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E Cloth Microfibre cloths Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 05, 2014

    (Forewarning; I am Canadian. I spell like one. Fibre has RE on the end, rather than ER)

    Anyone who knows me will tell you how frequently I discuss cleaning like it's one of my most exciting past-times. I'm a stay at home mother with four children and two of them are home with me all day. This means mess. A lot of mess. It also means that when I find something that cleans well, quickly, is cheaper to use and enables me to clean around my babies without chemicals it *is* exciting for me. That is why I love the microfibre option so much- you can pick up 99% of bacteria on hard surfaces without the use of chemicals, papertowel, Lysol wipes and all the standard array of nasty things we're buying and putting into our homes.

    I was fairly nervous about this review, as I was recently sent the E-cloth to check out, yet I work for Norwex. They would probably be our biggest competitor in the microfibre world and, of course, I have bought into our products and hold a vested interest in the company doing well.
    That being said, when something is good, it's just plain good and I am not about to say otherwise.
    Sorry Norwex- I still love you, dearest, but was distracted by this cute, little thing that passed through....

    Now, there are a couple of things that I really loved about the kitchen cloth straight off the bat.

    Firstly, the $14.99 pricepoint is nuts in comparison to the Norwex $33.99 one for the same package.
    Mind you, this E-cloth also includes a little scrubby corner and you don't get that with the Norwex Basic package. This means you'd end up spending even more if you wanted that useful addition, as you would have to buy the items separately and the scrubby kitchen cloth adds at least $2 right from the start. So it's a toonie- but that's coffee for the hubbs for a day!
    Secondly, every package comes with the polishing cloth, as if it's a no-brainer. Score!
    E-cloth is, hands down, a better value.
    Third; It's soft. The ecloth is super plushy and actually washes up beautifully too! Below is a picture of a close up after one washing and you can see how the little microfiber bundles are still nice and puffy.

    The things I was not exactly over the moon about would be the fact that it *is* smaller than my standard cloth. This means that I have less washing surface to work with, less times to fold it over and it means more rinsing. This equals out to more time spent cleaning in the long run, although the pricepoint does allow for less material. It would be silly to have it be just as big but half the price, granted.
    The E-cloth also isn't laced with silver, therefore not anti-bacterial and the material will end up getting smelly after a day or two. You're going to have to wash it more often and, as these are guaranteed for 300 washes, it could mean less use in the long run.

    I never bought into that old saying, "It's not the size that counts" but, performance-wise, this little baby was so good I could have used a cigarette afterwards!
    In all honesty though, especially considering I'm a non-smoker :P, the two competitors perform exactly alike. In fact, I found myself enjoying the scrubby that I do not typically have access to with routine cleaning. The E-cloth is incredibly absorbent, and tackled all of the chores that I typically do with other cloths but it ended up coming cleaner quite a bit better than they do. There was no staining, which I was thrilled about because it did not look terrible after one use, and it sprung back like a champ.

    I have been so thoroughly impressed by the E-cloth line, which you can peruse on their site www.eclothusa.com, that I have gone ahead and ordered myself their home cleaning bundle.

    Just, uh, don't tell my Norwex...

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