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@GirlsOnFilmFoto Sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact customer care on 0800 085 2716 or through https://t.co/pxewN88le9

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MitchumUK  MitchumUK

@smit_faced Hi Mike, Unfortunately we aren't able to screen the Euros in public places, along with any other public screens.

Jun 28th, 2016ReplyRetweetFavorite

MitchumUK  MitchumUK

@sarge_9 Hi Tom, Unfortunately we, along with any other public televisions are not able to screen the Euros. We apologise for the let down

Jun 28th, 2016ReplyRetweetFavorite

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Mitchum Reviews

Mitchum triple odor defense 48hr protection unscented
I have had trouble finding the perfect deodorant for years. I would try to cover stink with a perfumey deodorant but then that was just perfumed stink and that's not any better. Then I realised I was allergic to scents so I was trying to find something unscented and I came...

Mitchum Pure Fresh Anti-perspirant & Deodorant stick
Odeur très agréable, déodorant qui ne laisse pas de trace et ne fait pas de "mottons"! Parfait pour les sportives qui ont très chaud. L"essayer c'est l'adopter :)

Mitchum triple odor defense 48hr protection shower fresh
This is the only deodorant I can use that actually stops me from sweating. I use this daily so I purchase this regularly I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has a problem with perspiration.

Mitchum Women Advanced Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant
I'm so glad I found this product. It is super effective. I need both deodorant and antiperspirant protection and this one offers both, plus its invisible and won't leave white marks. Can't say I love the powder scent. More scent variations would be nice, but the shower fresh is...

Mitchum powder fresh spray deodorant
Life saver! I suffer from smelly sweat no matter how much I wash and no amount of deodorant was hiding that! This not only stopped me smelling but made me stop sweating so much.

Mitchum Invisible No White Marks
Mitchums deodorant is a must have! The price is around the same amount that you would expect for any other deodorants and the quality is pretty great.

Mitchum Advanced Control Powder Fresh
Their advertising when it first came out was ‘so effective you could even skip a day’. This is so true. I’ve recommended and converted most of my family and friends. I have crazy allergies and the gel in this brand is my go-to product for sensitive skin and scent...

Mitchum triple odor Defense, pure fresh
My friend recommended this product to me rather than a spray on. I couldn't believe how long the scent lasted. Offered much more protection than other products I have tried.

Mitchum Women's Advanced Unscented Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Stick
I love this deodorant and since first trying it I have only ever bought this brand. It comes in a range of lovely fragrances. I apply it first thing in the morning and no matter how hot I get during the day the only thing you can smell from my armpits is the lovely fragrance of...

Mitchum Ultimate Gel Powder Fresh
I have bought Mitchum for myself and my husband when it was on sale. It was okay but there are other brands I prefer. I did not feel protected and confident like I do with my usual Dove and Secret Antiperspirants. My husband ran out so I had Mitchum (unscented) for men in my...

mitchum clinical strength deodorant/Anti-perspirant
Anytime I think about replacing this workhorse, I always regret it when a new product gives me swampy pits and an empty wallet. My workplace is scent-free so I always have the unscented Men's clinical strength stick and multiple backups at home because I'm so terrified of...

Mitchum Advanced Oxygen - Shower Fresh - Women 48HR Protection
Used to use spray deodrant and a range of natural deodorants and would always smell by the end of the day. This literally lasts a full day and overnight reduces sweat and no BO. The fresh scent is lovely too

Mitchum Dry Advanced Control Spray
I have tried for over 20 years to find a deodorant that would allow me to feel comfortable in any shirt. I use to have major sweat steins all the time until I found Mitchum.

Mitchum for Woman Powder Fresh Clear Gel
I love this product, I have found it to be one of the only products that actually work for me!! It has a lovely scent, doesn't leave any marks on my clothes. The only thing I will say about it is that it take a while to dry/absorb

Mitchum Roll-On Deodorant
I'm pretty sweaty...always have been.. I assume I always will be. I'm very active, I walk 3 miles to work, I'm on my feet all day then walk home, go to the gym, I go running. I have tried many branded 24/48 hour protection deodorants and literally by time I'm at work I feel...