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Mechanical Eagle Z77 Multicolor Backlit Gaming Keyboard Reviews
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    April 27, 2016

    The first thing I noticed about this keyboard was its weight – before I opened up the box, it felt quite heavy – it is over 2lbs!

    The next thing I noticed was the keyboard has funky letter fonts – which reminded me of the 1980’s - so retro!

    Before I even plugged in the keyboard, I noticed how long the cord was (twice as long as a lot of plugged in keyboards), and the fact that it has a USB cord, thus allowing me to plug it into my Laptop, Desktop computer, or Smart TV.

    Once the keyboard is plugged in, there is no set up required – you just start typing or playing away. You can also still use your normal keyboard that is attached to your computer/Smart TV at the same time.

    Husband played around with it first, and managed to throw out the instructions before I had the chance to read through them, and I was a bit dismayed that I could not figure out how to change the LED colours initially. After watching a few videos I found online, I was able to change the Keyboard colours in a variety of ways. There are 8 (?) options for highlighted keys for game play (by pressing FN and the functional keys on the top). If you hit FN and the INS (M) Key, you get some funky moving patterns on the keyboard, and it will also bring you back to the format where all the keys are highlighted without a moving pattern.

    This is the perfect keyboard for playing with or using in a dark room – you cannot miss the keys!

    I love colours and shiny objects, so the lighting alone won me over.

    The key set up is a bit weird to get used to, and there is no number pad – so if you plan on using this keyboard for anything to do with numbers or calculating, you should consider upgrading to a keyboard with a number pad.

    The keys are easily removable, which is great for us, as we are owned by a parrot who loves destroying keyboards by taking the letters off – now he can take them off, and we can easily put them back into place! Might not be a concern for most people, but this HAS led us to purchasing keyboards on a regular enough basis (annually).

    The top is also metal screwed into a plastic base – I feel an angry gamer could throw this keyboard, and it will remain intact. We have lost keyboard that way too. I am not testing this theory out though – I will leave it up to Husband.

    There is no wrist rest, but I figure if I have a keyboard on a pillow while gaming and my wrist guards on, it is not necessary. At a desk, a wrist pad is easy enough to purchase separately.

    The keys loudly click, but are very responsive. I have Misophonia, so this will definitely be a SmartTV keyboard and not attached to my main computer, as sounds drive me crazy.

    Overall, my favourite parts of this keyboard are the fun colourful LED lights, responsiveness, and the Long USB cable hookup.

    My least favourite is the loud clicking.

    *** I received this item at a reduced cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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