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    October 13, 2013

    Curiosity got the better of me this weekend and I stopped by Burger King to try out their new Gratifries.

    These fries are crinkle cut with an outer skin that I found to be a bit tough but an interior more the consistency of mashed potatoes. They also had very little taste but I already thought that their fries lacked in flavour so in my opinion they taste about the same.

    Personally I don't eat many fries but when I do indulge I prefer mine crispy.

    Here are the facts:

    Medium Order of Fries

    Original Gratifries
    Calories: 350 260
    Fat: 17g (3.5g saturated) 10g (1g saturated)
    Sodium: 790 mg 280 mg

    The portion is smaller and they charge .30 cents more.

    Now in my opinion Gratifries are not that gratifying. They are kind of mushy and really don't taste all that great but once they cool off they really don't have much going for them. They are not worth the extra .30 cents especially when the portion is smaller. To me if you are going to eat fries then mow down on the real deal just don't do it everyday.

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