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Get rid of built-up lint and dust in your dryer vent. This revolutionary f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e nylon brush helps you to clean vents and remove dirt from under refrigerators, stoves, washers, and furniture. It has two specially shaped heads to get into tight spaces and tackle stubborn dust-borne lint and dirt. Helps prevent dryer fires and extends the life of your appliances, too. Energy efficient- helps lower your electricity bills. Brushes are 30 1/2" long.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    September 30, 2010

    I was just snooping through the As Seen On TV store one day when I came across the Lint-B-Gone. It said on the box that even if you clean your lint screen in your dryer every time you use it, a lot of lint still gets past the lint screen, collecting in your ductwork and around wiring and hoses. I thought to myself yes it does and it could start a fire. Then I though about the other hard to reach places around my house, like under the stove and fridge where this could also be useful. Although they wanted $19.99 for it plus tax in the store and it seemed a bit pricey for me at the time, I broke down and I bought it.
    The lint-b-gone has a flexible design handle with special bristles to make it easy to reach deep down cleaning your dryer lint, dust and hair that’s in the ductwork and around and under your dryer and other appliances. There were two different sizes in the box, one has a round ball of bristles at the end of the long handle and the other has kind of cone shaped bristles at the end of its long handle.
    Keeping these areas around your house clean of dust and lint is supposed to make your machines run more efficiently and save you money and who doesn’t like that. It’s also great for cleaning refrigerator coils and hard to reach areas like under heavy china cabinets that can’t be easily moved.
    When I got it home I went right to work on my dryers ductwork, inside and out and was very surprised at just how much lint the lint –b-gone was picking up the lint and removed it. I move to under my washer and dryer only to find more dust, dog hair and even a few dog bones that happened to get away from our dog and ended up under the dryer. The lint-b-gone picked up every thing that I couldn’t reach with my vacuum.
    Then it was on to the kitchen and under my stove and fridge. Every where I have tried the lint-b-gone it has worked for me and worked great. I was very happy I took a chance on the lint-b-gone and now my home is a lot cleaner, a lot safer and I don’t have to worry about a fire starting in my dryer now that I can remove all the lint that I couldn't reach before. If you see a Lint-B-Gone in any store pick one up, you’ll be happy you did once you try it. I’ve had mine for about four years now and it still works just as good as the day I brought it home, well worth the money I spent on it.

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