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Since the opening of Yan in July 2007, Yan Hair Salon has come to be known as the place to go to for the freshest of hair styles and the most exquisite hair colors. Our stylists draw from a beauty that is both timeless & contemporary, which enables our clients to wear styles that are effortlessly sheik. The concept is simple, Yan translates from Cantonese to English as beautiful. Beautiful is what we all strive to be, both inside and out. For more information, visit their website at

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    June 30, 2011

    My hair has always been as curly as sheep wool, and I was always envious of asian people and their straight hair. So then one day an asian friend and i came across a conversation about salons, and she recommended me to Yan Hair Salon. Their straightening techniques are really REALLY faboulous. I mean my hair is like a birdnest and they still managed to get it so nice a smoth. The place was small and cute and gosh asian people can be SO pretty. ( At least all the ones that got their hair done.) The perm was suppose to be damaging but my hair is still silky and nice today and its been 3 months. The price is really good compare to bigger salons, (which sometimes even ruin my hair,) and the atmosphere is really smothing.

    On a side note, theres a sushi place near the salon that was really good too.

    heres a website for them in case anyone wants to give it a try:

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