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Gillette is an American safety razor manufacturer that was introduced in 1895. The brand also produces personal care products. Since 2005, they have been a part of Procter & Gamble. Gillette products reviewed on ChickAdvisor include the Venus Embrace Razor, Pure Divine Body Wash and Satin Care Vanilla Dream.

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This tweet was typed on our phone with one hand while shaving quickly & easily with our GilletteLabs with Exfoliati… https://t.co/1TnGvP4zW6

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This summer, we’re gliding into the weekend like this swipe. 🔥 https://t.co/TFb5zdSvVJ

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with the GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar. Lol, yes, this is still an ad.

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Gillette Reviews

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and Razor Heads
A super fast and effective shave. No nicks or scrapes . Easy to hold handle even when wet A lovely close shave. Probably the best razor I have ever purchased.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills
I’ve used these for years and buy the large packs. They last me a long time and do the job well. The precision end is handy for the finishing touches.

Gillette Venus and Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel
I love this products, as not only does it smell amazing and soothing- it also is moisturizing. I like that I can get this on sale often. I would highly recommend this product!

Gillette Venus Spa Razor
Regually use these and never leave my legs with cuts and glides smotthly across the skin leaving my legs soft and would recommend to anyone who shaves down there too

Gillette Venus Luscious Lilies Shave Gel
I bought this shave gel on sale more than a year ago at Walmart. I have been using it since, and I have never been happier. It smells great and lathers well, so it makes shaving easy and quick. It prevents razor burn and redness. Overall, a great product!

Gillette Fusion Proslide Sensitive shaving cream
This is a great product. It comes out of the can as a gel(which feels cool) but quickly transitions to a lather. Gives a smooth shave. Price is reasonable value is good.

Gillette Fusion5 Power
This is my favourite razor. It’s catered for men but I think it works really well when I shave my legs. I’ve tried other razors but this is definitely my favourite!

Gillette 5 blade razor
I bought this because I was intrigued with the five blades as well as the moisturizing bars however though I ended up cutting myself multiple times and the moisturizing bar irritated my skin and the blades didn't stay very sharp for very long.

Gillette fusion5 proglide
This is a nice razor that does not leave my skin feeling irritated and is nice and smooth after a shave. There are 5 blades on this razor that help get the facial hair down nice and short. The handle is also a heavier and it does feel like it's cheaply made, unlike some other...

Gillette Venus swirl 5 advanced contour blades
Oh my God I love this razor. This is probably the best razor I’ve ever used in my life. I have always typically use the same type of razor, and then I just got tired of it so I decided to pick a new one. There’s so many out there but I decided to do this one mostly because...

Gillette comfort glide razor spa breeze
I love this razor! No need for shaving cream as it has its own moisturizing strip attached to razor. Perfect for traveling. The moisturizing strip is also a great reminder to replace the razor more often if you’re prone to forgetting like me (it gets thinner after each use)...

Gillette Venus & Olay freesia moisturizing shower & shave cream
The vanilla cream is amazing, i would never buy a different shave cream than this. Its soo smooth and leavs my skin feeling amazing after shave. It helps me as well so i don't cut myself due to the texture.

Gillette Venus & Olay UltraMoisture Shave Gel
I bought a trial/ travel size of this shaving cream for when I go on trips, and I am so impressed with the quality! The product comes out of the can as a gel, and mixes with the water on your skin to make more of a foam. I find it provides a great barrier between the razor and...

Gillette FUSION5
This fusion blades from Gillette ranges is really good as it has 5 anti-friction blades. The big plus for me is the precision trimming capacity. Long lasting and it has lubricating strip that is also very very useful for me.

Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razor in Green
i really like this razor, normally i cut my knees when i shave my legs but i did not when i used this razor! its smooth and glides over the skin so well! i would recommend to anyone who uses a disposable razor!