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    June 08, 2010

    Hi members and guests of ChickAdvisor, haha. Alright, so recently, I went online and bought iViscents' iShine Sugar Scrubs. It's an exfoliator and a body polish all in one. You can use it with or without water, so that's really cool. I love how it's a great scent and used all-natural ingredients, which is a major plus. It doesn't sting and it's really light. You may notice that its "sugar", but I use it and so far, no bugs (or ants) have been attracted to me. If you have dry skin or eczema, it's supposed to leave your skin supple and soft, or say the reviews say. Well, I have eczema, so that's the reason I bought it and it's been working so far for me, so...

    About the product... it's these little granule sugar? pieces that you rub around yourself, haha. I find it works better with water, but that's just me. So you use it and your skinis kind of glowing and baby-butt soft. It's not oily, although it feels like it, but ohmygosh, I just LOVE the feeling afterwards. Anyways, bye.

    Here's their description:
    An exfoliator. Keratosis Pilaris, ingrown hairs, dry patches, razor bumps, dull skin? No more. iShine Sugar Scrubs will leave your skin glowing all over. It's high time that you start to shine!

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