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    May 03, 2014

    After hearing about this product on youtube, I went searching for it. The multitude of flavors (which have remained the same since the store opened, by the way...) and cute bright packaging made me feel like I needed to try them out. I checked out the Blamtastic website, and went to 3 of the stores in my area that show up on their "store locator" just to find out that the stores didn't carry Blamtastic, nor had they for months! The site is terribly outdated, so don't trust them for location info.

    By a fluke of luck, I ended up seeing a display of Blamtastic at my local Toys R Us. I paid $3.50 for one lip balm, which I find crazy! I understand it's a novelty company, but the price tag for a single tube of lip balm is insane! This product is geared more towards children The lip balm contains SPF 15 in it which is perfect for summer. It's a fun way to keep your kids protected from sunburnt lips!

    I chose the flavor/scent "Frenetic Frizz - Orange Soda - For Boys". The packaging is super cute and very child friendly. My only complaint is that it says "for boys" right on the package. I personally don't mind, because I'm a grown adult. But I feel like if I was to give this product to a girl they might not appreciate it because it specifically says "for boys". They also have ones "for girls". I guess it's to add to the novelty of it, but I don't like it. I feel like it tells children that they can only use a certain flavor because it's deemed for their gender.

    The flavor is mild, but true to name. It certainly does taste like orange soda - minus the fizzy bit. Although this balm does have a weird texture, it's got a grainy/sugar feel to it. That grainy feel doesn't go away on the lips either, it sticks around. The balm isn't super thick, or very moisturizing. But it isn't bad either.

    Overall, It's an overpriced lip balm with no real claim to fame other than the novelty of it for children. I won't be buying another one, for myself or any of the children in my life.

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