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When it comes to diapers, parents quickly discover that one size does not fit all.  Humans have been using diapers of one sort or another for centuries, but it was only in the late 1940s and early 1950s that several mothers independently invented early versions of what we now know as disposable nappies.  While cloth diapers are still in use and praised as an eco-friendlier option, most people opt for the convenience of a single-use product.

ChickAdvisor members praise Pampers diapers for everyday but reach for Huggies Little Swimmers at pool time.  Other major brands in the doodoo-disposal industry include Luvs and Teddy's Choice (available at Real Canadian Superstore/Extra Foods).

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Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
Perfect quality for value. Very satisfied.I have been using these diapers since my baby was born and am extremely pleased with their effectiveness and quality! No leaks compared to other brands of diapers.

877 reviews
Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants
My son is in swim lessons and these work great for him as he loves the water and never wants to get out. I love how thin they are and how they have a little extra stretch in them and fit so well!

282 reviews
Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diaper Pants
I love huggies slip on diapers. I have used them for all three of my own children and at my home daycare business on at least 10 children at one time! They are convienient and reliable which is always a plus with lots of little ones around! Lol

333 reviews
Pampers Swaddlers
These are the BEST for the newborn stage in my opinion. They're soft and I love the stripe that turns blue if they're wet. They always fit my babies the best and I rarely had issues with leaks.

222 reviews
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers
LEAKAGE LEAKAGE LEAKAGE! We tried out Pampers, Huggies and Luvs when our daughter was first born. Rotating through the packages as we ran out. Our daughter was always SOAKED within an hour wearing Huggies. Not to mention awful diaper rashes. I will never purchase Huggies...

142 reviews
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers - Size 4 - 108 Count
Pampers baby dry diapers are very reliable and I have never experienced any leaks! The fit is far superior to other brands I have tried and would highly recommend these to anyone!

78 reviews
Pampers Cruisers Diapers
Hands down my favorite diaper - and I've tried them all. I love that they're soft and not all crinkley feeling like other diapers. They don't sag or leak - even at night.

71 reviews
Huggies OverNites
These are definitely the best diapers we have used, and we have tried quite a few brands. The absorb an incredible amount of liquid, and the elastics fit well around the legs. My daughter also loves the designs. They are pricier than store brands, but they last so much longer...

64 reviews
Huggies Baby Diapers, Snug & Dry, Size 4, Big Box
I like the relation between price and effectiveness that Huggies snug and dry offers. They never failed me, even at night, and my baby seems to be comfortable with them too... I recommend them

36 reviews
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers - Size 1-2 (264 Count)
These diapers work amazingly for my little one and I really don't need to search for any others at the moment. I manage to keep baby dry and rash free and htat's a plus.

57 reviews
Kirkland Disposable Diapers
Kirkland and Huugies diapers are the same. I didn't know this until one of my children ended up with a bad rash from these diapers, but my youngest has used these diapers as well with no rash. I found I can buy the brand we prefer for around the same price so not a huge savings...

56 reviews
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers - Size 5 - 92 Count
Les couches Pampers, sont celles que je préfères pour mes bébés. Elles sont suffisament absorbantes pour que mes bébés passent la nuit sans débordements. Elles sont douces et le velcros est durables, il ne nous reste pas dans les mains au moment de mettre la couche à...

43 reviews
Huggies Baby Diapers OverNites Size 3
These are defiantly the most absorbant nighttime diapers I have ever bought for either of my kids. I don't have to worry about waking up to wet sheets.

43 reviews
Huggies Baby Diapers Size 1-2
I was not a fan of these diapers in the smaller sizes. Pampers had amuch better value and more diapers in the box. I did not like that they didnt have the strip showing you that the baby had peed whoch was very helpful for newer parents.

65 reviews
Pampers  Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max
We bought pampers because they were the only ones my son wouldn't leak through over night. They are more expensive but just using one a night makes them go a long way. We like the cruisers because they have a really nice fit and stretchy waste band.

48 reviews
Pamper Swaddlers Overnight
Loved these for my son as he seemed to pee through everything! Love that they can handle sleeping for 12 hours without any leaking, also love they don't have the baby powder or chemical smell

5 reviews
Honest Company Diapers
Un petit look mignon pour des couches . Bonne qualité quoi que un peu plus mince. Agréable au regard bien sur . Pas irritante pour la peau de bébé. J`aime bien, un petit luxe de temps en temps

32 reviews
Pampers pull ups
Pampers pull ups help with the transition from regular diapers to underwear. Amazing product. Would recommend to anyone potty training their little one.

1 review
Huggies Baby Diapers, Snug & Dry, Size 3 (16 - 28 lbs), Super Mega, Bag of 72
I always liked huggies too, pampers and huggies are pretty much the same. I love huggies. They keep my baby dry, comfortable and snugly. the price is not bad, i would only go with huggies or pampers so these are about the same in terms of keeping baby dry and happy.

45 reviews
Parents Choice Diapers size 5
I tried these to save some money and overall I wasn't impressed. I found they leaked at night and the fit was kind of saggy. The price point however was amazing - but I'm sticking with brand name.

9 reviews

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