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Nutella Reviews

Nutella Hazelnut Spread
Good nice enjoyable taste of chocolate and rosted nuts, so sad its now really Healthy choice for breakfast i prefer healthier choices for my kids and family

Nutella & GO! Hazelnut Spread and Breadsticks
This is better with chocolate sandwich, with cookies, with cake, with pastries. This could be yummy breakfast with coffee. My personal experience is almost good as it best. So many items could be serve with Nutella. Mostly this is all children favorite. And with this also we...

Nutella & GO! Hazelnut Spread and Pretzel Sticks
This stuff is amazing, but for me, that is a terrible, terrible thing. I can eat an entire jar of this stuff in a day (2000 calories by itself), plus other meals, fruit, etc. It tastes great on apples and bananas; I haven't tested anything else (I'd love to hear...

Nutella B-Ready
Nutella B-Ready

46 reviews

Nutella is made of so many hazelnuts. Usually, Nutella is a chocolate spread, but people eat Nutella in every way The ways are- -Putting Nutella in bathtub and then they eat it. -Spread the Nutella on the bread/waffle and then they eat it. Nutella is the sweetest thing...

Tim Hortons Nutella Pastry Pockets
When these first came out, they were an absolute delight! I would get them all the time, I just wish that they would bring them back again soon! Delicious, although a tad more expensive than they're worth.

Tim Horton's Nutella Donut
The Nutella and Tim Horton’s collab was a very good move on both party’s sides and the tastes really seem to compliment each other. The Nutella overpowers the taste of the donut in a very tasty way and if your looking to have a cheat in your meal plan I recommend this for...

Nutella Mini Swirl Cookie
Super tasty! They're nice soft cookies with a Nutella filled inside. They're a little too sweet but I think that was its intention. I love it and my siblings think it's super delicious. Can be purchased for a cheap price with enough quantity to last a good while! Makes a great...