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    August 27, 2014

    I am absolutely thrilled to be able to write this review to you today, all about the Cryoow doll, because every one of these adorable pieces is entirely unique and created by your own child and it has been a huge hit in our household. The name stands for "create your own" and the company started all due to the idea of a 7 year old girl, who asked a tailor in her parent's company to make a doll for her from a picture she had drawn. Things took off from there and now Cryoow is devoted to making dolls as unique as snowflakes for children all over the world, each one being personalized and completely special. This was something that appealed greatly to me and, even moreso, to my children, who you can read more about here. I hope you enjoy it too.

    When I posed the question to my two boys, ages 7&9;, "If you could make your own doll for your sister, what would it look like?", I never thought it would become such a competition! Thing 1 and Thing 2 started drawing up a storm, wanting to create the best doll for little Peanut, who's 2, and win her affection via doodles of princesses or whatever they thought was most-likely to capture her eye. The boys decided that they would each draw 10 submissions that Peanut could pick from, choosing the winner, and we would have the Cryoow doll creator make up the replica for her in order for me to write this review.
    The drawing took up an entire afternoon and, in the end, my oldest ended up being the one to have come up with Peanut's ideal dolly. As you can see from the photos posted, I believe his was chosen by our Frozen-obsessed lady because it looks a lot like Elsa.

    We sent off the drawing to Waly from the company, who appears to handle all orders, and had an excellent experience where communication with the company was concerned. Their replies are prompt, courteous and very pleasant- even when I failed to be able to properly scan something. Gah.

    I was actually quite surprised at how quickly the doll was made and shipped, which we received notification of and we got to track it all the way from Indonesia. All of the kids grew progressively more excited as it neared Canada. My only disappointment would have been the horrendous cost of the doll, as it runs about $150 USD to purchase, which does include shipping. It's quite expensive for a little, 30cm tall doll but so are the Maple Lea girls or the American Girl dolls and I do enjoy the unique aspect of these ones.

    It comes wrapped in this beautiful, blue satchet that has the Cryoow label stitched onto it. When you open it up, the doll is enclosed in a little wrapper and a special identity slip comes with it so you know who made what you are about to open.

    When Peanut opened her dolly, I was completely shocked at how well the Cryoow creators had replicated Thing 1's drawing. It was exactly like the picture, right down to the way that he had drawn the snowflakes on her dress and it included the same amount of them on there.

    On the back of each doll is a little space where the child that created it can write their name in order to sign their artwork. My son was incredibly proud of himself at that point in time and wrote his name while looking terribly pleased. It was so cute.

    My tiny Peanut immediately took to the doll, named her "Pwincess" (so bloody cute) and carries her everywhere. This is fantastic for me, as she previously liked carrying around one of her two pillows and my dogs were always trying to sleep on them whenever she dropped one. There's a shot of The Princess, her Pwincess and those two pillows in the photo uploads.

    As a mother, I love the idea that Peanut may have this doll for years to come and may even pass it on to her own children, telling them that their uncle made it for her when she was only two. I've already put the drawing that my son made into a frame and will keep it safe should that day ever arrive.

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