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Palmolive Reviews

Ultra Palmolive Original Dish Soap
I started using this soap as a change from the regular dish soap I useI, use it occasionally to clean my dishes and it helps me a little with removing the greasy and the aroma is pleasant I like it.It lasts a while because you don't have to use more than a drop on your sponge

Palmolive antibacterial orange dish liquid
This Palmolive is such a great cleaning dish soap. It doesn’t ruin my skin and cleans the dishes very fast. It creates plenty of foam and after the rinse there’s no slipper effect on the dishes.

Palmolive Passion Fruit and Plumeria Concentrated Dish Soap
This is my favourite soap! It’s not greasy and soapy like the other soaps, once rinsed it’s gone. I really love the fact that when I put soap on my sponge it stays soapy for a long time

Palmolive Oxy Dish Soap
Do you ever imagine that a dish soap could be in a perfume form because it just smells so good? That's definitely this product that wants you to buy more

Palmolive fresh green apple dish liquid
Le savon liquide à vaisselle Palmolive est un essentiel dans ma routine quotidienne de nettoyage et ce depuis si longtemps. Si j’utilise Palmolive vaisselle depuis ce temps, c’est dire à quel point j’en suis satisfaite. Je préfère payer un peu plus, mais au moins je...

Palmolive Lavender & Lime Ultra Dish Soap
I ABSOLUTELY love the smell of this stuff! I must day it's a pretty strong scent, but it super gentle on your hands! The bubbles actually last an entire hand washing of dishes, and it gets greasy dishes sparkling clean! And the dreaded spaghetti sauce stains from leftovers...

Palmolive dish soap
Great scent, great viscosity it is thick enough not to leak from bottles and to foam nicely. Works great and has no chemicals in it.I have very sensitive skin and lots of allergies but it hasn't caused me any problems.Of course you always get the sparkling clean, non-slippery...

Palmolive coconut shower gel
The coconut gel makes skin so soft and supple. Always feel like showering with this because my skin feels so alive and so pure. Also, it smoothens the skin with give soft texture and i love having it.

Palmolive Dish Liquid Essential Clean Apple Pear
Clean and clear is exactly that, clear and light, pleasant smelling and tough on grease. It produces a nice amount of suds. Cleans the coconut oil residue from the pots and pans with very little effort, and even removes lipstick from glasses. It is gentle enough to clean eye...

Palmolive Soft Touch Dishwashing Liquid
This is my preferred product. I use it everyday. It makes lots of soap bubbles and cleans dishes perfectly, even if food is dried on. My hands never feel greasy after using it.

Palmolive Dish Liquid Passionfruit and Mandarin
I love trying different scents of dish soaps. This one makes the task of dishes less tedious. It smells delicious! It is just as effective as the original Palmolive and just a small amount is needed. I wipe my countertops and stove down with it and it cuts through the oil and...

Palmolive milk and honey
Hydrating body wash with a subtle scent. It’s not always available in UK so I make sure I stock up when I go abroad, if you see it you should give it a try. Great value for the size you get and you don’t have to use much as it goes a long way.

palmolive coconut butter & orchid dish liquid
This smells so good! I don't find any difference in how my hands feel in terms of moisturization compared to regular dish soaps, but it cleans just as well and leaves the kitchen smelling really nice.

Palmolive OXY Power Degreaser + Odour Fighter in Marine Purity scent!
We just bought this product a week ago. It has proven to be soft on the hands and it does an excellent job cutting through greese. Its bubbles last a long time even with heavily soiled dishes. Its smell is not quite what i am use to as I typically purchase fruity scents...

palmolive ultra strength
When I have those dishes that won’t come clean in the dishwasher, I keep ultra Palmolive on hand. It cleans through grease and grime. When I am finished my hands are grease free as well.