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    December 06, 2015

    What she states is simple and true - but more difficult to get into the habit of. "Good food, simple, healthy eating, and regular exercise." Sounds easy, right?

    Her program starts with a 3 day detox to force the body to start changing, and then reintroducing 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

    You are encouraged to eat vegetables out of wazoo as well.

    We start out by taking measurements - which are then done weekly.

    We are encouraged to allow ourselves a 90/10 attitude on food - so 10% of the time we can break the rules.

    She teaches us general awareness of the food we are eating - really for anyone who has no idea where to start on a healthier lifestyle, Stephanie hits it bang on and has some fabulous and simple recipes for you to follow.

    We are taught how to maintain a protein:carbohydrate ratio of 1:1 for 6 days - this is a LOT of protein - my nemesis as I never seem to eat enough of it. I am a work in progress. Always.

    She shows us how to weigh or eyeball the ratios out.

    Over the course of the 10 days, exercise is increased, and we are given a meal plan for each day.

    This Kindle edition ALSO includes Belly Fat Blowout II - a 5 week continuation of the program to really teach you healthy eating habits - there is a LOT of support and information provided.

    During this 5 weeks, still no grains or foods with made with flour - like bread. I know from when I was Gluten free for a period of time (under my Doctors supervision and advice to help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), I lost 10 pounds. In like 4 weeks. It was crazy. Everyone else I know who has cut out bread and rice (grains) also just loses weight.

    We also go to a more reasonable 2:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio.

    Each week includes:
    - A support call (you can download an MP3 for this)
    - New recipes
    - Facebook Support
    - Morning Mantras
    - Food Journal

    Each week teaches us the basics about healthy eating, basic fitness, and more encouragement.

    I think this book is great and well organized with a lot of helpful resources.

    Belly Fat Blowout would be beneficial to anyone who thinks eating healthy is a hassle or has no idea where to start. Even I learnt new information and got some fabulously delicious (and easy) recipes to help hone in that extra protein I'm looking for.

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