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Nintendo Wii
J'ai mon appareil depuis quelques années. Il est résistant et ne prend pas beaucoup de place. Je m'en sers pour des jeux mais surtout pour faire mes exercices à la maison.

381 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
I actually just bought one of these again just for the thrill of it. I really loved playing purr pals on it and mario!!

113 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
Awesome product to have It's a bestie the best thing to have ever.

86 reviews
Sony Playstation 3
Love the graphics and functionality of PS3, I have youtube, netflix, spotify right on PS3 to view on the television screen. Also love the option of adding PS3 move package.

55 reviews
iPhone 6
I really like the iPhone 6. At first I was kind of Skeptical about the size as it is bigger then most phones and my previous one but now that I'm used to it I can't imagine going back to a smaller sized phone. The iPhone 6 has many apps and features to enjoy. I find the camera...

37 reviews
Candy Crush Saga
Once you start you wont stop!!! This game is fun and very addictive!

27 reviews
Mac Apple TV
Il a parfois de petit problème de connexion, tout dépends du vidéo... Je ne m'en passerais plus!

30 reviews
iPad mini
love the ipad!!! apple product are so great i'm addicted :)

31 reviews
OtterBox Cases
Otter box cases are expensive but worth it. I was lucky to get mine for free with my refurbished phone. It has lasted me over a year and has saved my phone from many near death experiences.

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Mario Kart Wii
I am in love with Mario KartWii. I enjoy the fact that you play online with opponents from all over the world. I never get tired of the games. It has interested challenging levels. Great for adults or children.

36 reviews
Xbox 360
My Grandson has an Xbox 360 and he loves playing games on it with his little friends

41 reviews
Apple EarPods
I bought another pair of these after losing the ones that came with my phone. I like them because I don't want to use a non-apple pair with my phone and the volume control on the side that's also a microphone is invaluable. I also find that they don't get breakage around the...

21 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
I used to love my iPhone. However, quality seems to be diminishing...I've had 2 break before a year was up and I took good care of them. Luckily, I got replacements because of had them such a short time. The last replacement was 2 years ago and the Apple Store wouldn't let me...

37 reviews
PlayStation 4 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
This like the PS systems before it, is reliable, great game choices and my son is on it for hours. Easy to add extras with gift cards and annual VIP cards at reasonable prices. This machine has fantastic graphics, and I expect it will last for years like the previous versions we...

17 reviews
Mario Party 8
One of my family and my favourite video games! We have all the Mario Party video games (except the very first one) and Mario Party 8 is one of our all time, if not, the all time favourite one. We love that as a family, we can all play together and the mini games are a lot of fun!

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Nintendo 3DS XL
My Grand Daughter had a Nitendo 3DS XL but lost it when she recently moved into a new house. She was born premature and her sight was impaired as a result of the intensive care she received over the course of her stay in the hospital. She is eight years old now and her favorite...

15 reviews
Xbox One
My Grandson has an Xbox One he loves playing games with his little friends on it my son wants an Xbox One for Christmas

9 reviews
Hewlett Packard DJ 3520 e-All-In-One Wireless Printer
We have this printer at our office and we are really impressed. The ink lasts long and the quality is really good when printing documents.

2 reviews
Singing machine classic karaoke machine
I paid about $50.00 for this off amazon for my niece for Christmas. It's a really good karaoke machine especially for one so well priced. It connects to your tv so that you can sing along or you can just walk around with the machine without any words. The front of the machine...

1 review
Aduro aquasound waterproof portable speaker
I got this for a great price on Amazon and this is perfect for anyone who like singing in the shower or if your someone like me who like to listen to music while In a bubble bath. Great product!

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