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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    January 04, 2013

    My mother, with crohns disease, developed a lactose intolerance(Usually causes bloating, cramping, diarrhea ) . After trying to get her to try this product people were raving about, I was having little success. She didn't want to hear about it.
    I had the company contact her directly and send her all of the info.
    One day out of the blue she comes up with this company, Latogen, has a cure for lactose intolerance. I wasn't sure whether to say duhhh or not. So being the good daughter I shut up and let her tell me all about Lactogen. Its a three month product that you start with minute amounts of the necessary enzymes..
    In three months to the date she calls me up and says guess what I am having for supper. Pizza and ice-cream for dessert. I was a little worried that she was going too far. Now she must eat -some- dairy every day to keep up the enzymes.
    Lactose intolerance cured! 3 years NO MORE BLOATING.
    She sent a testimony to Lactogen. You can look her up on their site where they have testimonies.
    Again - The Product is LACTAGEN -Her name is Joan Kosnaskie
    I am surprized that there is not more being said about the product. It works. Why give up dairy. It may not be an allergy but an intolerance to lactose...Check it out. They are on line. Remember it is a "3 month commitment."

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