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Hellmann's Reviews

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise
This mayo is far superior to all others. Made of quality ingredients and always flavoured perfectly. The packaging is always in excellent condition. I put Hellmans on almost everything and no other brand will do.

Hellmann's Olive Oil Mayonnaise
This mayonnaise has ruined all other mayonnaises for me - ITS THAT GOOD!! On its own, on a BLT, tuna salad, even on French fries - it’s the absolute best. So creamy and delicious. Definitely recommend to everyone!

Hellmann’s Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread
This vegan Mayo is a staple in my home. It’s expensive, but if you catch it on sale you can stock up. It’s shelf stable until opened which is very convenient. It doesn’t clump up like some versions and last a long time. Tastes great!!

Hellmann's Light 1/2 Fat Mayonnaise
I always look for healthier alternatives and this Hellmann's option is really great! Same great taste! Same texture! And half the fat of the standard one! This is my go to when I think of Mayo!

Hellmann's Light with Olive Oil Mayonnaise
Une mayonnaise Canadienne qui a tout le bon goût recherché! Les saveurs sont équilibrés et donne un atout parfait à toutes nos recettes. L'ajout d'huile d'olive n'ajoute rien de véritablement notable au goût, ce qui n'est pas une bonne ni une mauvaise chose en soit. Ce...

Hellmann's with Avocado and a hint of Lime
I love mayo on fries, with my chicken, in a tuna salad...Heinz avocado one is really good. The avocado taste isn't crazy and the price is affordable and the lime isn't overpowering. Overall, I highly recommend it. Hellmans is a bit expensive but overall worth it.

Hellmann’s® Organic
Pricey, but taste is great. I buy it in the ‘Spicy Chipotle’, which is a good amount of tang but not too much. It is perfect for chicken, my husband likes to use it as a dip for fries.

Hellmann’s olive oil mayonnaise
Most of us use mayonnaise in the preparation of sandwiches . Olive oil being one of the constituents in this mayonnaise makes it my favourite . Also other contents are within normal range. I love it

Hellmann's organic roasted garlic
It's light compared to the original. Roasted garlic flavour is there, was too strong for me, but if I use a little when eating a burger, then the flavour isn't strong.

Hellmann's Creamy Balsamic Mayonnaise
I always use this as a salad dressing, It is amazing and I find it so creamy. I even use it in my sauces and sometimes when i need to grill food items. It is a great product to have.

Hellmann's Blue Cheese
The blue cheese dressing is creamy and very tasty. Shared with my co-workers with veggies and they also loved it. Is definitely one of my new favorite dressings. Thanks Hellman's!