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SoftSoap Reviews

SoftSoap Antibacterial Hand Soap
Very good, clean well and smell good, but finishes quickly. It's ok. I bought a small.one to try and I liked. Will try other smell next time I purchase this.

SoftSoap Pomegranate and Mango BodyWash
This stuff smells amazing so good I just wan to eat it. Soaps up very well and I feel so clean using the brand. So awesome 69 Thumbs up. Must try and well worth the price this flavor reminds me of something really EXPINSIVE from the Store The Body Shop. If you haven't tryed it...

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Aquarium Fresh
I have very sensitive hands so I can't use many soaps. Soft soap has been great for cleaning my hands as it doesn't cause my skin to dry out like other soaps.

SoftSoap Body Scrub Coconut Butter
I love this bodywash! I love how it exfoliates your skin and has a wonderful aroma that leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. The amount you get for the price isn't bad either.

Softsoap Rich Shea Butter Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap
Soft soap with Shea butter is one of our favorite hand soaps. Not to mention, this soaps smells so good and leaves your hands soft and moisturized. This soap makes a great lather and lasts a long time. Would highly recommend this soap to others!

Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Quench Moisturizing Body Wash
I've been a quadriplegic for almost eleven years, and high functioning for three. The need for a good moisturising liquid soap is huge when striving to stay healthy. With pressure sores and skin conditions common from being in a wheelchair, I've found this product to be...

SoftSoap Juicy Melon and Crisp Cucumber Hand Soap
This is an average soap that is average quality. It is generally cost efficient and does have many great scents, however it always dries my hands out. I would choose this product last .

SoftSoap Body Butter Moisturizing Wash Heavenly Vanilla
I love rich and creamy body washes and this one did not disappoint. The scent is perfect, light, yet lingers pleasantly on your skin. The bottle is a nice size and a great value.

SoftSoap Orchid and Coconut hand soap
A wonderful smelling soap that leaves your hands with the same soft feeling as any soap from SoftSoap. I recently bought this product when doing my regular grocery shopping trip and LOVE IT!!!

Softsoap Kitchen Citrus Bliss Foaming Hand Soap
I purchased this hand soap and was sure glad I did! This one is a foaming pump soap and the foam is thick and lathers great. It is good for cleaning greasy, messy hands and also fights tough odors like onion and garlic and gets rid of the nasty smells with ease. it cleans well...

SoftSoap Moisturizing Body Wash - Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions
Fantastic product. The scent is my absolute favourite. The bottle is easy to get the body wash from, and the soap always leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth!

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refill - Aquarium
My go-to soap! I always buy it (usually on sale) and really like it. It leaves my hands soft, doesn’t bother the rest of the family and is reasonably priced. It has a light, fresh, slightly sweet scent that is similar to many ‘ocean’ or ‘water’ scents and that I really...

Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions
This body wash has a unique scent and it is rather strong. I found it interesting how I actually smelled a "juicy" scent. I had no clue I could smell a visual texture. This body wash is pleasant and I use it as a form of aroma therapy since my showers or baths are my...

Softsoap Blackberry Sugar Body Wash
I love this scrub in the shower in the morning! It really works in exfoliating my skin. Also, I don't need to use a lot of the product so it has a long shelf life if I need to buy in bulk.

Softsoap pure zen rosewater and lotus flower hand soap
Scent isn't very strong. It doesn't make a lot of lather but still I like it. It comes in a fairly large pump bottle, 332ml. Popular brand, easy to find in most stores.