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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    March 29, 2014

    Clarus is the generic for Accutane. I am 35 and have had acne continuously from about age 11 until now (24 years). I would clean my skin and it would be oily the second I was done cleaning, especially on my eyelids and my forehead.

    I am almost 2 months into the Clarus rx. At first, by about week 2, I was shredding everywhere. My lips were peeling like crazy, and my forehead, etc. Seemed like the oilier the area, the more I would shred.

    If this happens to you, trust my word that my trial and error that Nivea is the one you want to apply to the peeling areas.

    My skin is almost clear, but still some oil. Much, much better! Highly recommend!

    Updated On: June 14, 2014

    It has been 2.5 mos. since I originally wrote. I am working hard to find the correct balance, because I have an extremely hard time with either having my face too dry so that I have what I call "road burn" where these select patches, you cannot pump the moisture in fast enough, and the REST of the time, I am still so oily that, again, you could wring my forehead right out!

    The dry patches are in the center of my forehead, where my chin touches my neck- straight across, in a straight line, along my neckline/bottom of chin, and a stripe down my nose. I also frequently have to spend a lot of time with a wet wash cloth & textured shirt or towel to scrub off all the peeling skin all around my mouth, and then my lips themselves. Oh- you're wondering why - Ok, you do that bc it helps so much, makes it feel so much better, and starts the healing process. If you slack off of this for a few days, it is painful, or the opposite- you begin to lose all nerve sensation on your entire mouth area.

    Other than that, I would say somewhere between 60-75% of my days now, I can remove ALL oil and dirt simply with a wet wash cloth, which is a LIFETIME 1ST, for me, and THAT is a self-esteem booster, in and of itself! I see how great my skin looks; what I can't figure out is why not only have I not gotten my 1st compliment yet, but ppl really close to me, when I ask them, or sort of point things out, they definitely are NOT looking and seeming so enthused! A definite WTF right there!

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