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Twinings Reviews

Twinings Chai  French Vanilla
I love that tea. It's very affordable and it taste good. I love to bring it to work. I would recommend it to anyone that has a sweet tooth too but does not want to necessarely eat some sweets.

Tassimo Twinings Chai Tea Latte
I really enjoy the flavor of the chai latte, in fact I'll admit that I haven't really noticed a difference in the taste between the older two disc version and the newer single disc one. I do wish that the foam was easier to mix in but then I guess that's the point of a latte. I...

Twinings Fresh & Fruity Blueberry & Apple Herbal Tea
A really nice fruity herbal tea. Not too sweet like other teas. Smells wonderful and tastes great!

Twinings Earl Grey Tea
I drink more Tea in the Winter and always buy when the big Boxes are on Special ! It seems Twining's Ear Grey is on a deep discount in many stores !! I found a Box of 144 bags for $12.49 CAD !(Regularly about $25 CAD ...) It didn't taste like I remember , The Bergemot / Citrus...

Twinings Green Tea Lemon
Twinings is a big brand making tea. There aren't many lemon tea bag in the market. Twinings is the only choice. The taste is a bit light, add a little honey is a nice combination

Twinings Lady Grey Tea
This tea tastes so good! It's hard for me to find in stores near my area so I don't drink it everyday but I always enjoy my cup when I indulge. The orange is a great addition. I also used this tea when I made an earl grey and orange loaf cake and it was incredible. High quality...

Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea
If you are familiar with English Breakfast, you'll probably enjoy this one. I tried this in a black tea assortment box. It was surprising just how different the flavour was from their English Breakfast but it's very good. In my opinion it's a bit bolder in taste, a bit of...

Twinings Orange, Mango and cinnamon tea
Really love this herbal tea. The mango actually tastes really fresh and has great flavour. Great flavour combo. So juicy tasting and really satisfying tea. Will buy over and over thats for sure.

Twinings Goodnight Blend
I love to enjoy this in the evening before bed. It's nice to take a moment and relax, unwind and destress. Nice taste clear, I enjoy tea with a little bitnof sugar and milk - that didn't negatively effect the flavor.

Twinings Honeybush Mandarin & Orange
Oh, this is nice! A nice sweet but not too sweet truly orange-tasting tea. I like having this both hot and over ice. I will say that the teabags themselves do not pack a huge amount of flavor and are good for only one cup - but it is a good cup!

Twinings Chai Spiced Apple
This tea has such a pleasant and a bit of a sweet flavour that it has enabled me to completely stop using sugar. The cinnamon gives it a bit of a sweet taste and it is so very tasteful.

Twinings Herbal Tea in Pomegranate & Raspberry
A nice sweet but not too sweet truly berry-tasting tea. I do not pick up much pomegranate. To my pallet this tastes like watered down black and red wine gums, with far less sugar of course. I like having this both hot and over ice. I will say that the teabags themselves do not...

Twinings Herbal Tea in Orange & Cinnamon Spice
This is one of the most flavourful and delicious herbal teas I have ever tried! The cinnamon and orange make such a nice combination of flavours that balance each other out perfectly. I love that it is caffeine free so it's perfect for bedtime. I love that it is made with 100%...

Twinings Classics English Breakfast Tea
I drink a lot of tea which is why I like this product. I wouldn't say it is the greatest tea I've ever had but for a everyday tea, it is fine. It is very light and easy to drink when you're on the go. There isn't much depth to it though.

Twinings pure red rooibos tea
I am sensitive to caffeine, but I love lattes, coffees and teas. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free but bad rooibos tastes like soap. O_o This is the first Rooibos tea that I like...it's got a nice clean taste and an almost sweet flavour. It reminds me of Chinese...