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Flexitol Blistop Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 30, 2015

    Sadly I have had to get a second job on top of my photography-so forgive my lack of posting guys!
    I actually meant to mention this product ages ago since I fell in love with it immediately! I had to work a 8-5 job then go straight to my 5:30-midnight job 5 days a week and one day on the weekend so you can imagine my feet were KILLING ME!!!! I whipped out this trusty little product and to my surprise my blisters stopped! Once the ones I had went away this was like protection in tiny bottle, my feet armour! I used it daily and it would work well into the late hours of my shifts.
    They say you do get 50 applications per can, I do believe that as I got a lot of uses out of this and need to pick up some more since the odd time I am wearing shoes that hate my feet- Oh wait! I currently have one of those jobs as well! So I am in need stat!

    Works exactly as it says
    Dries quickly
    Nice spray can, not any kind of cream
    Very minor scent if any

    Only con I can think of is I am not in love with the packaging but really that doesn’t matter if the product works!

    If you are a girl with shoes that hurt your feet-I am sure you can relate, definitely give this a try!

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 05, 2015

    Blistop is a Flexitol product designed to prevent blisters, or to relieve the ones you already have. For protection it contains acrylic co-polymer, which forms a transparent film that acts as a second skin. This film is water resistant, tough, and breathable, to prevent friction rubs and protect your feet from blistering. Think of it like a bandage that blocks rubbing, but better because it’s invisible and won’t peel off throughout the day. It also helps blisters that have already formed because it contains menthol for cooling pain relief. (But don’t use it if your blisters have popped – menthol is an alcohol so it will sting bare tissue.)

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