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Lipton Reviews

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
A snack or dinner i made when im craving for noodle soup which is easy and quick too cook. so tasty and also adding a scrambled egg made it more flavourful. i will buy this lipton chicken noodle soup again and again.

Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags
I find a lot of green teas are strong tasting for me. When I found Lipton’s decaf green tea i was curious to try. Sometimes I don’t want to consume too much caffeine throughout the day so i was really interested in trying this. The taste is great, i also love how the bags...

Lipton Summer Fruits Herbal Tea
I love Lipton teas. This one is so full of berry flavor. I add a very tiny bit of sugar or sweetener and its like a summer day in a hot mug. I have made it to taste and then poured it over ice as well and it's then the perfect summer tea refresh. Lipton boxes of tea are also...

Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags
It tastes good, good balance between the price and quality and quantity. I enjoy a cup of Lipton green tea while reading a book, it gives me some relaxation. Sometimes I add a spoon of honey to add more flavour.

Lipton Rejuvenate Green Tea
I have always enjoyed a good cup of tea anything throughout the day. This combination of tea is extremely delicious as well as great for your body inside and out. It is a great way to start the day and end it. I'm always excited when a new tea hits the shelves. I do though...

Lipton Serenity Herbal Tea
I am usually not a big fan of herbal teas as I find they taste completely different than I expect, but gave this one a try. I felt that this mixture of cinnamon, chamomile and lavender worked so well together! A cup of this tea is a perfect way to wind down your day, especially...

Lipton Peach Mango Herbal Tea
This is one of my favorite iced teas. The flavor is amazing. I usually buy it during summer because it’s very refreshing. It’s affordable as well. I would recommend it.

Lipton Green Tea Matcha Original
this is the best tea. I love tea. Good product, easy and fast way of drinking tea, and the flavor is really good. It was my first time buying it and I loved it. I would like to taste the other flavors to see if they are as good as the one I tasted. And also, I saw this product...

Lipton Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea K-Cup Packs
Lipton tea is so good! Myself and a couple of my kids really enjoy drinking tea. We have tried all sorts of flavors and they are all really delicious! Great price. Love the K-cups.

Lipton Green Tea Mandarin Orange 72ct
This is a very good green tea, with great value. I like to have it in the mornings either before or after having a Tetley tropical green tea + vitamin C. If I drink more than 2 green teas a day, I will toss and turn all night, so the fact that I choose this particular tea as one...

Lipton Mint Green Tea
I have bought this tea over and over again, my boyfriend and I love it so much! I wish they sold it in a bigger box! I use to mix a bag of peppermint tea and green tea together until I found this tea. I like to drink it hot before bed or iced during the day. If you make a big...

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags
Very easy to make and instructions are very clear. It's not expensive according to the benefits of this tea. If someone don't know how much tea have to add its very effective for them

Lipton Green Tea Lemon Ginseng Tea Bags
This tea is so smooth and good I love the taste of the honey and Ginger And Lemone I can sit and drink this all day every morning Tea is so good for the bones when it is cool out

Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea K-Cup Packs
If you fell bloated, this will be a great friend to have! The ginseng is a great partner for bloating and to help digestion. It fits with keurig dak up machine! Great way to have a good tea fast

Lipton Mandarin Orange Green Tea
I found this tea a while ago and was surprised with how great it tastes, it doesn’t need any sugar or sweetener, it tastes great on its own. Not overwhelmingly sweet with a great orange flavour. I’ve tried it iced as well and it’s awesome warm or iced.