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    December 17, 2011

    In my forever ongoing search for natural and eco friendly product, I'm always trying to find a skincare that is right for my skin type and a company that will take time to talk to me as an individual person. I also need to make certain that the products are good for me and the earth.
    And I've found this company in Frownies. They have the greatest wrinkle treatment that I have seen
    in a long time.
    First of all Frownies started back in the 1889 by a woman name Margaret Kroesen. It is still now owned and operated by fifth generation Kathy Wright. Frownies was started at the beginning and made it's

    successful debut thanks to it's wrinkle eradicators. It's still successful today, but they have added a few more wonderful products to their line.
    Frownies products are not animal tested, and they are paraben, polysorbate, disodium edta, sodium laureth, laurel sulfate, phtalates and fragrance free. And with Frownies you can still have great skin at 40, 50 and 60 years old.
    I also have an acne problem, yes even though I may be 47 years old, The person that I dealt with at Frownies, took time to send me a combination of products especially for my skin problem. and also took time to suggest a few tips for me to follow so i would have less problems in the long run. Of which I already did.
    To eliminate the constant problem here are some easy things you can start doing today to help you heal your acne. You should notice a difference in about 4 weeks.

    Wash you face twice a day with pH Balancing Complexion wash.
    Apply Immune Shield to your face daily and any time you see a blemish start.
    If you naturally have dry skin use Immune Perféct
    Keep your hair and hands off of your face.
    Stop using foundation make up until the flair up is gone. (If you do use make up make sure you wash your hands before applying)
    Take a natural plant based food supplement with zinc.
    Change your pillow case every other day.

    I was sent a few products from Frownies to try for a few weeks and the results were astonishing.
    A pH Balancing complexion wash
    This face wash smell very nice and cleans my face very well, it is powerful yet gentle enough for my face.
    It left my skin feeling very soft and not at all dried out like some other soaps.

    Immune perfect wrinkle cream
    This cream maybe a funny color but is is great to apply to your face and feels marvelous on your skin.
    After you have it on you feel very good also.
    Powerful, antioxidants will help regulate skin tone, texture and beauty. Protect the water proof barrier, acid mantle, and natural sun protective layer of the skin.

    Gentle lifts for fine lines around the lips
    I wore these every night for the whole night and then in the morning took them off and applies some immune shield lotion. It makes your small wrinkles disappear. And it really works. After just 2 weeks mine really were visibly gone. I love those patches, I have to get myself some for my forehead.
    They are miraculous.
    Immune shield vitamin E serum
    Immune Shield is the best alternative to wrinkle fillers because of its 40% whole vitamin E from whole oats.
    I love this lotion, it makes your skin very soft, and it completely hydrates it. It smooths the irregular surfaces of your skin. It's 40% vitamin E oil.
    Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant for the skin that will improve the effectiveness of sun screen.
    Tip from certified aesthetician;
    "Apply vitamin E to the cuticles, on the belly during pregnancy and underneath the eyes."

    I am still using these products am intend to do so for a long time, I think I have finally found my type of skin care, oh yes and By the way I still have a bit of acne, but not as much.
    Must be my hormones.

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