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Charmin Reviews

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
Generally speaking before I discovered that there are lots of different qualities of toilet paper, to me anything will do the job. However when we bought charmin from Costco when it was on sale we just never looked back and bought another pack of anything else ever again. Pay...

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
Remember Mr. Whipple from the commercial "Don't Squeeze the Charmin. Well in my household this is the only toilet paper my family will use from ultra strong, ultra soft, waffle 2 and 3 ply the rear wants what the rear end wants.

Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue
This is the best toilet paper. It is strong and effective. It doesn't tear or shred while using. Only a small amount of tickets are required for each use allowing you to use less and increase the value. I love the mega and super mega rolls which lasts a long time and are better...

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper
Charmin toilet paper is the best type of tp in my opinion. It is thick and lasts a long time as you don't need to use as many squares. It also does not leave any residual to behind. Definitely recommend

This is by far the best toilet paper around. It is soft and strong! Because you only need a few sheets compared to other cheaper brands, it is totally worth the money!! I always stock up! And it is also an item that there is usually a coupon to be found for!! Win win!

Terresa Magnetic Eyelashes, 3D Fake Eyelashes, False Eye Lashes, No Glue Needed, 0.2mm Ultra Thin, Dual Magnet lashes Set for Natural Charming Look
Who doesn't have magnetic eyelashes? get them today. I just popped my mag lashes cherry and I will never go back. The go on seamlessly with a think layer of LIQUID eyeliner, but do not fret. DONT be scared of liquid. You have skills. They just press on! No glue all over your...

Charming Freshening Wipes
Began using Charmin Daily Freshening Wipes more than 2 years ago and I am completely pleased with the freshness results. I use them daily and they really do make me feel fresh, especially during my menstruation cycle.

Charmin Freshmates
These wipes are durable enough not rip while in use! They are a good size so little ones don't use too many! They are not odorless but have a light pleasant smell.

Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper
Bought this toilet paper when it was on sale. Eek! This is so rough. I don’t even think we will get through the whole package, it’s really that bad. Even my partner commented on it! Spend a bit more and get the good stuff, skip on the ‘essentials’ line!

Yankee Candle Car Charming Scents
I love cherry scented air fresheners and always like the smell of anything cherry flavoured. So I was really pleased to try something cherry for my car and as usual with Yankee Candle it doesn't disappoint and the fragrance lasts for ages.

Charmin Plastic Canvas
This Charmin Brand Plastic Canvas has been around since my Grandmother started doing plastic canvas crafts in the 1950's. Charmin Plastic Canvas comes from Symak Sales in Montreal, Quebec. The Canvas comes in different sizing. The sizes are also like sewing needles, the larger...

Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym
I bought this for my baby because it was on sale. The price point was great, but the singing owl didn't work from the start. We returned it, and we found the same problem with the other. Rather than take it back a second time, we decided to just cut it open and replace the...

Kamo Charming Wine Red Heat-resistant Long Wave Cosplay Wig
For this price-point, this wig is a good one. I've seen some really bad wigs at similar prices and some really good ones and this Kamo one stacks up easily against the good. It comes with a wig cap and bobby pins, both of which were useless for me, but might come in handy for...

Charming Charlie nail lacquer
Goes on smoothly, dries very fast. Long lasting. Variety of colours to choose from. I bought mine when it was on sale, maybe on clearance, I got it for .99¢, regular price $5-$7.

Lush prince charming
I love the color of it (pepto bismol pink), but the smell is off-putting. It's supposed to smell like pomegranate and vanilla, but it has a weird burnt musky scent too.