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Ranked #6 out of 36 in Sushi (Toronto, Ontario)

Address: 398 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2A2
Phone: 416-977-0999

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Quality of Service

Recommended? You Betcha!
April 04, 2012

I tried out Guu on Friday night. I had read online that it gets really busy and if you're gonna get there, you better get there early. So I figured I'd beat the dinner rush and arrived at Guu for 5:40 pm. I was immediately told there were no spots available and it would be a 40 minute wait.

40 minutes? I was super shocked. Other people I heard that came a bit after me were waiting an hour and a half. My friend and I waited about 35 minutes until a space opened up. Like another poster said, it's the kind of place where I felt I had to constantly remind the hosts that I was there because there didn't seem to be any list they were following of who came first.

So, the place is very noisy. When anyone comes in or leaves the restaurant, the (twenty or so) staff members, including the whole kitchen staff and all the servers shout at you in Japanese, either welcoming you or saying good bye. It definitely is a fun place, and I'm happy we went, but it gets really, really noisy. I knew it would be noisy before I got there, but I had no idea exactly how noisy. If you don't think you can handle noise, this place isn't for you.

Each table has a 2 hour seating limit. I found the service to be pretty good. Our server kept coming back to see if he could get us anything, and was very helpful at naming and recommending things off the menu. I had water and it was being filled up the whole night no problems.

I had the salmon and maguro (tuna) tataki, and tried the nasu miso (eggplant) and one of the bibimbap. The best were the tatakis. Overall, I found the food to be awesome. It's a must to share most of these dishes though. Some of the servings are bigger than you'd expect. And I found the prices to be really fair. I ate well for 20 bucks.

Now, while I totally recommend the place, I think you should just go once for the experience. You've never had anything like it before. I'm not running back because of the noise, but I had a good time and I loved the food.



Quality of Service

Recommended? You Betcha!
June 20, 2011

The food here is fantastic. Addictive. The service is horrible. I understand it's a busy place but they will tell you you have a 30 minute wait and it will be more like 2 hours. Also, you get the feeling they don't go down the list, and let people in ahead of others. Seriously. But the food is so good, you'll find yourself going back anyways! The Tuna Tataki is amazing, so fresh and love the sauce. Chicken Karaage is great if someone in your party isn't into raw fish. It might see odd to see Brie Cheese on the menu, but get it! And for dessert you have to have the Tempura Banana. It's so yummy.

Once your sitting and ready to order, they won't come around that much to check on you so order big beers, so you won't be empty and order as much as you can in your first round as it can take a while to get your food and to get another order in.

Honestly though, food is so good.

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