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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

6772 reviews

After trying many things to get crayon off of my walls, I decided to give this a try. Not only did ut get the crayon off of my regular walls It also got the crayon off of my textured wall without messing it up.
Vim Cream Cleaner in Lemon Scent

908 reviews

I really like the Vim cream cleaning as it takes away stains on kitchen stoves and ovens. its great at cleaning bathrooms as well and gets the job done quickly.
OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder

662 reviews

This is the only brand I buy now. I have tried a lot of other brands and none of them work like OXY. I use them for cleaning windows, mirrors, counters, and spills. Truly the best all round cleaner on the market.
Bounty Paper Towels

421 reviews

Bounty paper towels work great. They're a good quality. They have good absorbency. I like the size of the individual towel sizing as well. Defo recommend this product.
Vileda ProMist MAX Spray Mop

237 reviews

I bought this because you can use your own cleaning solution as opposed to brand name swiffers where you're stuck buying expensive refills. By using a concentrated cleaner (ie Mr.Clean) and water you save a lot of $$. It did however start leaking after about 6mths of use but I...
Vim Floor Cleaner in Ocean

243 reviews

It didnt really have a nice smell,i didnt like it at all,it wasnt what i had thought it would be i exspected better to be honest,floor still looked dirty for a floor thats mopped every day due to 3 kids
Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

215 reviews

I use this on all surfaces in the house. It’s tough on grease, works well on glass and smells subtle. I also find comfort in knowing that it is also safe for use around pets as it is 98% naturally-derived.
Vim Wood Floor Cleaner

200 reviews

Best smell for hardwood floors. Freshens up the room but not overbearing. The seniors I clean for like the subtle scent as well. Love that there are no streaks on the floor afterwards.
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in Lavender Vanilla & Comfort

191 reviews

This product is realllly amazing. I think it’s an incredible cleanser for surfaces and that it disinfects surfaces and meets my needs. I also like that it’s not a very strong smelling cleaner.Will recommend.
Vim with Baking Soda Ocean Fresh Gel

143 reviews

Love the vim gel it isn’t abrasive at all and there is no left over residue on the counters or sinks after cleaning. I’m having a hard time finding vim-with-baking-soda-ocean-fresh-gel. I can find the vim creams,vim sprays,vim all purpose cleaner and floor cleaner (too...

168 reviews

Wow Pine sole que dire: ca me rappel l’odeur de mon enfance . Ca sent bon la nature, c’est frais je l’adore ! Nettoyer avec pine sole est agreable et ca nettoye super bien!
Vim Cream Cleaner with Bleach

128 reviews

Whether it's my range top, kitchen or bathroom sink, cabinet stains, pots and pans or even stained coffee cups this is the sure win! I cannot not have this in my cleaning supply cabinet as it helps make cleaning easier. Highly recommended for all OCD mommas like me.
Vim Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Spray

134 reviews

I love vim products in general. I especially enjoy this one I use it all over the house. It works great in the kitchen where alot of germs are. It leaves my counters and skinks smelling so fresh
Comet with Bleach

134 reviews

Great value for the product you get! Super easy to use and removes so many types of stains, especially if you have light coloured laminate countertops.
Swiffer Duster

130 reviews

this duster is amazing! Light enough to squeeze into areas without knocking anything down, it collects and traps dust. The pretty blue turns into a gross brown when your done
Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray

115 reviews

Have always loved VIM products, and this Actifizz spray does not disappoint. Been trying to look for sprays rather than wipes in this crazy COVID times (to save money and environment) and the VIM spray does the job perfectly! It smells great and takes out stuck on food on the...
Air Wick V.I.Poo Lavender Superstar

122 reviews

This product works well, perhaps not as well as it's more premium priced competitor (POOPURRI), but it is effective. The name of the product however is a bit icky, but it is funny, and that's what makes it stick in the mind of the consumer I suppose.
Windex Original

115 reviews

I love Windex! Its a must have for cleaning mirrors when cleaning the house! Its not a bad price! I love the smell of my house after cleaning with this! It works perfectly!!!
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach

107 reviews

This spray works sooooo well. It's amazing, especially on grout and cutting through grease and really leaves the kitchen sink super clean and makes it shine. Doesn't have a strong bleach smell but definitely smells clean.
Vim Naturals Cream Cleaner

111 reviews

It works. I tested it up against other brands. None removed the dried water spots on my bathroom tiles like VIM cream cleaner did.It did an excellent job and it's always reasonable priced when I find it. VIM is tough on grease 100%