to help with natural air flow prior to receiving my Laptop Cooler Base. Despite my old fashioned DIY attempts, my laptop was usually quite warm after a short period of time. I was...

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
The first time I played The Witcher, I didn't really 'get' it and wasn't really into it much. Fast forward a couple of years later and I played The Witcher 3 and was utterly blown away by how good it was. So, of course, I found I wanted to go back and play from the very...

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