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Fast Food Reviews

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McDonald's Fries

226 reviews

sometimes they really vary in taste but overall theyre very good. occasionally when ordering they will taste very off though. almost like cleaner. you know im addicted though! overall they usually have a salty crispy texture that always pairs well with their food.
Tim Hortons Frozen Lemonade

243 reviews

Looking for a cold drink on a warm day? Then try Tim Horton’s frozen original lemonade. This drink is not too sweet and the lemon taste is not overpowering.
Tim Hortons Timbits

144 reviews

Delicious and easy to eat! My favourites are: birthday cake, chocolate, blueberry, and cruller! It's too bad that some locations don't have all of them available at once sometimes.
McDonald's Baked Apple Pie

113 reviews

The best apple pie I have had at a fast food restaurant. Incredible filling and golden flaky crust. Would prefer this over store bought pies any day!!!
Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

95 reviews

Amazing Wendy's frosty's are not your typical milkshake. Frosty's are more like softserve I love to get them mixed with both vanilla and chocolate such an amazing treat on a hot day.
Tim Hortons Honey Cruller

80 reviews

This is one of my favourite treats from Tim Hortons - the shape is satisfying and there isn't the denseness you usually get with donuts. I hope they never stop making it!
McDonald's Big Mac Burger

80 reviews

Had this for the first time today and it was my least favorite McDonald's offering. Drowning in sauce that added a questionable flavor to the beef that hid in the bread that hid in the lettuce. Reminded me of eating burgers in the UK, which is not a good thing.
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

68 reviews

I love McDonalds and so do my daughter. She absolutely love these chicken nuggets. They are very delicious. But they would be better once the IRS. Mcdonalds is a fair price restaurant. I would recommend
Tim Hortons Boston Cream Doughnut

68 reviews

It’s great taste of donut. I like chocolate and custard inside donut. It’s great flavour. Everyone like taste of donut. It’s very affordable price .I recommend others and my friends to buy them.
McDonald's Happy Meal

42 reviews

My kids love kids meal from mc Donald’s Specially the new toy they get inside ..this brings joy to them during this hard times the world is going trough. They also love the fries and chicken nuggets and there selection is always a chocolate milk I really love it .
Tim Horton Birthday Cake Timbit

44 reviews

These literally taste like you are eating Birthday cake but in a mini version. They are definitely very sweet, so if you don’t like sweet stuff these aren’t for you. But for people who do enjoy the sweetness definitely try these out. Sooo yummy. Really good warmed up in the...
a & W beyond meat burger

25 reviews

I was pretty skeptical about beyond meat burgers. I first saw it on Jillian Harris’ Instagram page. You never know if influencers just say things to get paid, but I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t meat. It was juicy and delicious. I loved it!
Scoiattolo grilled organic vegetable ravioli

1 review

Sometime you just need a super quick and easy meal! I get this 2 pack(Each pack is 454g) of organic vegan ravioli was on offer for $9.99 at costco This organic ravioli are made with durum wheat, buckwheat flour and tumeric. The filling is with grill vegetable~zucchini...
Friskies Feline Favourites 1.43 kil

1 review

I have been feeding my cats this food for years and they absolutely love it. I buy the large bags for the better value and it lasts quite a bit longer. I've tried other brands but my bunch prefer friskies above all other kinds.
Belmont Meats PURE beef burgers

1 review

Juicy, tender beef burgers. Gluten free and with all natural ingredients. Loved it so much with it's 4g of Carbs. It is perfect for a low carb or keto diet meal.made mainly of beef, mushrooms, beef broth and spices. It certainly is a beef burger "with nothing to hide". So juicy...
A & W Mozza Burger

33 reviews

I eat a lot of A&W;due to lack of options in my small town but I am not complaining! The mozza burger is one of my faves. I usually ask for some grilled onions on my burger and extra sauce cause that is my fave part! The burger taste great and is fresh in my store. And the...
Tim Hortons Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

44 reviews

So disappointed when I tried this. I'm a huge peppermint hot chocolate drinker, even make it at home. But this was just plain disappointing. Wasn't very chocolatey. Like hot water with a hint of chocolate flavor. Even when I worked at Tim's for a brief period, they knew my...
Subway gluten free bread

1 review

Unfortunately, there is only one gluten free option in regards to bread at this restaurant. Although it does taste much better than their slimy salad. I suggest getting your bread double toasted so it's not crumbly or too hard and load it up with lots of sauce as this option is...
wendys lemonade

1 review

i love this stuff. i usually get a large so i can take it home and make it last longer. I've added soda before to add bubbles and make it last longer. yummy !
Power Root Tongkat Ali With Honey Energy Drink

1 review

Tongkat Ali Power Root is a Malaysian brand of energy drink that can be found at all supermarkets and hyeprmarkets. It is added with honey. Its definitely sweet, but the aroma is not as good as Red Bull. Overall, worth giving it a shot.