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Downy is an essential for those who are passionate about fabric. For over 50 years, we have helped soften, freshen and invigorate your fabrics. Today, we're feistier than ever. See more here.

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@PaulBacon30 Downy light offers a long-lasting scent but is not as strongly scented as our other boosters. Downy Li… https://t.co/YT4C5yUMPQ

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@MDMays We use an organic acid (Citric acid) to lower the pH which helps remove residues. When solutions go below p… https://t.co/ZQZwKTY7zX

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@PaulBacon30 Excellent question, Paul. Downy Rinse & Refresh is a low pH rinse aid that removes residue left behind… https://t.co/ILj5PxdRN6

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Downy Reviews

Ultra Downy Mountain Spring Liquid Fabric Softener
I used to use no name or whatever-is-on-sale fabric softener until my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to Ultra Downy. There was definitely a huge difference between my before and after laundry clothes experience. A few months ago I noticed a change in my laundered clothes...

Downy Unstopables In Wash Scent Boosters FRESH
Qui ne veut pas d’une bonne odeur de fraîcheur sur ses vêtements frais lavés . En tout cas, moi je suis preneuse. Belle invention toute simple a utiliser. Attention par contre à ne pas en abuser , car pour les personnes qui ont la peau sensible , trop en utiliser peut...

Ultra Downy Infusions
This product has a great long lasting smell and keeps clothes soft and I feel it actually prevents pilling on my leggings! The smell of this lasts weeks even in my drawers love 10/10

The Downy Ball
The Downy Ball

4 reviews

We still use the Downy ball for our fabric softener. In today's world of all this fancy appliances I still have a fairly basic washer and this is a must to use fabric softener. WE pair it with Downy's new fresh clean scent and it works perfectly. This little thing is durable...

Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener
Downy infusions fabric softener is a must have for me! I love the romantic scent! My clothes are always soft and the smell is so clean and long lasting !

Downy Dryer Sheets
Downy fabric softener dryer sheets, cool cotton scent are great! I love how they have a very fresh smell and it’s very different than my regular sheets that I use. They seem to give my clothes a fresh scent that lasts for a long time and leaves my clothes soft and fresh. My...

Downy Unstopbables In Wash Scent Boosters
Downy Unstoppable beads are Perfect to boost scent in my clothing and I use it on all type of clothing. My laundry smells extremely clean and fresh. Bought it from Walmart and will buy again.

Downy Infusions Sweet Dream Liquid
the Quality I feel I'm receiving when I use Downy makes your close feel soft and smelling clean against your body. All of the new scents are impressive I love the fresh Lavender scent very much it really makes you feel good and clean feeling.

Downy Fabric Softener
I buy this downy all the time, it is such great price and smells. Yes my friends recommend and told me about this downy and how it smells on all laundry you do. So I use this downy all time.

Downy Infusions Sage Jasmine Fabric Softener Sheets
Makes my clothes super soft, and my sheets smell amazing.

Downy Infusions Sage and Jasmine Liquid
This makes our clothes smell awesome while I do switch between the sheets and another fabric softner I do recommend this product

Downy Infusions Citrus Spice
As far as me and my household goes, we all could not STAND the smell of this downy product. It smelled like a rotting pumpkin that someone tried to bake with oranges and cinnamon. I didn’t like it at all. And it lingered forever even after two washes, which would be great if I...

Downy® Fresh Protect Active Fresh
First of all I love the scent, it was really nice, I used this on my bedding and loved how nice it smelled and it lasted for days

Downy Un Stopables in Fresh
Smells delicious the smell stays on the clothes for a long time You don’t need many for the smell to stick to your clothes Love all scents recommend product

Downy liquid fabric softner
This fabric softner is absolutely the only thing I use. The assortment of scents it comes in are amazing. This leaves my clothes smelling fresh and clean.