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The Vim brand carries a wide range of household cleaning products. Vim started off as a scouring powder, created by William Lever in 1904. Now Vim is owned by Spotless Group, and marketed by Unilever in Canada. The Vim Lemon Cleanser is an ultimate ChickAdvisor favorite.


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Vim Reviews

Vim Bathroom Refill Ecopack
It’s a good price and you can use same bottle to mix it. It’s good to use daily in the kitchen area and all the house with a good smell. I use to clean the washroom as well. It’s not a strong product but for daily propose it’s a good thing.

Vim Inspired by Nature Degreaser Kitchen Spray
We love this natural cleaner. It doesnt leave any film on surfaces, cleans away messes and smell absolutely amazing! Due to the natural ingredients I find it isnt irritating to my hands.

Vim Inspired by Nature Anti-Limescale Bathroom Spray
Sûr pour la salle de bain , il désinfecte efficacement. Laisse une bonne odeur de propreté. J'apprécie acheté des produits dit naturels ,pour ma conscience. Je recommande

Vim household Cleaner with bleach
I would buy this cleaning product again and again for certain. I have been using it for years and also bought other products over time hoping that they too could do a great job. But, I stick with this. I am a retired nurse and have always known the value of using bleach to clean...

Vim Gel with Baking Soda
I would buy Vim Gel with Baking Soda if I could find it again in the stores which I frequently visit. The product works for me. I use it for my kitchen stainless sinks and also for my old cast iron laundry room sinks. I'm getting low and need a backup. Do you still make it...

Vim Ocean Pure All Purpose Oxy-Gel
I’ve found this cleaning gel is good for certain jobs,doesn’t work super well for toilets or sinks as it just wants to go straight down the drain or into the water. I also don’t like the nozzle, product seems to fly out of it. On the other hand I diluted some & made an...

Vim Surfaces en Bois
J’ai un plancher en bois tout neuf dont je veux prendre bien soin, surtout que mes enfants sont en bas âge et font tomber toutes sortes de choses (niurriture, liquides, terre du jardin...) dessus chaque jour. Ce nettoyant fait très bien l’affaire et surtout ne laisse pas...

Vim cleaning bleach in lemon scent
This product works great! I usually hate the smell of bleach as it is so strong but this lemon scent mellows down the harshness the odor. Definitely recommend.

Vim Cream Cleaner in Pink Flower
I just recently tried this one, I’ve always used vim to clean my sink and once I saw it in a pink bottle I had to buy it lol it smells amazing and worked just as well as the regular but left a nice scent in my kitchen smelling clean.

Vim Cream Cleaner with Bleach
This cleaner works so well. It took some of my glass items from disgusting to dazzling. I couldn’t recommend this any more! I even had gross stuff on my fingers and it washed it off beautifully. 10/10 must buy!!!! It’s f****** magic!!! It’s insane!!!! I’ll preach this...

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach
So I have tiles from the 60s they look like they have never been cleaned used this stuff on the floor and omg it is amazing. Definitely try it. Cleaned the grouts and made everything sparkle. The scent wasn't too bad. I left it on for 20 min and rinsed with water. No scrubbing...

Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray
Have always loved VIM products, and this Actifizz spray does not disappoint. Been trying to look for sprays rather than wipes in this crazy COVID times (to save money and environment) and the VIM spray does the job perfectly! It smells great and takes out stuck on food on the...

Vim Cream Cleaner in Eucalyptus Scent
I would NOT buy this product again, given I was expecting a true Eucalyptus scent and it smells more like fabric softener. Unfortunately, my allergies and sensitivity to scent, aren't forgiving and I'm not sure I will be able to use it up! *** It does clean to its absolute...

Vim Ultra Power Mould Remover with Bleach
This stuff is BEYOND amazing! I have used many different products to try to remove mould from my shower tiles and no product comes even remotely close to this one. I simply sprayed it on the mouldy tiles and when I came back 20 minutes later to start scrubbing, I couldn’t...

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Citrus Clean
These wipes are great bang for your buck. They are thick and able to catch a lot of nastiness over a large surface area. I had a jar that had really sticky gunk on it from a label. Instead of reaching for goo-gone I tried this and it worked like a charm!