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    July 01, 2013

    I received my Ginger-Lemongrass Soap for free from the Autumn Moon Soap Co. to try out, but if you’d like to try some for yourself they sell for about $5.24 Canadian each. Autumn Moon soaps are all home made and are made with all natural ingredients. They say they leave your skin refreshed and moisturized, but that wasn’t the case with the one I received, but I’ll get to that in a minute. They come wrapped in a cello bag with a pretty cloth purple ribbon and each round hand cut bar is about 14 oz’s. They are cold-processed lye soaps made with plant oil and scented only with essential oils and edibles. They’re free of artificial colorants, fragrances, and chemicals, so they are really all natural. The maker says that because her soaps are made in this way they retain naturally-occurring glycenin witch is supposed to soften your skin. When I first open the pretty package that this Ginger-Lemongrass bar of soap came in it smelled wonderful and I was excited to try it out. How ever once I tried it this all changed for me in a big hurry. It was so rough on my skin that I could hardly even stand to use it. It felt like it had sand or something like that in it. As I moved the bar around my skin if felt like it was scratching away the top layer of skin. Now I don’t know if all of the soaps she makes are like this, or if it was just this Ginger-Lemongrass bar of soap, so I can’t tell you not to try out some other Autumn Moon soaps. But I can tell you that if you’d like to exfoliate your skin while you wash, don’t buy this one. You could end up doing more damage to your skin then just exfoliating it.

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