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Fast Food Reviews

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McDonald's Fries

218 reviews

McDonalds fries are the best. I love the saltiness of them and could easily eat way too many. I love the shoestring cut and the freshness of them. They're also affordable which is a bonus.
Tim Hortons Frozen Lemonade

242 reviews

I love the raspberry frozen lemonade. It’s refreshing and taste amazing. I drink it during summer but also during fall and winter when it’s available. It’s also affordable.
Tim Hortons Timbits

136 reviews

I love how cheap Timbits are. They're the perfect little treat to go along with your coffee, and they're always a huge hit when someone brings a box of 50 Timbits into the office to share.
Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

93 reviews

This is the perfect treat for summer. It's not too sweet and comes in a cup so it doesn't get messy. Part milkshake, part ice cream, it's still good. My only complaint is that if you want the ice cream part of it, it melts very quickly, so watch out for brain freeze.
Tim Hortons Honey Cruller

75 reviews

This doughnut is definitely worth its small price and fulfills many cravings at once, Its sweet/sugary ,eggy, light and fluffy. Balances well with many drinks even a black coffee!
McDonald's Big Mac Burger

67 reviews

I love McDonald's Big Mac. That special sauce with the pickles and onions really make the sandwich yummy. Although it's never as pretty as it looks in commercial, it still tastes great.
Tim Hortons Boston Cream Doughnut

67 reviews

It s amazing when my husband surprise us in the morning, when he s coming from work,with doughnuts from Tim Hortons. I like the variety,the texture and the flavour.
Tim Horton Birthday Cake Timbit

34 reviews

I really love the Tim Horton timbits. They are an excellent price and so great for a treat for the kids. The birthday cake timbit is an excellent way to treat someone on their birthday that you wouldn't normally buy for like a co-worker or friend but such a great way to show...
a & W beyond meat burger

18 reviews

I had high hopes for this product. Not sure if it is because my A and W Beyond Burger wasn’t exactly hot, but it lacked real flavour. What I received needed some seasoning and to be served hotter. I would try the meat again in another situation and restaurant.
Tim Hortons Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

40 reviews

I don't usually buy hot beverages... Like maybe 3 a year... I'm more of a cold drink person... However i did enjoy these at christmas time... This year they had peppermint hot chocolate but it wasn't the same and i only bought one... Hopefully next year they bring it back! :}
Wendy's $5 bacon double stack "Biggie" bag

3 reviews

I would definitely purchase the Wendy's $5 biggie bag again. It came with a double stacked cheeseburger with bacon, you also get a small French fries and a 4 piece nugget plus a drink for $5. It has a really good taste and it's for a great price.
Cavendish Farms Drive Thru Fries

1 review

Cavendish Farms has done it again! Their new Drive thru fries are quick, and easy to make and it’s super delicious! It has the perfect flavour and perfect crunch. My whole family loves them especially my kids! (Currently 2,4&6;) I recommend them to everyone
Tim Hortons chicken bacon ranch wrap

1 review

Tim’s new crispy chicken bacon ranch wrap is delicious! The chicken was nice and warm and wrapped with tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and ranch dressing. It comes in a handy, mess-free container and is easy to eat on the go.
McDonald's Happy Meal

10 reviews

the kids love this, they really enjoy the toy and i like that they can have milk instead of pop, and i know that when they are done eating that they are full
McDonald's Junior Chicken

28 reviews

When your in need of a quick lunch or meal break this bad boy of the chicken burgers is the way to go. Juicy patty with lots of fat for the energy to get you through the day.
Tilda Basmati Coconut Rice

5 reviews

I received this Tilda Basmati coconut rice as a sample to test and i absolutely loved it! I the coconut flavour was not overpowering. It is very convenient to make as it only requires 2mins in the microwave to be ready to eat. I loved it so much i went out and bought the...
Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights

1 review

These tasty little donuts will literally melt in your mouth!!! Warm little donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar with a cream cheese center and deep fried. They have a slight crispyness as you bite into it then soft and warm. I can’t rave about these enough and they are quite...
Metro F2GO Almond Turkey & Harvarti Cheese wrap

1 review

Metro makes amazing pre-made wraps and subs. They are super popular at my local store, if I were to go in now (2pm) they would be gone. They are made daily by the deli counter staff and come in different varieties, some with meat or fish, some just veggie and there is always...
mcdonalds hash brown

24 reviews

It is a crispy delight first thing in the morning. Light and flaky and so delicious. Very resonably priced. I purchase one every day before work. Aaaaa@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
A & W Mozza Burger

24 reviews

I discovered these burgers this year after moving to Canada and OMG. I dont know how I ever lived without the deliciousness of these burgers. I love how fresh and homemade they taste compared to the usual super processed tasting burgers from fast food chains. These are honestly...